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Hey guys, Cheeky Munkey has left us and might not come back. she was a huge part in the Harry Potter story making and i was wondering if anyone out there wants to help me carry on this thread about Harry Potter and the Green Torch Flame in memoriable for Cheeky Munkey. We'll start again and we'll make it better then ever. Anyone up for it???

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awsome!! i guess it just you and me right now. well people can just read if they don't want to join in. could you like to do the honours and start off &lt;Tidus&gt;

Okey Dokie

Harry was laying on his bed, and writing another weekly letter to Remus that he was alright. Harry had been quite fortunate for this year, the Dudleys actually treated him quite all right. After the four last years with Harry, something had taught them a lesson to respect Harry. Harry came up to the calender. Something made him smile... Smile wide. Harry could see that it was two days from the date when he was to go to Hogwarts... There was a big blue circle on the date when the Hogwarts Express was to come. Harry was quite suspicious thought, that the Hogwarts letter didnt come yet... But suddenly an owl jumped throu the window of Harrys room. Harry could see the face of Uncle Vernon who was just outside cutting the flowers. Yet he didnt say a word and tried not to notice it. Harry opened the letter and read through it. He knew he will have to go to Diaganal Alley tommorow... Which meant meeting up with Ron and Hermione. Another smile formed on Harrys face.

But his smile slowly faded as he found another piece of parchement attached. Harry had forgotten all about his exam marks and now the tourment for what he had had all sumer, wondering hat he was goign to get...was back!!
As Harry held the parchement in his hand, he rememebred a letter that he had gotten from Ron. Ron told Harry that when they meet up in Diaganal Alley they would open them together. So, as Harry agree he put the letter in his bedside table, which the Dursley's volintered to him, after he had gotten a letter from Remus asking how they were treating him and was accidently sent to his aunt and uncle.

The next few days passed on and before Harry knew it, he was waiting for the Dursley's to arrive to go to Diaganal Alley


sori mistakes - this one better

Harry once again layed on the bed. He wondered how the Weasleys are going to arrive this time... Is it the flying car? The magical dust? Just as Harry thought about it someone appeared right next to his table. Harry shouted in surprise. There stood Fredd and George

George:Hey budd!

Fredd:Whats with all the shouting?

George: Have a candy!

George put his hand into his pocket and took out a silly looking candy. Once he stretched over his hand to Harry, to give it to him, Suddenly the rest of the Weasley family appeared, with Hermione.

Ron:Hey Harry!


Hermione blasted its way to Harry and hugged him tight. Harry blushed a little as he tried to loosen the hug, which was obviously almost cracking his bones.

Mr. Weasley: Harry! So nice to see you... Fredd, George!!! How dare you try to give one of those to Harry!!

Mr.Weasley took the silly looking candy from George and put it to the tip of her wand, suddenly fire came pouring out of the wand, which burned the candy.

George: Mom! That was the last one of our Ear Growing Tuffies!

Harry: Ear Growing Tuffies???

George: Wait... I think I got more... Wheres that Dudley kid! I want to try out the candy on him...

ok can i join this?

you sure can GREENSAYRULES

George put his hand into his pocket and was searching around. But before he could pull anything out, Mrs Weasley had come over and lapped George's hand hard.
"Don't you ever think about givining Harry any of your.....your.....candy to Harry" Mrs Weasley said to George and Fred, before turning around and hugging Harry. "Ohh Harry, It's so good to see you.
"Right" Mr Weasley said. "Enough with the chit chat, we have to get under way" He then picked up Harry's trunk, placed a letter on Harry's bed and before Harry knew it, he was standing in the living room in the Burrow.
Harry took a minute to figure out where he was, and when he did, a huge smile came across his face. To Harry, he was home...

Harry had missed being in the Burrow so much, last Summer as well as being at the Dursley's he had been at the headquarters with sirus....

Ron and Hermionie took Harry up stairs to where he would be staying till they went to Hogwarts in a couple of days.
Harry sat on his bed, and looked up at them. They looked at Harry and tehn to each other. Harry had a feeling that they were trying to think of a good way at putting soemthing to harry.
"Spill" Harry said as he wondered what they were going to tell him.
"Our exam marks, are we going to open them?" Ron splirted out, and got a glare from Hermionie.
"Sure, why not. Lets get this over and done with" Harry said, as he reached into his pocket where he had stuffed his letter before anyone could see back in Privet Drive....

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Ron and Hermionie took their letters out of their pockets and it was Ron who opened his first. Ron's face dropped a bit, before handing his to Hermionie and then Harry.

Ordinary Wizarding Level Results
Ronald Weasley
Defense Against the Dark Arts(Written): Acceptable
Defense Against the Dark Arts(Practical): Outstanding
Charms(Written): Exceeds Expectations
Charms(Practical): Acceptable
Transfiguration(Written): Acceptable
Transfiguration(Practical):Exceeds Expectations
Potions(Written): Poor
Potions(Practical): Poor
Care Of Magical Creatures: Outstanding
Divination: Poor
Herbology: Exceeds Expectations
History of Magic: Dreadful
Astronomy(Written): Acceptable
Astronomy(Practical): Acceptable

"Well Ron... " started Harry "Oh I guess its alright... For his kind of level..." interupted Hermione. Ron snored to her and then rudley said "So lets see what you got Mrs. Perfect!" answered Ron
Hermione gently unwrapped it. It seemed like she was holding some kind of a parchment which her life dependent on. She looked onto it and her mouth opened she looked back and started to cry "I dont understand..." said Ron looking at her Marks. Ron tossed the marks to Harry.

Ordinary Wizarding Level Results
Hermione Granger
Defense Against the Dark Arts(Written): Outsanding
Defense Against the Dark Arts(Practical): Acceptable
Charms(Written): Outstanding
Charms(Practical): Outstanding
Transfiguration(Written): Outstanding
Potions(Written): Poor
Potions(Practical): Poor
Care Of Magical Creatures: Outstanding

Herbology: Acceptable
History of Magic: Outstanding
Astronomy(Written): Outstanding
Astronomy(Practical): Outstanding

"Hermione... Your marks are perfect..." said Harry " I got two poors!!" said Hermione as she kept crying. Harry tried to make her feel better "Dont worry... Its nothing to worry about..." said Harry. Hermione turned around and said "Guess its alright" she said trying to dry her tears. "So Harry! Lets see your marks!" said Ron excitedly.

