I like snow

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I love snow, when will it start.

Silver Stardust
I hate snow.

We're supposed to get snow tomorrow or Thursday miffed:

I don't like it, I hate it when its thrown at me.....basically Im a scrooge when it comes to snow!

It snowed here! but the crappy rain washed it away sad

cry i love it in_love

I f**king hate snow

i friggen hate snow mad
i hate the winter, and/or the cold! mad
i wish i grew up in the california or florida...
but noooooo...

i live in new jersey mad

snow thumb up

Florida is the best. No snow. cool

I like snow now that I live in a city and can walk everywhere. my car is rear wheel drive though and hates the snow.

I love snow, but we don't get it here in Sydney...

Snow love

Shaolin Monk
I like snow...it doesn't snow in my town so I don't "have anything against it"

Candy Kisses
Snow is great!

I cant wait till Jan! Im going snowboardin!

I LOVE SNOW! I LOVE SNOW! I really do love

It had been snowing all last week big grin

And yesterday: hail mad

I like the look of it the first thing in the morning (before people have ruined it by driving their cars over it or walking in it), but it is cold.

'they' should invent warm snow

Jackie Malfoy
It is supose to snow this friday a friend told me.I am ok with snow.If it means no school that day then I am better tehn ok I am great!Anyway I do hope it snows on Christmas that would be so cool!JM

i love snow droolio

but i hate de-snowing cry mad

Silver Stardust
It's supposed to snow today. I'm at school right now and will have to drive home in the snow.

I've never driven in snow before sad

Clover you're visible!!!

i've been checking how much ppl are ignoring me erm

Silver Stardust
Aww sad Well I noticed right away!

Damnit, time for class...

touched the only one.

god luck on it stick out tongue

I love show! How can people HATE snow!?

It doesn't come that often, you can go snowballing, snow boarding, weeeeeeee! Make snowmen and it's white and soft....smile

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