Van Helsing: Foul Creatures of the Night

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The year is 1899. The place is at the Vatican in Rome, Italy.

The night before Van Helsing was sent to another part of Rome to defend the Citizens of a very nasty Ogre and had defeated him after a long struggle. His whole body ached the next morning.

"Oh, my head." He whispered as his mind was cloudy from being thrown up against a wall by the creature.

"I need a real vacation." He sighed and got out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a hot shower and change into a new set of clothes.

He walked out of the shower, changed and was about to open the door when he saw Cardinal Jinette waiting for him.

"Tis good you are up, Gabriel. Breakfast is being served, then we need to talk, my friend." The Cardinal told him and saw the frown on his friend and field agent's face.

"Do not tell me that there are more people who desperately need the help of Van Helsing, when everyone else thinks I am a murderer?" Van Helsing asked with a deep sigh.

"We will discuss business as soon as breakfast is over with, My Friend." The Cardinal told him and watched him leave to the dinning room.

Van Helsing finished what he could of breakfast that morning and headed towards the Vatican's Laboratory. He sighed when he saw Cardinal Jinette and walked over towards him.

"Good Morning." Gabriel said flatly as he looked at the projector on the wall. The night before left him still in nightmarish sleep and still could not figure out why.

"Good Morning to you, Van Helsing. You look as if you did not get any sleep." Cardinal Jinette said with a sigh as he walked over towards the table and looked up at the tall figure standing barely before him.

"Still having nightmares, I see." He added conclusively.

Van Helsing leaned over the table and sighed.

"Yeah, one could say that. So, what is it you want me to do this time?" Van Helsing asked in a stoic tone as he looked at his ring still mesmerized with it and have always wondered where he got it from. The Cardinal took notice and arched an eyebrow.
Cardinal Jinette looked over at the other man and nodded then watched the projector turn on to show a place of Egypt.

"Egypt, My Good Friend. The land of mystery and...." Cardinal Jinette looked back over at Van Helsing. "Mummies."

"There have been reports of living nightmarish corpses walking around near Cairo haunting and tormenting innocent souls. You are to go there and find out why and destroy them." Jinette said as the next picture of a young family showed up. "These are what is left of the Mohajara Royal family. The father and brother of the young lady you now see..." Jinette waited for the next picture to show up and showed him a picture of a beautiful, Egyptian Princess. " Are missing and her mother or the Princess could very well be someone's next victim. Her name is NEFERTARI, which translate to "Queen" which is appropriate for if anything happens to her mother, then she will become the new Queen of Egypt and we have to see that happen, but not before her time. You will have to keep them both safe as well as find the rest of her family if they are still alive." The Cardinal told Van Helsing as he saw the look on his face and sighed sadly.

"She does look somewhat like Anna, but in Egyptian. I know and I am sorry you have to go through this, but they called for help and only you can give it to him, My son." Jinette added as he laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Why does that not surprise me, Father?" Van Helsing asked and shook his head. "Alright, I will go straight into hell and back once again." Gabriel said and then sighed.

"So, is there anything more, I should know about before I go and see Carl?" He asked as he straighten himself up.

"No, not from me, but I am sure Friar Carl can feel you in even more and tell him he is to go with you once again this time. You will need his help and guidance like before in Translyvania." Cardinal Jinette said with a grin.

"Of course, I will tell Carl he has to go with me again. I always love to see the way his face contorts with fear and anguish." Van Helsing said in a teasing manner then walked further into the Laboratory, down the steps and stops when he sees Carl doing something rather odd with electricity. He arched an eyebrow and shook his head when one of the other Monks cried out Carl's name in pain.

"Sorry...Sorry." Carl said as he shrugged his shoulders then grinned when he saw Van Helsing coming down the steps to meet him.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, let me guess, My Friend, No Orge." Carl said shaking his head and saw the look on Van Helsing's face.

"Alright...Alright, as usual, you are in a crabby mood, but do not worry, I have somethings here to cheer you up, My Friend." Carl said as he walked over to his personal table with all of his gizmos and gadgets.

"The latest news is that you will be heading to the land of sand. Egypt. Very Mysterious that place is and full of history." Carl said delighted as he picked up another crossbow.

"Here you will be needing this again. Please do not break or lose this one like you lost the other one, Gabriel. Let's see Mummies, very unusual assignment, so you will not be needing Holy water, Rings of Garlic, crucifixes this time, but one can never go wrong with silver stakes." Carl said as he added several small and large silver stakes into the brown leather bag for Van Helsing to take with him.
Van Helsing sighed and took the bag.

"You still have a fear of Vampires, Carl?" Gabriel asked with a grin when he saw the same canister of liquid that they had used the last time. Carl had figured out finally what it was for and it had saved him, Carl and Anna as they had to jump out of a stained glass window in Budapest. His heart ached at the memory of Anna and what he had done to her. He frowned and then shook his head.

"So, is this going with us, Carl? You know to blind my enemies or kill a herd of Charging Bulls?" Gabriel asked as he held up the canister once again in the air.

"No!" Carl said as his voice came out strained. "No, I am not afraid of them anymore." Carl told Van Helsing then placed the canister in a box and into the bag as well.

"Here is a dagger and a sword as well, both made up of special alloy materials, nothing made by the good father over there, mind you." Carl whispered so the other Father could not hear him. He then frowned as he realized Van Helsing said. "Us."

"Wait! You mean I am going with you again to Egypt where nothing is there but Pyramids and...." Carl said as he gulps, "Mummies."

Van Helsing chuckled as he handed the extra bag into the arms of the Good Friar and walked on ahead.

"Yes, that is what I said, you are coming with me, My Friend and again you are ordered by the Cardinal, himself, to keep me alive as long as possible." Gabriel called back to him as he headed back up the steps and into the actual Cathedral.

