Through the eyes of a dreamer

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Chap 1

Lee couldn't stand her life much longer. with her parent's constant fighting and bullies at school, she wasn't too sure if she would be albe to go on much longer. She didn't feel comfortable or safe at either place- school or home- and Lee was probably the lonliest little girl that ever lived. That's what she always thought. Anyway, on to the story.

A student could be spotted kicking a small pebble down the rock walk, wearing not only a school uniform, but a blank expression on her pale face. Some might say she was simply daydreaming. But she wasn't. She was thinking about what had happened earlier in school, as a matter of fact. It was almost like the usual day of her typical life.

Flash back

Skiding to a halt, Nolee panted, clutching her book and binder tightly to her chest. She knew what was soon to come...She had accidently bumbed into them outside, while she had been hurrying back to school after lunch break. Unfortunatly for her, they decided to pull the 'let's throw Lee into the dumpster' trick...

All of them had lifted her up high, and tossed her in with the rest of the trash. Lee let out a whimper as they slammed the top down, almost smacking her head. She just sat there for a moment, trying not to inhale the smell of garbage that loomed all around her, untill her heard the other girl's laughter fade as they hurried off. Only then did Nolee pull up at the top, the fresh air and clear sky more then welcoming. She jumped out, then began to silently pick pieces of trash off of her while stiffling sobs. She hated this...she wanted to leave this world forever....

Because of the scene at the dumpser, Lee was inevitably late for her class. And she also stank terribly, so no one sat within a 5 foot radius of her...but what was new? Everyone felt such hatred towards her to begin with. The reason was unknow to her, but it probably wouldn't matter if she knew anyway.

One her way home, Lee decided to take a long-cut through an ally. Sure, she would be walking for an extra 10 minutes, but she now had a smaller chance of running into her school chums.

Lee walked in cmplete silence, not even the gravel under her white sneakers making a crunching noise. This was odd. But she hardly noticed. Something had caught her eye...something...what is it? she wondered. It was a small object lying there, half buried in gravle. It twinkled inocently at her, as if telling her to come and get it.

She did.

Lee strode up to it and brush the dirt and gravel off before grasping the handle and lifting it up. It felt as like as a feather. the handle and back was coated with dust and dort...yet the glass seemed spotless, without so much as a speck of dust, or any cracks for that matter. "Strange..." She muttered, but didn't exactly think twice. She would examine it at home. She stuck it in her backpack with care, and went on her way again, kicking pebbles now and then.

Now the girl, who was smaller then most average children her age, entered her home in complete silence, retreating up to her room just as quietly. She dumped her school bag onto her bed, fetching the strange mirror out first, then went to her desk to study it.

Lee fell asleep at her desk, just staring at the mirror. She awoke with a jolt, hearing screaming from downstairs. They were fighting again...

Without realizing it, Lee started to sob, a tear running down her cheek to her chin, then dropping slowly. It happened to land on the mirror's glass. Without warning, the glass seemed to shimmer and ripply, as if it were water and her tear had disturbed it. Suddenly it began to glow a bright pale blue, almost completely blinding Lee. She shreiked but didnt hear her voice. She tried to stand but failed, for she soon realized that the mirror was sucking her in!

I really like your story Rikku.

Please post more soon smile

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