Pillow Talk

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Samurai Guy

The talk that occurs when you are cuddling. What kind of pillow talk do you like? What are some of the strangest conversations you have had that fall into the "pillow talk" catagory?

Can i have a pillow? please

"shut up im trying to sleep..."
"ffs gimme some of the cover at least, im freezing"

*sniffs* No, get your own blanket.

Canadian Moose
I remember once I was with this girl moose...

She was pretty....ugly...

But, I was wearing moose beer goggles...and she looked FINE...

Long tail...big nose...

So I shagged her rotten....

But in the middle, I sobered up...realized she looked like someone's wall trophy...so I coyly slid the pillow over her head.

She was insulted...but...I'm not a charity moose you see...and I kept yelling into the pillow...

WHAT? I can't HEAR you! WHAT?

That was my pillow talk.

Samurai Guy
Not quite what I had in mind, but okay.

What did you have in mind?

making a girl bite the pillow....does that count? confused

Samurai Guy
laughing @ Linker.

Hey, whatever floats your boat.

Hey Samuri Guy,

What is your pillow talk?

But CherryPie's pillow talk is all kinky and vibrator and hot guy anda kama sutra book on the table or bed what your flavor

right thats my pillow talk

It's a big give away anyways of what my pillow talk would be roll eyes (sarcastic)

sweet words in_love

those too storm

naughty sweet words


haha!! classic!

fever red
mmm-what're you doing...aw, c'mon...give a guy a break...
Is it just me, or do men just have the most dull pillow talk?

I loove to talk. flirt1

Phoenix Aska
men have dull pillow talks...

what does your tatoo signify and what is that scar from and.......

and then the rest is disclosed information

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