Everything Rhymes!!!

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Orlando Bloom03
This is a fourum where everything rhymes
If you mess up the chain you'll be writing lines
So comtinue on, don't stop now
Or you'll also be called a big fat cow!
You can talk about anything you from me to bonny
But make sure it rhymes
Or all of you fans can talk about Johnny
Last night I had a strange dream
That Johnny waz signing his name in sour cream!

sad cant think of anyting.

The aspect of rhyming is annoying to me.
It takes some time to speak, you see.
Rhyming like this slows me down a whole bunch.
Now, I'll be off, I've got to go spike the punch.

stick out tongue

Orlando Bloom03
Very good job but you broke the chain
You sed not to yell but that would be lame!
So I dicided to scream at the top of my lunges...
Get out of here now your roooning the game!

Orlando Bloom03
Good job spearhead I waz talking to her...
When you read this to you it might look like a blur!

You talking to me?

Orlando Bloom03
Yes i was talking to you
But you don't have to leave only if you like to...
But please speak in rhyme all the time!
Hey look I just found a shinny dime!

Sorry about that post
it was just gross
so I changed it and put something else.

And by the way Im not a girl Im a boy. stick out tongue

Orlando Bloom03
sorry guy I didn't know
It say likes hot chicks under your avy...oh!

big grin

Orlando Bloom03
so do you have anything else to say
waz it a nice day where you live today?
as you can tell i am a girl....
and i don't like to curl!

Well I have one more thing to say
its been a boring day
but this site is best the place to be
everybodys cool on KMC

stick out tongue

Orlando Bloom03
That was a really good rhyem
And you did it in excellent time!
I must go now I'm soory to say..
But I hope you enjoy the rest of your boing day!

QUESTION: Are their rules to what we can or cannot rhyme about Bloom?/
test my patience and i'll release my skills from my tomb/

shes not here, but go ahead
if not, youd say boring things instead

hello i am here
but i need a beer
so i think ill go
so enjoy the show
ill see you agen
so good bye till then

spearhead you a disgrace/
you enjoy sitting at home watching Will and Grace/
you enjoy giving head as a hobby/
after i defeat you, you'll end up in the hospital and never see the front lobby/

big grin

lol! that was obscure stick out tongue
you're better at this than me
of that i am sure smile

Yo KMC is 1st class
all the other forums can
kiss our ass
there aint no better forum
then KMC
for all the *****es who dont beleive us
then you will just have to see.

Damn that was corny. no

KMC gives nitrogen fixation to grass/
without us you cant sit so that makes us the ass/
we shine bright but are we heavenly devine?/
when idiots arrive, we try as soon as possible to revive/

Umm...Coz I'm K-M-C, A dynamite!!!!

Oh wait, that is a song...

at KMC the milk never goes sour cuz we are heavenly divine/
if you cant handle KMC, it's better for you to resign/
we are contagious and like a brain tumor we are malignant/
stupid noobs act as they own the place, end up with a denial thats indignant/

i think i ate and drank too much
i feel like im gonna throw
well it was fun while it lasted
but i think ive gotta go messed

i havne't played games in a while by Capcom/
and i still haven't entered the thread called Damn you Viacom/

...anyone else wanna rhyme?

No! I hate rhyming randomly! If it's a poem or a song, I'm okay.
But I don't sing, either. Maybe you should ask Shadowskill, if she gets back tomorrow.


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