Batman: The End (A story I wrote)

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The Joker has poured smile gas all over gotham and everyone has become like him. The Joker also inhaled alot of it so now he has more strength and reflexes (like the creeper). In the Batcave Batman is getting ready to take on Joker with Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin standing near him. They all want to come but Bruce says "No, this is something I have to do alone" He is then walking to his batmobile and Alfred is standing in front of it. Batman is walking towards it and Alfred whispers "you aren't coming back, are you sir?" Batman says I could never fool you. Alfred puts his hand on Bruce's shoulder and says "whatever it takes." They smile at eachother then Batman gets in the batmobile and he drives towards his final battle. Nightwing saw Bruce smile and he knows something is wrong, he hasn't seen Bruce smile while wearing his mask in ages. He gets on his motorcycle and drives after him. Batman is now where all the chaos is happening and gets out of the car. He walks past all the infected people who are standing and laughing at him. The Joker then comes out of the crowd. They exchange words then run towards eachother and fight. After a long fight the Joker takes off Bruces' mask and punches him towards a wall. The Joker lifts him up by the throat and sprays the gas in his face. He then drops Bruce and Bruce looks up and starts laughing and so does Joker (thinking that he has won). But Bruce wasn't laughing because he was infected; he was laughing because the Joker fell into his trap. After a short conversation with Bruce saying "it's too bad I'll never find out your identity now" he reveals that he injected himself with something that bonds with the joker cells and makes an antibody. After he reveals this the Joker starts screaming and saying "I'll kill you one way or another!" He then takes out a bomb. Bruce hits it out of his hand and it drops nearby. They are both too wounded to run away and it explodes near them. They are now both dying. Nightwing comes with his motorcycle and runs to bruce. Bruce says "you have to take my blood and make antidotes from it" Nightwing agrees and says "I will carry on your legacy as The Batman" Bruce then comments on how even though they've had their differences, he always considered him a son and reveals that he left his whole fortune to him. At this Nightwing starts crying and Bruce -- The Batman, dies in his arms. The camera goes into the clouds then goes blank. We are now in front of a television with news that one of the people was still infected and is going by The Joker now. We are now in the Batcave and someone is putting on Bruce's Batman equipment. The boots, belt, and then Dick looks at us and puts on the mask. Alfred says "go get 'em sir". Dick smiles then leaps at the camera. We are in the streets now and the new Joker is causing chaos. Dick then says "you're no Joker" Joker looks around him then looks up and Dick punches him and it's the end. There are then strips of Bruce in his early days and (if it's a movie) Batman music playing in the background.

tim drake should take over for bruce wayne...nightwing is just too cool of a charactor to switch around with

Bat Dude
Dude, this sounds kool, but it's a little short

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