Do you ever do stuff like this?

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The Tired Hiker
Say, you are running up some stairs and you accidently bump your left hand on the railing. I will purposefully bump my right hand on the railing just to make it even. embarrasment

...No, I can't say I do...

Sun Ce
hiker u are blinkWEIRDblink

The Tired Hiker

why not
make sense to me

nope never done that before blink

i might've..without realizing it

Ive done stuff like that before, I would walk in brand new shes, and suddenly scuff my sole on the ground, i would do it with the other shoe too, to even it out. Weird I know, but i can relate.

you dont want the other side to feel left out

i've done that with my arm before

Its an old habbit, it could be like a form of obsessive compulsive. sad

no it makes perfect sanse to me

Jackie Malfoy
(Shakes head yes)Yes I done that before and it hurts almost the whole day too.It would be if I was in a hurry and then pow!It hurts like Hell I can tell you that!JM

Hiker I do that sometimes

cuz I am pretty uncordinated

un likeness to the bed room a THANK YOU!

Samurai Guy
I used to feel bad if I was leaving out cups or plates and such. I didnt want to hurt their feelings.

nope never done that

Thanks for the idea!!

oh no, not another thread

no silly!

The idea of what to do in RL! laughing out loud



hiker i do those kinds of things all the time, everything has to be even, its weird... but i do it anyways.

English Moosette
It's known as OCD, and everyone has it in some form or another. In most it lies dormant, but it's related to jumping cracks in the pavement, or holding your sleeves down when putting on a coat so as not to have your sleeves halfway up your arms. I had it bad when I was a kid.

yes...sometimes....more so when i was a teen but occasionally i catch myself still doing it .

English Moosette
Shellie, you're one fah-reaky lady wink I lover you hug

if i wash one hand and dry it, (like if i got pen on it) i have to do the same to the other one even if it was clean, cos it don't feel right other wise.

Good God!! eek!

I'm not the only one!

I do that all the time, well I used too...

It's related to things you eat...certain foods can cause behaviour like that...and make you nervous or anxious for no reason at all...
I went to a special Doctor in Baton Rouge, that told me I had an allergy to wheat...and when I stopped eating behaviour was so much better...the same doctor also treated me for my allergy, and I am now not as sensitive to it, as I used to be. Also sugar and white flower...found in almost everything can cause irritability as well as nervousness...and strange behaviour...and make it hard to concentrate.


fever red
I had OCD terribly; it peaked at my pubescence. I had to be hospitalized. I still fight it. It's genetic- my father has it, too.
I do the evening out/symmetry, and the "mantras," and I'm disturbed by "improper" grooming of self and others. Everything still has to be just so, and neatly packaged, and secure. Oddly, I have no "elevated/innapropriate" fear of disease or discomfort with body fluids.

Mr Zero

- but NEXT time i bump my left hand i will PM you and get you to bump your right hand and see if it makes a difference.

I lover you to my sweet hug

The Tired Hiker
Also, sometimes if I am talking about something 'taboo' I'll knock on wood so it won't happen to me. Sometimes I make everyone I'm with knock on wood as well, just to make the circle complete, if we were all talking about it. And to make you think I'm even wierder, when I knock on wood, I make sure to have no tobacco products in my hands because tabacco products will void the knocking on wood. embarrasment

fever red
Must not diverge, when in a group, to pass by any obstruction...
At the street sign in New Orleans that says Exchange Place, you have to jump into one another's path.

Phoenix Aska
I've never bumped my hand on the railing ankle on a rail from skating though...that hurts like all hell!

i sometimes do stuff like that. i don't actually have ocd, but a few people in my family do, so i sort of picked those random little things like that up from them. i don't do the hand thing, but other random stuff like that.

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