Harry then took his letter and ripped it open and now wished that he had just opened it back at the Dursley's in his dark bedroom by himself. He read through his exam marks and it was better then he expected.
Hermionie and Ron were looking down on his, with an ancious look. Harry passed them his letter

Ordinary Wizarding Level Results
Harry Potter
Defense Against the Dark Arts(Written): Outstanding
Defense Against the Dark Arts(Practical): Outstaning
Charms(Written): Outstanding
Charms(Practical): Outstanding
Transfiguration(Written): Exceeds Expectations
Potions(Written): Poor
Potions(Practical): Acceptable
Care Of Magical Creatures: Outstanding
Herbology: Exceeds Expectations
History of Magic: Outstanding
Divitionation (Written): Poor

"Harry, thats excellent!" Hermionie said, handing him back his letter. But before Harry grabbed it Hermionie took it back. And read the letter again but further down the page.
"Harry, read on, read on...I can't believe this" Hermionie exclsimed and pushed the letter back into his hands
Harry continued to read on and his mouth opened up.

At the bottom of the letter, Harry hadn't noticed another piece of writing:

Dear Mr Potter

By looking at your exam results, and mostly your DADA results we have deieded to give you a personal congradualtions on this and we have a favour to ask you. The ministry of magic would like to say sorry for not believing in you when you said that Lord Voldermort had returned to full power. And we have now reseved information that you had a DA meetings for sudents of Hogwarts and we have now made a rule in Hogwarts that you are allowed to make special DA meetings and help teach hogwarts students to defend themselves. Please send a letter back and congradualtions again.

Professor Dumbledor
The Ministary of Magic

~Dont have ideas, You can write the next part, and then Ill write the next~

Harry couldn't believe what was written and he started to get excited about taking the DA meetings this year.
"So...are you going to."Ron asked. "You know are you going to take the..."
Before Ron could finish Harry interupted.
"Yes, i think we're going to carry it on. I mean we did so much last year and i think it would be such a wastle if we didn't carry on"
"We totally agree" Hermionie answerd for both herself and Ron.

That day they went to Diagon Alley and got all their school supplies. The next few days passed on and before any of them knew, they were awoken by Mrs Weasley telling them they were leaving for platform 9 3/4.

( by the way, i was thinking about having romance in this. what do you think?)

(Okie Dokie.)

Harry woke up, he looked around as Mrs. Weasley was shaking the others to get up. "Mom! Its saturday..." mumbeled Ron. "No! Its monday! The Hogwarts Express is coming today! Wake up!!!" Harry quickly changed and went down, he grabbed a piece of toast on the table, he turned around to see Ron and the others already ready. Harry quickly came up to them. They all went into the fireplace and use the pixie dust to get to the train platform. All of them quickly got carts, and put all their things on them. They got to the wall, First went Ron... A thought appeared in Harrys mind. Just five years ago, he thought of how strange that was... However now... Its just.. Normal... "Harry! Its your turn!" said Mrs. Weasly. Harry nodded and rolled the cart to the wall, once he got throu it, he dissapeared and reappeared on Platform 3/4.

(you'll soon figure out who the romance is suppose to be between)

Hermionie was about to go through the platform just as somone ran infront of her and shot through. How rude, Hermionie thought. She continued through the wall and emerged on the platform with Harry and Ron waving at her to follow them. She stared at the person infront of her and noticed it was the person who had been so rude, only moments ago. He turned around to look behind him and it was only then that Hermionie saw that it was Draco. Draco had matured alot over the holidays and didn't look as bed, she thought. His skin had cleared and he's done something new with his hair.


or Harry+Hermione

Others wont make much sense to me...~

Hermione couldnt help giggling at Dracos hair style. He probably thought it was cool but it looked silly... Ron and Harry came up. Both of them fell on the floor laughing. "Ha...Ca..nt..stop..HAHAHAH" laughed Ron and Harry. They finaly took a hold of themselfes and stode up "Nice haridue Draco!" said Ron to Draco and Harry and him giggled again. Draco snorted and ran into the Hogwarts Express, obviously emberrased. The trio started laughing again. They quickly got aboard the Hogwarts Express. Many DA students wave to them, Harry gave each one the message that he will continue DA club this year, they all seemed happy.

( i was thinking drace and hermionie?? i mean i know it sounds wrong and all but it would be good because then everyone would be angry at her and how she would deal with that once they found out??) post later on this morning...promise

(Baaaaaad idea.... Its crazy, Hermione never liked Draco! Never been even close to liking him! He hates them all... Even if Hermione has a crush on him, which would never happen I gurantee, Theres no point of having a crush on him, he cant change from Bad too Good in one year. Itll be Stupid)

( ok if you say so. it was just an idea that i was putting past you)( i mean i would of likes them to get together, but never mind then)(we would of had them break up and harry and ron beating him up for hurting her or something.)(never min)

(Its just that it makes no sense...)

( yea but thats what JK needs to have in her books, something no one really saw coming.....ohh forget it you don't want it. so who do you want to get together then?) hey and also do you have the tool bar things at the bottom and top of your page which you can go into different forums?? mine aint there...

(Dont mean to be rude or butting in or anything, but I really like spidergrl's Darco+Hermoine idea)

The trio quickly found themselves an empty compartment and sat down, shutting the door with a swift thud. Harry couldn't wait to get to school and restart up DA. He enjoyed it last year, and this year would maost likely be even better since he wouldn't need to worry about getting caught.

( thanks Guardian Rikku, I really want them to get together - even as i said i wouldn't mind even if they broke up but i want to see some conflict....hehehe)

Harry knew this this year had to look up compeared to last year, with everything at the Ministy and sirius, Harry still couldn't bring himself to thinking about that. He looked up as he heard people walking by, and to his surprise someone stopped out side there compartment and opened the door. What Harry wasn't expecting was for Cho to walk in the door.
She just stood there for awhile stearing at Harry.
"Can I umm talk to you for a minute please harry" She asked
"Ahh, yea sure" Harry stood up and made his way out side the compartment.
They stood outside, neither of them talking to each other, not knowing what to say. Harry was the one who broke the silence.
"So what did you want to talk to me about" He asked

10 minutes passed and finally Harry came back inside and sat down again. Hermionie and Ron staired at him, obviously wanting to know what she wanted.
"So......What did she want" Ron asked, acting like this was going to make his day.

(Its just... Unreal? How could Drako change that much to like Hermione? Hermione purely hates him, He keeps on calling her a mudblood and stuff... BUt it could work out if he made a potion so she liked him... THen after that, nobody would beileve her it was a potion and stuff... It would totaly change her personality for week, acting rude to Harry and ROn...)

*Hem Hem* "Well.." repeated Harry "She wanted to say sorry for last year..." answered Harry. "She totally dissed you out of your date mate!" said Ron "Did you forgive her?" he asked "Well... Efcours..." replied Harry. "Hey the food trolly!" said Ron in a happy voice. "Something you can never live without" said Ron and Harry together laughing. They bought loads and loads of diffrent kind of candy "Wow.. Feese, Vew Handys, Ave vevy gewd!" said Ron his mouth filled with candy...

