do u believe in ghosts

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mega punk1235
do u believe in ghosts and spirits from the past any hit me with lots of replies wanna know what uthink smile ..

I have never seen any conclusive evidence, or had any experiences with that kind of paranormal entity myself, although I keep an open mind, and think there is a good possibility. That might stem from my aunt, who was a firm nonbeliever until she claimed to have had an experience, as in seeing one. She's not the sort to make things up, so maybe....


Definetly not.....Ghosts don't exist....In my opinion any way...

Jackie Malfoy
No I don't believe in ghost but my twin sister does.She says she talks to them through her mediation and listens to them speak to her.Now that is a very scary thought.JM

Silver Stardust
Ghosts? No...

No, but I'm fascinated by the idea. I love watching those TV show's about ghost hunters.

Jedi Priestess
Yes Indeedy I do. But then I believe in UFO's too. yes

Not so much in the traditional sense of "ghosts" as I do in spirits. (As in, none of this Casper crap.)

No but I do believe in the existence of demons and angels

mega punk1235
great keep on replying

Not really. If there's a spiritual world, then there's probably a few Gods, or a God; why would they/he leave a load of people on earth?

I do believe in spirits however

yep i believe in ghosts because there isw one living in my house and at night sometimes i can feel him/her sitting on the end of my bed so i just tell it to move and it doesn't so i kick it off then it sits down again, then i kick him/her off....this goes on for a while then it finally stops. Or one time it through a candle at me when i was doing my makeup, i dont know why. And my mom always wakes up and sees this red headed woman and stuff in her room at night. Also sometimes it turns on my brothers lamp. and one time I was trying to sleep and it kept hitting my wall everytime i would start to fall asleep....but its never hurt us or anything and im preety used to things happening now......oh yeah i forget to say one time i woke up and went to get in the shower and i noticed this weird mark on my leg kinda like a hicky?? in the form of the number 8....dont know what it ment but it stayed for 2 days then went away.

!! your house is haunted !!
I have heard of these kinds of things and I know they happen but I think these are demons who haunt places, and not ghosts

Afro Cheese
Not really. But... my mom and sister in NC do. They are somewhat convince that their house is haunted. A few 'strange' things have happen around the house up there and they found out that somebody who lived there before them had died at the house, and he was against them selling the house but they did anyway.. blah blah blah. So yeah they are all freaked out and convinced it's the guy's spirit.

no i dont believe in ghost, and pictures that look like ghost or irregular figures are just glares from the camera, or the lighting...peopel are just that stupid

I do and I dont

well i dont think its a demon i think its my uncle that used to live in the same house a really long time ago. and its not evil or anything its doesnt try to hurt us or anything its just there.

The Omega

Its all psychological. Derren Brown made a really cool program investigating this.

I'm not going to lie to you....that person in your room was me.

It was the ghoul! eek!


Im not sure erm...
It could be only in our minds, or it could be possible; because we're alive and all erm
I don't know; it would be nice though

FeceMan laughing out loud
Omg, i just noticed your username and title big grin

I do not believe in ghosts as disembodied spirits but rather ghost phenomena that result from Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK) and Repressed Psychokenetic Energy (RPKE).

the seance? yeah, i watched that. it's weird to think that you can be thinking the exact same thing as someone else at the same time. it gave me the shivers messed

some people say that spirits are created by the deep emotions that people have when they die, and those emotions get imprinted on the surroundings.

personally i believe in the supernatural.

I am a ghost

also, i heard something on the radio about how when some people are going through stress or major changes in their life, their sleep patterns can be messed up, so they half wake up halfway through a dream, and because they're still in the dream state, they can see and feel things, but it's really all in their head. stuff like feeling something fly over you or walking past.

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