"No, Hell I am not!" He called back to Van Helsing.

"You are cursing again, Carl!" Van Helsing said again with laughter in his tone.

"Actually, I am still a Friar, though, I wonder why, but anyway I can still do anything I want. Dammit!" He said as he saw the last of Van Helsing going up the steps.

"Wait! Van Helsing! I am coming...I am coming!" He called out and ran up the steps trying to catch him and almost tripping on his robe. He finally caught up with him when he saw he was waiting for him at the top of the steps.

Van Helsing and Friar Carl rode on their horses to the docks, then traveled by boat to Morrocco in West Africa, from Morrocco, they traveled Eastward to Egypt, then once they landed in Egypt, they traded their horses for camels and continued onward to Cairo, Egypt, the buzzing capital and city near the Nile.

"These camels are strange creatures, Van Helsing. They spit, bite and kick you when you least expect and the hump hurts my back side riding them." Friar Carl complained, as they slowed down and stopped at the entrance gate into the city.

"C'mon Carl, where is your sense of adventure?" Gabriel asked in a low tone, but chuckled lightly as he tipped his had forward. Something he always has done when arriving in a strange and new place. He continued to walk at steady pace.

"My sense of adventure left when we left Transylvania, Van Helsing." Friar Carl said as he slowly got off of his camel and rubbed his backside. "Actually, I think my sense of adventure left when I was forced to ride this stubborn camel." Friar Carl said and frowned at the smell that was around them.

"Don't these people know how to take a bath every once in awhile?" Carl asked as he saw Van Helsing get off his own camel with ease and grace.

Van Helsing had gotten off his camel and grabbed his bag in no time and with ease. He arched his eyebrown and shook his head.

"It could be the animals here or you, My Friend, that you smell." Van Helsing said as the two of them walked further into Cairo. He chuckled as he saw Carl lift one of his armpits and took a whiff and saw him wrinkle his own nose.

Friar Carl frowned.

"Well, we have been traveling a good distance and into hot countries, Gabriel." Carl said as he lowered his arm and frowned.

"What I would not do for a hot shower or in this case a cold one." He added as they walked on ahead passing snake charmers and people trying to sell them their goods.

"No...No Thank you, I do not need a ankh, I am a Catholic Friar." Carl said arguing with a vendor.

"You never cease to amaze me, Carl. Do you not know that those things are supposed to bring Eternal life in the Egyptian Faith?" Van Helsing said with a grin. He then felt an odd cool breeze go through him and the smell of rotting corpses. He looked around quickly to see if he could see the source of where it came from.

All he was seeing was normal-looking Egyptians, yet chills still went up his spine as he felt the hairs at his neck stand straight up.

"We just get here and already I feel we are being watch, Carl." He told him in a very low voice and hand one hand on his gun inside of his long jacket.

"W-watched?" Cark asked nervously as he looked around as well and did not see anyone nor did he feel the same cool breeze that Van Helsing had felt earlier.

He had enough of the same vendor who was trying to see him the strange-looking Ankh and paid him for it.

He grabbed the mysterious object and placed it in his bag without even taking a close look at it after paying for it in Egyptian pounds.

The vendor grinned evilly and then disappeared into thin air after he saw Carl run up to catch Van Helsing.

Gabriel stopped and turned around to wait for Carl. He grinned and sighed.

"I see that the vendor did not give up on you on buying that trinket, My friend. Just remember you are a Friar from the Vatican in Rome. It will not look good on your part if Cardianal Jinette ever finding out that you have bought a pagan trinket." Gabriel Van Helsing said teasingly as he took out a piece of paper he had in his coat pocket.

It Read: Isis Inn and Bar. Get registered and meet me at 7:00PM.

He looked up at the sign above them and sighed.

"Looks like this is the place to settle in and get comfortable." Gabriel told Carl and watched him flinch at sight of the place. It was an old Inn and looked to be like it was on its last leg atleast it looked that way on the outside.

"Come on, Carl." Gabriel told him as walked in to the Inn first. Inside, it looked to be more modernized and comfortable. He looked at the people inside and frowned slightly. Anywhere from High Class Europeons to lowly street people were inside either at the bar and socializing or heading up the stairs. "This is an odd place and who exactly are we going to meet." He whispered to himself.

Carl registered both of them in and walked back over towards Van Helsing and heard what he has said.

"I would happen to agree with you. Well, our rooms are next door to one another on the second floor and we are now registered as guests." Carl told him and saw Gabriel in almost like a trance.

"Van Helsing, are you alright?" He asked feeling every muscle in his body tense up.

Gabriel shook his head as if clearing the cobwebs from his mind and looked back over at Carl.

"Yeah, I think so. So, we are all set then?" Gabriel Van Helsing asked as he glanced over at a person all dressed up in Egyptian clothing, but also noting the face was covered. He sighed as he started walking up the steps to his room.

David looked up and quickly followed him. His Friar robes swaying slightly as he rushed passed the other patrons and headed up the steps after Van Helsing.

"Yes. Yes. You will be in room 207 and I will be in room 209 right beside you, Gabriel. Here is your key." Carl said with a nervous grin as he held it out for him to take.

Van Helsing took the key and right before he began to open his door he felt the coldness go through him again and smelled the smell of rotting corpses. He grabbed a hold of his pistol and slowly took it out from under his long black coat and turned around.

Carl swallowed as he now felt the coldness and smell a strange odor.

"Van Helsing, What is that strange smell and do not tell me it is me or the animals here. It literally smells of the undead if you ask me." Carl told him and covered his nose with the top of his robe.

"Alright, I will not tell you, Carl. Something is definitely dead around here." Van Helsing said as he put on his gray Bandana to cover his own nose and cover his face.

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