(So what? I read that you *claimed* you we're a good fanfic writer...a true fanfic writer is open to ideas of new writing ways and able AND willing to try them. Hmpf.)

Hermoine looked at Ron with disgust. "Please, Ronald, don't talk with your mouth full!" She pleaded, opening a book entitled 'The Witch's Way' by Floriana Gornett. Ron rolled his eyes and swallowed. "Hermoine, HOW many books didnt you read this summer?" He asked. "Oh? About....I dont now, 10 maybe..." She said before burying herself in the book yet again.

(And a great Fanfic writer writes something that makes sense!!! Tell me how could a death eater change in one year to an Auror? Same thing with Draco and Hermione!)

Both Ron and Harry giggled at the answer. "Well better her then me..." said Ron. Harry laughed at the answer. "Laugh all you can, but its time to put on the school robes" said Hermione. The trio with great diffucilty got their school robes out of their luggages and put them on. " I wonder whos going to be the Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher this year..." said Harry curiously "With all that has been going on... It could be santa cluase!" said Hermione "Whos Santa CLause?" asked Ron curiously as well. "Oh nothing, you werent born in a family which celebrates New Years with Santa Clause..." muttered Hermione.

(Yeah well it seems to make perfect sense to me and spidergrl.)

Harry shook his head. Her stared out the window, filled with more happiness then ever. He had even forgotten the dread that had lived in the pit of his stomach ever since Sirius had 'dissapeared' beneath that veil.

The train now rumbled noisily along the country side, and soon into mountainous regions. He knew that they must be getting closer to the castle he quite frankly called home. This was reasonable, seeing as Harry spent most of the year at Hogwarts.

(yea makes perfect sence to us two. a true writer can write about anything that is put infront of them. they are diverse and can manage anything, and any herdle....this is one of them!!)

Soon the train came to a halt and they were there, I was home Harry thought. He always love the feeling which came to him when he knew that he would soon be in his 4 post bed in the boys dormatary like usual. It was his home, and he would rather be there then no other place.
Everyone started to pile out and Harry soon heard another familiar voice calling out for the new years at Hogwarts. He hardly had to look up, because right infront of him was Hagrid. Hagrid looked down at him, like a father would and soon Harry was lost in a huge hug.
"Great to see ya harry, great to see you" Thats all he could manage, as great tears fall and they were rain drops to Harry.
"Great to see you too hagrid, and its great to be back" He turned away and made his way back to Hermionie and Ron. They soon had to leave him to, as they had last minute duties to do. Harry was left alone, and made his way over to the rest of the 6 years.


Harry ended up in a horseless carrage (Although he could see the so called 'horses) with Ginny, Luna, and Neville. The group was silent the whole ride, and when they got out, Ginny rushed off to a group of fifth years, neville hung back with Seamus, and Luna drifted off alone. Harry made his way through the crowds, who were filing into the Great Hall for the everdesired welcoming feast. Not 5 minutes after he sat, Ron and Hermoine joined him.

Dumbledore stood to give his yearly welcoming speech, which would follow with food.

"Another year at Hogwarts..." He began, smiling at them all.

(I now, sorting. But it would be easier just to skip it and pretend they just finished sorting laughing out loud )

(sori so short, got friend over)

And this year is like none other, this year is different, but I will tell you all about that later. Since the sorting has been done i think we are only left with eating. And with that he clapped his hands and magical plates appered filled with heaps of food. Harry dug in like he hadn't eaten for weeks.

((Sorry mines short, I'm busy laughing out loud Sneaking on here real quick))

Hermoine laughed at something Parvati had whispered to her, then returned to her plate full of mashed potatos, butered bread, fried tomatoes, and chicken. Ron also was devouring his food as if he were a starving wolf.

(Well youc an write it, but I would just not write, and wait till that parts over. Thats cuz 1) Not interesting 2) Doesnt make sense. I cant write something that I am not interested in, or something that I am forced to do, and I just want the story to make perfect sense)

"Fewd! Gewd!" said Ron as his mouth was as always, stuffed with food. "You dont care about the home elfes right! Thats why I made a book about.." started Hermione "Spew!?!?!" said Harry and Ron together looking at Hermione "You made a book about S.P.E.W???" They reasked again. "Well yeah... I mean..." said Hermione as she took out a large book, with thousands of pages in it, it was made of parchments. "I just need to get it illustrated... And well published..." "Hermione... Who would want to read a book about... Spew?" said Ron laughing. "Well for your information, it had kept me busy all year! Like what did both of youd do this summer!?!?!" answered Hermione. "Well... I..." said Ron as he remembered himself relaxing... "I kept intact with Remus, then I always watched the news to see how Voldemort was dong... Hes as always... Already killed 10 muggels.. Otherwise theres not much to do with Dursleys..." said Harry.

This is quite good. You guys should get together and publish a book.

(Well, we'll see what happens later on in the story. You never know what might happen. and If Hermionie and Draco get together for a little bit then you can just not write then, and me and Guardian_Rikku
will carry it on, Like true writers would.)

Harry gave a checky smile across to Ron as to say that he had fun with Dudley this summer.
They finished there Dinner awhile later and waited for Dumbledor to stand up, no sooner had Harry thought about that, it happened.
"So as i said before in my quick introductions, its good to see some familar faces" He looked around the room and smiled at all the tables. "First I would like to welcome you all back and same to our teachers." He finished and everyone clapped. Harry looked up at the table to see all the teachers, except for the DADA teacher. I think that everyone was wondering the same thing, who was their new Teacher.
"With out further due, I would like to introduce you to your new defence against the dark arts teacher. Would everyone please put your hands together for your new Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher, Professor.......

(I was thinking about Mr Weasley?? Just a thought. Strange but funny!!)

(Good, so you go ahead and write.)

(does it look like draco and hermionie are together now?? NOPE. so i don't got a prob with you writing, we prob won't even make them get together, lets jus see what happens) k?

(&lt;tidus&gt; stop being so sour. Sheesh!)

(Mr. Weasly? nah, we doesnt really teach, but it is funny laughing out loud How about a random person?)

*skipping ahead for the moment till we get a DADA teacher*

"And it is to my delight that we will have optional DA meetings. If you want more information, I would suggest asking Harry potter, Ronald Weasley, or Hermoine Granger." said Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling at the trio, everyones eyes glued on them for the moment.

(talk about it, ok we'll decied later about the DADA)

Harry and hermionie just smiled politley at the everyone stairing at them, but i think Ron was taking it all in. He was smiling wide and waving at everyong like he was a celebraty. A look from malfoy indacated that no Slytherine's were going to be joining the DA. Suddenly a clap started up and everyone started to stand. They were all chearing at Harry, what the hell he thought to him self. One person yelled out 'Way to go Harry in the Ministary, and sorry about that guy Siruis' Harry felt a ping in his eye and knew that everything had changed. He really was home.....

Harry nodded. However he really hadnt wish that one boy reminded him of Sirius. He had guilt in his chest, and it covered him. He remembered about Sirius... The good days... As a few tears ran down his cheek... "Hey Harry are you ok?" asked ROn as he saw Harrys tears. "Yeah yeah, just got something in my eye" lied Harry as he wiped away the tears.

((Ok, maybe someone really clumsy? He could be like a clown ^^ :lolsmile)

Ron grew slightly jelous about the cheering for Harry until someone down their table shouted his name. His grin grew wider, if that was possible.

Soon the feast ended, and everyone filed upstairs to the Gryffindor common room. Hermoine stepped in front of the painting of the fat lady and said, "Whomping Willow"

The gryffindors seperated, boys going to the right to their dorms, girl to the left (or switch, whatever lol). Harry sat on his four poster bed, grinning at Ron. "Wanna help me plan the first DA class?" ask Harry, and Ron agreed right away.

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( ok i mean no offence to you &lt;Tidus&gt;, but harry hasn't showed nay emotion over anything in this whole fricken series, i don't think that he's gona start now)(yea a clown lol)

They sat on harry's bed, talking about different spells and different things they should do this year untill it was very late.
They said good night and Harry climbed into his bed, and lay there thinking about everything. He thought about his parents, god father, the Dursley's and about what they said when he was gone........everything was right........everything was perfect...........and with that harry drifted off to sleep....


Harry awoke to sun in his face. He got dressed quickly, and ran down to breakfast. Hermoine and Ron sat with a large group of students, new and old. They were answering questions about DA. Harry sat and soon found himself being pressed for info as well.

^^ people. story.........

(Thats cuz nobody very close to him died, and he did have emotions! Anger? You call that emotion you know...)


Hermoine nearly spit out her pumpkin juice when she realized the time. "Guys, we're going to be late for Transfiguration!" She sputtered, grabbing hold of Ron and Harry's wrists and pushing their way through crowds.

*Few mins later*

"Everyone, pay attention!" Said the strict Professor McGonagal. "I will inform you all that shorty we shall begin learning Apparating and Disapparating. For now we shall..." But Harry zoned out after that. He was busy trying to think of yet more DA lessons.

(YEAH but he didnt really CRY))

ok &lt;Tidus&gt;, you asked for it.............

Jk has made Harry into to much of a superman and it sucks. No one close to him has died.........well lets see...........theres a small thing called......... HIS FRICKEN PARENTS AND HIS GOD FATHER THAT HE WAS GOING TO LIVE WITH !! But not &lt;Tidus&gt; no one he loves has ever died. yes anger is an emotion, but its the only emotion that JK seems to know how to write about. Harry has never cried over anything and i think that its bu11 sh1t. he needs to show some emotion .......

eek! Nice.

Thank you........ *spidergrl takes a bow*

*Claps* laughing out loud

Roses start flying onto the stage. *spidergrl keeps on bowing*

laughing out loud Ok back to the story

(ohhh right confused sorry. Right my turn im taking it...)

Potter.......Potter!! someone was calling his name, and soon enough he was snapped back into relatity. He looked up and relised that Professor McGonagal was standing infront of him, stairing. The bazzar thing was that there was no one else in the room.
"Potter, I would apprehiate it if you waited till another class to day dream in. As i've said before that i will do all I can to helo you be an auror but if you day dream and not pay attension in my class i don't know if i can be bothered." She finished.
"Im sorry Professor, It won't happen again, I promise. And with that he grabbed his bag and his books and headed off to his next class, DADA.

He went to their class and knocked on the door and walked in. Everyone was already seated and all staired at him as he walked in and took a seat next to Ron, who looked gloomy.
"Whats up Ron" Harry asked, and then turned to the front to see his answer. Up the front was Professor Snape, and he had an evil smile.
"Well, well, well Potter. It's lovely of you to FINALLY join us. 30 points from gryffindor for being late, and untidy. You also don't have you books out, another 10 points from Gryffindor" And with that he continued the class.
Harry's temper had flown up in that 20 seconds and he looked over to Ron and he had also had the anger.
"Why does he have to be like that and why the hell is he taking us for DADA. Wheres Professor...." Harry didn't need to finish his question, because Ron already started.
"He's a greesy nose, selfish, two faced.............and he should be related to Draco in away. He's sick, Professor...." Ron didn't get to finish either as Snape was infront of them.
"Interupting my class again are we?? Potter......... Weashley!! 20 points each from Gryffindo from disrupting my teaching, now pay attension."
Ron and Harry were fuming for the remainder of the lesson until it was over, where they gladly were the first one's out. They made their way into the great hall, to talk about their morning over lunch!

Hermoine met up with them in the Great Hall for lunch. They began dissing Snape, about how unfair he was today. Harry, after finishing his grilled cheese sandwhich, sat back, arms folded. "I can't believe he's outr teacher!" He said with anger.

Ron nodded. "Yeah! And who's teaching Potions now? Guh..." He pretended to busy himself with his food, because just that moment, Snape swept past the trio, moving swiftly towards the Professor's table to eat his own lunch. "This really bites..." Ron added a moment later.

Harry turned to Hermoine, who had been quiet this whole time. "Mione, whats up?" He asked.

"Nothings wrong" She snapped. "Im not hiding anything, now would you two please get off my back" She finished as she stood up and made her way out the great hall, but with one quick glance over to the Slytherine table.
"Thats odd" Ron said to Harry. "Whats up with her, I didn't mean anything" He continued inaciently.
"May be all the school work is already getting to her" Harry said. "Ohh well, Im sure we'll find out sooner of later" They both finished lunch and went out into the grounds as they didn't have a class till later on in the afternoon.
They were sitting under a tree, and Harry remember it was the exact same tree his god father and father had been sittin under when they were his age. Harry heard someone approtiating and he looked up. It was Cho, again!! What does she want now Ron thought to himself, as he had also noticed her.
"Hi, Harry could I quickly have a word with you" She said, in her sweet voice. Harry didn't answer but just stood up and made his way over to the lake. He waited for her to talk, but she didn't. There was just silence between them as they steared out into the lake where two years ago he had swam under the water for the challenges.
"Harry...." She started. "I just wanted to let you know that i've broken up with my boy friend" And with that she turned and was off. Harry didn't make sense of that and went back to sit next to Ron.
"What was that little meeting about" Ron asked, always ready to a chat about girls.
"She told me that she'd broken up with her boy friend, what ever that means" He finsihed
"It means that she likes you still. She came over and told you that so that if you wanted to ask her out then she would say yes because she wasn't attached" Ron said. "So do you want to?" He asked eagerly
"I don't know.....Should I" He asked

Ron nodded eagerly. "Of coarse! Go for it, Harry!"

Meanwhile, Hermoine sat in the owlery alone, writing a quick letter to her parents back home. Her mother and father requested she write to them every once in a while so they knew she was doing alright. Hermoine, however, didnt hear someone walking up silently behind her.
"Hey," He said, looking at the letter with interest.
Hermoine looked up at Malfoy, and said hi in return.

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She continued writing her letter and was soon finished, she could sense Malfoy was still behind her and he wondered what he wanted. She grabbed an owl and tied the letter to its feet, and it was soon off. She turned around and was suddenly inches from Draco's face.
"What the hell are you doing? And what do you want?" Hermionie said as she moved back away from Draco, and he just walked on forward toward her.
"What am I doing Granger, more like what are you doing?" He questioned her.
"What do you mean what am I doing?" She asked, now coming to a dead hult.
"Stairing at me during class, looking over to my table. If I wasn't in slytherin I would say that you liked me." He finsihed with an evil grin.
"In your dreams Malfoy, in your dreams" She said
"Yea you are in my dreams actually, how did you know?? Am I in yours?" He asked.

And you are proving me... First you say that Harry never cried and Im wrong and that Harry never showed an emotion. I said because he never lost someone he loved right in front of his eyes. Now you say that you agrry with me. Make up your mind!

NO LISTEN and then may be you'll learn something. harry does show emotion during the books, but there's only one emotion that he does show and that anger. you never see him cry or anything. he needs to cry insteed of getting angry all the time. and yes people close to him have died. his parents!!! his god father that he was going to live with, and he died right infront of harry and it was mainly his fault and all he does is get angry at other people. why can't he cry for once. and so that concluded wat i have to say because i've always had my mind made up but may be you need to read over the books again!!!

??? Your confusing me... Your saying he needs to cry, thats what I wrote, that he cried!! That tears dropped from his eyes!

he did not cry.....it was more like a fricken wimper that a dog makes...

He remembered about Sirius... The good days... As a few tears ran down his cheek...

Thats called Crying, if you dont know what crying is.

when did this happen??

and yes i know what crying is thanks very much &lt;tidus&gt; the fab writer!!

THat happened the last time I wrote the part of the story!

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Hermoine, who had began walking in the direction of the door, stopped dead in her tracks. She turned slowly. "Wh-wh-what?" She managed to stammer. 'It's a joke, a cruel joke,' she thought to herself.
"I said, am I in yours?" He repeated, taking a step closer.
"Y-You cant like me!" She yelled, disturbing a few sleeping owls. "You always taunt me, and call me a mudblood!"
He merely smirked.

Harry and Ron both still sat on the grounds underneath the tree. It was peaceful, oh so peacefull....Until the two heard what sounded like Hermoine's scream. "What the-?" Ron questioned, jumping up. Harry followed suit.

~This is horrible...

Hermione wont even stop to think of anything like that! She hates Draco

Draco hates Hermione


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Ron and Harry ran up into the owlery where they found Hermionie standing there.
"Whats wrong Hermionie, why did you scream?? I heard you!!" Ron said, walking over to her.
"Nothings wrong ok"She snapped and she was off.
"What is her problem?" Ron asked Harry, but neither did Harry know what was wrong.

They made their way to the next class which was COMC. It was a long and painful day and they were glad that the day was over. They made their way into the great hall where a dinner was already layed out. It looked wonderful and all three of them dug in. Harry and Ron were to scared to ask what had happened that afternoon with Hermionie so they decieded to keep their mouths shut. The strange thing was that Harry caught Hermionie stairing at the Slytherine table. Harry carefully looked around to find Draco stairing at him, what the hell is Draco the evil git doing by looking at me. Must be up to something he thought. That night Harry and Ron layed out their homework and got to work. It was the first day back and they were already into homework. As well as their homework Hermionie and Ron still had jobs to do.

At nearly 3 in the morning, Ron and Harry (Hermoine had already finished and had gone to bed an hour previous) finally sighed in defeat and pushed their half finished POtions essay and Herbology essays aside, along with Harry's extra long assignment from Transfiguration and Ron's unfinished Star charts from Divination. "Is it just me, or are we getting more homework in a day then we used to in a month?" Ron asked, yawning rather loudly and standing.

The two made their way slowly to the boys dorms, and as soon as they hit their beds, fully dressed, they were both completely out cold. They hardly awoke the next mornind, Hermoine had to pour cold water upon them both to make the budge.

Ron and Harry went down to breakfast and Hermionie was nowhere to be seen. The last week had gone fast and their homework had been piling up over the weeks. A hogmanes visit was coming up the next day and Harry and Ron had decided to go together and have a look around Fred and George's shop.

They made their way down the path and Harry remember that just a couple of years ago Siruis had been hiding out in Hogmades. I still hurt harry to think about him (but of course he wouldn't cry because HARRY NEVER CRIES!! smile ) They made their way around the shops often bumping into people and discussing the latest candy, brooms and books. As they were coming out of 'Witch and Weekly' they bumped straight into someone, pushing Ron backwards. Harry bent down and helped him up. They turned and found out it was Hermionie and someone running away from them.
"Who was that Hermionie" Ron asked, trying to see past her and get a glimps.
"NO ONE!! You guys just never get off my back do you" And with that she was off again.
"She needs to sort out her priorities." Harry said and Ron agreed.

They carried on looking into shops and no sooner had they come out of a shop they hit someone else, but less pleasent. They had walked into Draco, but he didn't say anything. He wasn't with Crabbe and Goyle, like he usuali is, he was alone. He just walked straight past them, that was strange Harry thought and knew that Ron was thinking the same thing....

"Seriuosly," Said Ron a moment later. "what's wrong with Hermoine? She's been more snappy then usual, which is saying something..." Harry shrugged. "Yeah, you're right. It's probably some girl thing. You know, they really should teach us how a girl's mind works instead of magic...."

They purchased candy first from Honeydukes and nibbled on it as they browsed through the shops and outside, looking into windows as they passed by. Finally they found Fred and George's joke shop and had to literally push through a large crowd to get inside. It was packed full of students buying joke materials and such. In the middle of the crowd was the twins. Their red hair made them so easy to spot, and Harry and Ron began their way to them.

they finallu managed to get to the counter where Fres and George spotted them.
"Good day you two. Hold up for a minute would you." Freg said, and George reached over the counter and took a sign. He placed it on the counter and Harry could make out what it said, just!


Harry laughed at the sign as he could imagine someone trying to take something and stopping dead in the middle of the shop.

After their trip to Hogmades, they were pooped. They made their way up to the castle and into the great hall. Hermionie was already there and having a depth conversation with Ginny.
"We'll just leave them, we never know Ginny might get what every Hermonie's got." Ron told Harry. He agreed. They sat down and started on dinner.

The two scarfed dinner and hurried upstairs. They needed to get homework done, it was already piling up. The common room was welcomingly (i dont even think thats a word but o well) empty, but theri homework wasnt. The two cracked down on Binn's essay first and after two long hours, they finished. That was when Hermoine walked in with Ginny. The two completely ignored them and ran up to Hermoine's dorm. But the boys did catch a bit of their conversation.

"Did Hermoine just say something about Mayfoy?" asked Ron in disbelief. "in a SWEET voice?" Harry was in shock too.

"Ron, I just realized something...Hermoine HAS been staring at him a lot lately...she hates Malfoy though!" It was rather confusing to them, and they used this as an excuse to leave the rest of their homework until tomarrow so they could, erm, get unconfused.

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Harry and Ron soon gave up trying to make sence of all the strange behavier from Hermionie and they soon went to bed. Harry awoke that morning and everyone was already down at breakfast. He got dressed into his robes and made his way down the boys dorminatory into the Gryffindor common room. He had forgotten all about last night, until he saw Ginny sitting on the couch.
"Hey Ginny, can I ask you something?" He asked, even though he was plaining on asking her anyway.
"Sure" Ginny exclaimed, turning and facing Harry. "Whats up?"
"I was wondering what happening with Hermionie? I mean she has been snapping all the time and last night Ron and i were sure you two were talking about Draco. I mean what......!!" Harry finished, but only got a worried look from her.
"Well you see....ummm.... Draco was teasing me about.....umm me liking you" and with that she left the common room and left Harry just sitting there.....

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Harry was sitting there for a very long time, everything running through his head on what he had just been told. He soon made his way to the great hall; where everyone had finsihed their breakfasts by now. Harry didn't mind, he looked around and saw Ron sitting by himself.
"Hey mate, you missed breakfast. Whats up? Are you alright your looking a little white!!" Ron said, in a concerned look as harry thought for a moment. Should i tell Ron what Ginny just told me, after all its his sister. In that short period of time Harry decieded not to, and just made the reason that he wasn't feeling to well...

Harry didn't have breakfast that morning as there was nothing much there after he had come down. There first class for the day was, COMC. They made their way to a class room, which they were using today as it had be raining all night.
Harry and Ron made their way into the class and took a seat in the back of the class. They waited for Hermionie to come in but she never made it. It wasn't like Hermionie to miss a class, Harry thought. Whats up with her lately, she's been so different and not with it. Harry and Ron were really getting worried about her, she had really changed and they had no idea what was wrong her....

"Pst Ron," Harry whispered as the teacher talked. "What's with Hermoine?"
"Dunno," he whispered back. "she's never missed a class, maybe something bad hapened..."
But just thjat moment, Hermoine burst into the class, apologized to the teacher, and sat next to Harry and Ron, panting and out of breath.
"Hermonie!" they whispered in unison, shocked. "Where were you?"
"I was...in the library," she lied, but they sort of believed her, seeing as she spent most of her free time in the library. They were surprised if she hadnt read every book available in the library yet. She probably had.

Hermionie sat down next to Harry and pulled out her books.
"I can't believe that you're late for class, and even though you were in the library; i never imagined even a book would stop you from class." Harry wispered to her, while making sure he didn't get into trouble for talking
"Somethings are more important than class Harry." Hermionie said. "And you found that out last year, with Sirus"
She had really put her foot in it this time, Harry felt the anger building up inside of him. How dear she say that to me, after everything happened last year, how could she, he thought.

After class had finished Harry picked up his things and made his way out of the class and on his way to Transfiguration. He heard Hermionie's faint voice behind him.
"Ohh, come on Harry. You know i didn't mean it like that" She yelled. But it was to late, Harry thought. The damage has been done. I can't believe she's like this Harry told Ron in Transfiguration. I mean she was there last year in the Ministary of Magic, you all were. She's been acting weird, then she was talking about Draco, then your sister said it was because she liked me, and then she's late for class and snaps at me about Sirus..... Ron was looking at him in a strange way.
"Ron are you alright?? Your stairing at me" Harry said, looking carfully at him.
"My sister likes you....." Is all Ron managed to say. Harry had forgoteen all about not telling Ron about Ginny. Sh!t, he thought.
"umm, yea. She told me this morning and i thought it would be best to keep it to my self seen, well Cho and everything going on with Hermonie." He finished, ready for Ron to start yelling.
"Yea, i understand. Whats happening with Cho right now anyway?" He asked, obviously trying to move the conversation along. But before Harry could answer they were devided into different groups and into different directions to practice new spells. The told each other they would meet at lunch in the great hall

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Harry and Ron went there different ways; Hermionie was put into Harry's group and kept on aviodings his eyes. When they had a spare moment to talk, he approihed her.
"Look Hermionie. I know whats going on!!" Harry said, not looking fazied. By the expression on her face; he would have thought that she was about to faint. She suddenly went dead white like a ghost and almost looked nervous!
"You.....ah....do?" She asked; looking more confused then ever.
"Yea. Ginny told me. It's nothing to get embarrased or angry with Ron and me over!" Harry insisted.
"GINNY TOLD YOU!!??" She blurted out; and obviously forgot to keep her voice down as people practicing their spells now turned to stair. She wasn't looking as white any more; she was red with anger.
"Yea, she did. She had every right to. I mean its how she feels; not you!" He said; now he was the one to looked confused. They both just stood there! "I mean, Ginny likes me! That's her choice I don't know why you're getting angry with Ron and I for that." He finished. Suddenly Hermionie went back to noraml.
"Ohh, right!! Yea i guess that's her choice" And with that she went back to practicing. What is up with that, I swear she is getting stranger by the minute. What did she think I meant and why was she angry; all thes questions Harry wanted to be answered, but they weren't.

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Harry thought about these questions...they kept on bugging him. As he was walking down the hallway, he heard Malfoy talking about Hermione, Harry hid behind the statue thinking he might get some of his questions answered......

(Its not much....I hope i didn't ruin it....o god, i think i did....)

"That mudb......Grandger.....she.....ohh never mind....idiots like you wouldnt understand!!" Draco said and footsteps approuched Harry as he pressed hilself behind the statue and hid hoping Draco wouldnt see him. Thankfully to Harrys safe being, Draco was too concerned about how his hair was looking to even noticed that pigs were flying in the night sky.
Harry was about to walk off when he heard Crab and Goyle continuing the conversation with out him.
"What did he mean by that?" Grab said, and from the reflection in the classroom window he saw Goyle shrug.
Thank them to give me no information he said to himself, kicking himself for thinking that he would finally find out what the heck was going on!!
Footsteps were heard again as Crap and Goyle made their way in the opposite direction and with one last statement Harrys mind buzzed.
"One things for sure, Draco has been acting strange around that Grandger girl.... I mean Draco has been ignoring Pansy for.....I dont know"

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i have an idea. at first hermione likes draco, but then he's horrible to her. she's dead upset. draco sez sorry, and hg 4gives him. but draco 2times...its only a thought, but say if u like or not! btw, i dont wanna post cos i used to be good at writing, but now i'm terrible!

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Harry couldn't believe his ears. Hermione and Malfoy?????? No way. It was too weird to think about! A picture came into his head of Hermione and Malfoy kissing...ugh!! It couldn't be happening. Could it? This had to be a dream.
"C'mon, we might as well head off to the common room..." Goyle grunted and Crabbe agreed.
Hermione came into the entrance hall, looking rather flushed.
"Hermione!" Harry called, making Hermione jump.
"Oh, it's you Harry...I thought you were...never mind. Are you-"
"Who did you think i was? And why are you so red?"
"I-I...does it really matter? And it's hot out." Hermione said. "Are we going to the common room? Because I wanna see Ginny."
"Yeah, whatever. Why do you wanna see Gin?" Harry asked, raising his eyebrows.
"Oh, no reason. Let's go then." Hermione skipped up to the Griffindor common room.
They sat mostly in silence, Harry sitting thinking, his brain coming up with lots of different answers, some so bazaar Harry was driving himself mad.
When Ginny came in Hermione rushed over and whispered something to her.
"Are you sure i mean...oh right !" Ginny let out a small scream giggly thing, which Harry decided he would not ponder on what it was.
"What are you two so happy about?" Harry yawned.
"Oh, nothing, girl stuff..." Ginny and Hermione said simultaneously. Harry pressed no further on the subject. He went to the boy's dorm, even though it was only 9pm.

The next day, Saturday, Hermione's hair was unusually straight, she must have used straighteners...
"What have you done to your hair Hermione? It looks strange" Ron said bluntly.
"You, uh, don't like it? Hermione asked nervously
"It's fine." Harry kicked Ron under the table they were sitting at.
Hermione looked different somehow, not just her hair, but her face it looked like she had-
"Oh, do you like my make-up? Ginny helped me do it. It's not much, just lipgloss, mascara and eyeshadow. We couldn't find any eyeliner." Hermione asked.

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Originally posted by PinkDiamonds
The next day, Saturday, Hermione's hair was unusually straight, she must have used straighteners...
"What have you done to your hair Hermione? It looks strange" Ron said bluntly.
"You, uh, don't like it? Hermione asked nervously
"It's fine." Harry kicked Ron under the table they were sitting at.
Hermione looked different somehow, not just her hair, but her face it looked like she had-
"Oh, do you like my make-up? Ginny helped me do it. It's not much, just lipgloss, mascara and eyeshadow. We couldn't find any eyeliner." Hermione asked.

(where we left off)
"it looks great! where are you going, may i ask?" Harry raised his eyebrows.
"You can ask, but i'm not gonna answer!" Hermione turned up her nose at Harry and strutted out of the common room.
"You know, that is the reason why you and Harry don't have anything going on!" Harry and Ron overheard Ginny saying.
"Yeah, well, now i've got Dra-" Hermione's voice drifted away.
"Dra? DRA?? who's Dra??" Ron's face was all twisted up.
"I've gotta tell you something..." Harry siad, and told Ron all about what he had heard Crabbe and Goyle saying, and what he was thinking. When he finished, Ron's jaw was on the floor.
"Her-Hermione and MALFOY?!?!?!?!?!" Ron yelled.
"Ron, shut up!!" Harry clenched his hand over Ron's mouth. "I suggest we follow her, see what she's doing, and if there is something going on between her and...HIM"
They did so, very quitetly. They could only just hear Hermione's shoes squeaking on the wood floor.
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Hermoine was walking rather swiftly, so it was difficult to keep up whilst concealing themselves under Harry's trusty old Invisibility Cloak.
Harry and Ron almost fell in the dissapearing step, because the were far too busy watching Hermoine.
After another quiet moment of walking, Hermoine came to a halt.
Thats when Malfoy appeared, quickly waltzing up to Hermione. Harry had to practicaly hold Ron back, who was making a mad attempt to get at Malfoy.
"Ron, stop it! You want them to realise we're here!?" he whispered in a very low vioce.

Ron fell back, he really could not be bothered, and besides, he wanted to hear.
"Hi Hermy. Glad you came. C'mon, follow me" Malfoy said, stroking Hermione's face.
Hermione giggled. "Sure!" They walked off, hand in hand.
"C'mon, we HAVE to follow them" Harry hissed.

Ron's face turned a violent shade of red and they followed, doing their best to make sure their shoes didnt let off any noise.
They walked, and walked, and walked. If they had been anyone else, Harry and Ron would have been panting long ago.
"Where are we going, Draco?" asked Hermione in a sweet vioce.
"You'll see," answered Malfoy, smirking, but not in his usual snide, mean way.

Harry and Ron knew wehere Malfoy was going. The room of requirement. All four pairs of feet started twisting and turning their way along many corridors.
"come on, in here," Malfoy pulled Hermione into the room of Requirement. It was full of loads of squisy sofas, each one covered in gold silk. He insisted that Hermione sat down with him, on a long three peice.
"Oh, yes Draco, it's great!"
Malfoy pulled Hermione onto his lap and started kissing her, pationatly. Ron gasped, but was not heard. He pulled forward, but Harry held him back. He did not know why, his heart was breaking to see the two students, who were normally ENIMIES, kissing. It did not help that he was in love with one of them.

((and to all the Harry/Draco lovers out there, Harry was NOT in love wiv Malfoy, i do not like writing about gay people. I'm sure gay ppl are really nice, but come ON! if i was gonna make Harry gay, it would NOT be with Malfoy))

Harry closed his eyes, and could practically hear his own heart breaking in half. Then, the worst thing happened.

Ron sneezed.

Both Malfoy and Hermione looked up suspiciously, right at where the duo stood. They began backing up, but Ron triped on the cloak and they both were sent toppling over, the cloak flying off of them. They landed in a jumble.

"You....you..." Hermione whispered, eyes wide, face red from anger.

"-are DEAD!" Malfoy yelled, seemingly finishing Hermione's sentance. He lept up, wand ready. Ron and Harry followed suit, Ron dodging a Stupefy that had shot towards him.

Harry caught Malfoy off guard by sprinting up, and punching him. Malfoy flew back, and before Harry knew it, Ron had tackled Malfoy. Hermione stood, tears pushing their was stubbornly out of her brown eyes.

"STOP!" She shrieked.

Harry felt the erge to do something he never would have done normally.
"Shut your mouth, you freaking *****!!!" he screamed at her.

Hermione stood there, unable to move. Tears trickled down her cheeks.
"You derserved it, you mudblood ****" Harry scoffed

It was as if everyone just stopped and stared at him. Ron's mouth open, Malfoy as well,and Hermione's eyes watering. She ran from the room, crying, hands to her face.
'What did you do, Harry?' Harry thought, dashing after her. But someone tripped him.

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Harry turned around and saw Draco standing there looking really angry.
Harry paused for a moment

Malfoy stopped.
"Well shes mine now, Potter, so f*** off. stay away. fall in love with Weasley." He spat.
Harry stared at Ron.
"His freakin' sister, idiot! But, y'know, you two would make a lovely pair!" Malfoy smirked. Ron stood in front of him and punched him.
"Shut up" he hissed "and i swear, if you hurt Hermione, there's me and Harry to get past. We'll beat the hell outta you." And with that Harry and Ron ran to Hermione. There was one place she would be right now...

"Harry? Ron? Are you looking for HER?? She seems pretty upset!" Moaning Myrtle cackled.
"Shut your dead gob, Myrtle."
"Leave me alone. I dont want to talk to you, you- you..." Hermione screeched from a cubicle. She could not think of a bad enough insult for him. She hated him now, but she still didnt want to hurt him like he hurt her.
Harry walked over to her cubicle, while Ron stood in the middle of the lavatory, haunted by Myrle.

"Hermionie, I'm sorry...I just....well....I liked you...and to see you with Malfoy.." Harry started
"You know he has a first name!" Hermionie spat
"Yea...well...Dra...Draa....Draco....he just got me so mad by kissing you. I mean he just....ughhhh....."
"I KISSED HIM BACK!" She screamed. "I LIKE HIM! HE'S REALLY A GREAT GUY!" Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"FINE HERMIONIE! FINE! BE WITH MAL....DRACO FOR ALL I CARE!" Harry yelled into the stall.
"FINE I WILL!" Hermionie cried. She ran ot of the stall and pushed Harry out of the way.
"Shall we follow her?" Ron asked
"No , leave her be." Harry said angrily as he sat up.

I kno it's not much but I wanted to end the Harry and Hermionie fight.

The week went by slowly for Harry and Ron. Hermionie wasn't talking to either of them. Since their big fight Hermionie kept putting make-up on and straightening her hair. She would walk by holding Dracos hand. Draco would smirk at Harry whenever Harry would look at him in discust. But one day something unexpected happened.

The couple could be found in a hall, with a crowd around them. They were shouting at eachother.
"Why were you snogging Pansy!!" Hermione shrieked, tears leaking from her eyes.
"I WASNT!" he yelled back. Hermione looked at him in disgust.
Harry and Ron stood towards the front of the crowd, eyes wide. Pansy stood a bit away, smirking evily.
Hermione wouldnt listen to the excuse she push her way past him.

Hermionie stopmed down the hall crying. Draco pushed after her.
"HERMIONIE! WAIT!" She stopped and waited for him once Draco caught up to her she punched him in the face.

Draco started to cry. Hermionie looked at him.
"I didn't do it!" he sobbed "It was a plan of Pansy's! I had nothing to do with it! She just started kissing me and wouldn't let go! I'm SO sorry!" He was crying Hysterically now. Hermionie looked at him.
"I got to go and do some thinking." Hermionie said quietly and she strode off to the gryffindor common room. Harry and Ron followed her.
"Patronus" she said to the sleeping fat lady. The protrait door flew open. When Harry and Ron got to the common room Hermionie was already up in the girls dormitory.

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Parvati and Lavender were comforting Hermione the best they could. She had told them everything, as soon as Ginny entered as well.
"Do you believe Draco?" asked Lavender.
"I...I dont know," Hermione whispered, wiping one last tear.
"He's been very good lately, towards you..." Ginny said. "And Parkinson is evil..."
Parvati coughed. "And I heard her talking about some sabotage earlier during Potions..."
Hermione stood, looking out the window. "I...I just dont know,"

"Do you want to get something to eat?" Lavender asked
'No, I think I'll go back down to the common room and study." Hermionie said.
Parvati and Lavender followed her down. Hermionie didn't want to talk to Ron and Harry so she wanted Parvati and Lavender to stay close to her. Every time Ron or Harry went over to talk to her Hermionie, Lavender and Parvati would start talking and Ignore the 2. Finally Harry got a chance to talk to her alone.

Parvati and Lanvender had to, unfortunatly, leave for the library, but they promised to be back asap.
Hermione started to head to her dorm, when Harry stepped in her way. (Ron was in his dorm, fuming)
"Hermione, listen, please, just let me speak," he pleaded.
Hermione stared with cold eyes, clutching her books untill her knuckles turned white.
"Please get out of my way," she whispered.

Harry didnt budge.
"Just let me explain"
"Get out of the way"
"no. Please, let me explain!"
Hermione gave up. She was sick and tired of all of this. She nodded.
"It broke my heart. How could you? And now he's gone and hurt you, like I knew he would. I love you. But, if you want we can be just friends. Please. Maybe not as close as before, but i cant stand this. I need you to cut me some slack. Please, Hermione!! I need you to forgive me!" Harry pleaded.
"I'll think about it. Now, get out of the way." Hermione brushed past him when he moved slightly to the right. She looked at him. He looked at her.
"Just think about it, Hermione. We were such great friends. And think about what Malfoy did to you." Harry touched her arm but she shook it off, tears brimming in her eyes.

Harry didn't talk to Hermione till the following day at breakfeast. She was surrounded by Parvati and Lavender who refused to get away from Hermione untill Hermione said that it was ok.
"Harry, that really hurt me....and you kno i nver knew that you loved me....and i didn't kno that i was hurting you." She began

"Beacause...I liked you and since you seemed to take no interest in me.......i started to like Draco." She said
"Since when did you like him?" Harry said casually. Hermione looked over at the Slytherin table.
"Well...i was in the owlery one day and he said that i was in his dreams, that's a maijor turn on to a girl."
"I've dreampt of you loads of times!" Harry Lied
"Well How am I supposed to know that unless you tell me?" Hermione asked. Harry said nothing.

"So why didnt you tell me you loved me? It would have made everything SO much easier...i had a crush on you, before i got something going with Draco. We where happy, and he was so so sweet. I dont know why he went off with that-that..." Hermione couldnt say anything. Words could not express her anger with Pansy.