Halo Movie Confirmed

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That's right, I said it.

Don't believe me? See for yourself...


At any rate, this could be excellent news! Or bad news...depending on certain things. CGI or real actors...the director...the plot...lots of factors will determine is this project will be a success or a failure. What things from the game would you like to see in the movie? Any plot ideas? Actors to star or voice the characters from the game? What planets will be featured? Thoughts...

It will probably be retarded.

As long as they do it right, I'm all for it. thumb up thumb up

It's gonna suck.

Silver Stardust
What the f**k? a Halo movie? You gotta be kidding me.

I hope the writer of the Halo will write the plot for that movie.

I hope not, for his sake. Then his name won't be on trash, and nobody can blame him.

Whether it sucks or not......I'm going to be in the line to buy my tickets. Master Chief rulz!!!!

A movie based on halo i cant even STAND THE VIDEO GAME

If the movie is CGI they have to get the orginal voice actors from the game. If it's live action...I don't know.

Can't wait for it!

Major Knight
Wow, they will make a movie on anything now a days wont they? Now c'mon, out of many stories i have seen in my life, halo must have one of the worst imaginable. Like c'mon the EVIL and very DANGEROUS enemy in the game are small things that look like seman(the flood). I will go see this movie just so i can laugh at its huge amounts of stupid lol.

Stealth Agent
i think this movie will be o.k. like resident evil but movies based on games ussually suck
I think aall kinds of gamers will like it but it wont be anything special but they will like act likes its the greatest thing on earth.

The most unfortunate thing about it is that it will probably be made by people who have never even played the game. The studio sees money and just puts someone in charge. Like the Final Fantasy movie.

Diesel fan
True budwiser TRUE!

It would be one hell of a shame if someone who hasn't even played it makes it.
But if it's done right it will be hellish.
But who would play M aster Chief?

I've checked other movie databases and I dont seem to find halo coming out in 2006.

if it really is going to be made into a movie than I would go see it.

I think it would be better if it wasnt animated.

all depending upon whrether its going to be made into a movie or not.

yeah, it's not for sure that the movie is being made, it's still just speculation. If it is made though, I think it has a chance at being a good movie, especially if Ridley Scott directs it, and if Ed Harris and Samuel L Jackson are in it.

It says on the site that Ridley Scott is likely to be the director.

I know, but it hasn't been officially announced yet, it's still just speculation.

Final fantasy was a good movie. The people behind the film referred back to some of the actuall game developers reguarly.

I don't think it's going to be as good as FF7 Advent Children but i'm going to see it any way out of curiousity...

I think it would be hot to have a Halo live-action movie. As long as they get good actors, a good director, and the movie has a good story, than it'll be a hit.

Stealth Agent
possibly nice sig hot sauce

That would be so cool. I love Halo and am all for it! Theres so many stupid people tho, that this site is sometimes sad, learn some respect you nuisances!

Darth Revan
*in annoying little covenant impression*

I got a bad feeling about this....

Seriously though, stop with the video game movies already. They always suck.

I think this can be a great movie, they just need to put in the time, the money, and the true effort into it...they need the halo game developping team working side by side with movie studios to make the game come to life....if the movies have shots like in the cutscenes in the actual game it could be great...the game itself is more like a movie then a game anyway, it was meant to be put on the bigscreen.

It's gonna suck. Every computer game -> film movie has sucked (except mortal kombat) think about it. Streetfighter, Counterstrike there are others. And mark my words, Its gonna be the Van Helsing of futuristic films. (in other words ridden with bad CGI and gay actors).

Halo 2 is awesome though

I'll bet Bungie is babysitting the whole set, making sure it's done right.

Keanu Reeves/Tom Cruise as the Chief!!!!!!
Halo is SO worth being a movie. I mean, look at Resident Evil, House of the Dead, Morktal Kombat, Street Fighter, and the rest.
If they make Arnold Shwarzzenegger(dunno how to spell) the Chief, I will...be..so...TICKED!!!
His voice sounds nothing like the Chief's.

If I had to pick I would for Keanu. His voice can be altered to sound like MC in the game.

Keanu: "Whoah, dude! I blasted a little creature" stick out tongue

They are either going to ruin it, or make it great... one or the other

Major Knight
Well if they use the story in the game, then this movie is over before it started. which sounds good to me, i don't need to see another horrible game based movie.

Lord Soth
I suck at the game. It could make a good movie though

The only reason game movies suck is because they try to get the causal movie goers to watch there movies so they make the movies all fancy and crap.And dont evolve anything or little things related to the game which sucks for the ppl who actully played the game.

they want the aliens producer and ridley scott, and bungie said thats the only way.. i dont really care what kind of confirmation they give though, until a movie goes into production its just an idea like any other.. and hell even a lot of movies in production get canned

Frosty Beverage
Halo Movie?!


even if its live action, the person who "plays" MC won't matter. you never see his face and i would bet Bungie keeps it that way. you could get anyone to play him and have the same voice actor from the game.

I think Reeves could do a good job, because he's got a monotone voice similar to Chief's.

Is Bungie a developer or movie company?
If Bungie took control of the movie, its going to suck purely on the fact that movies and videogames are completly different.

reeves is monotone but sounds notihing like the chief.. doesnt have a powerfull voice of a military type guy

there was a counterstrike movie?!?!

i didnt think all videogame movies sucked, i thought the final fantasy movie was actually pretty good. the first resident evil was just about bearable, and i refuse to watch apocalypse, as it looks just downright terrible.

but as everyone has said, if its done right, then it has a chance of being good.

i cant help but think starship troopers when i here halo the movie


you mean escape from NY/LA

No idea

i think it was man, solid snake from metal gear solid was based around kurt russels character.

Diesel fan
I am me.
Who are you?

Answer in Covnant touge if you want,But it'll be preeettty hard.

Bad boys 2 is good!

Diesel fan

Major Knight
Bungie is the game company that made Halo.

Will they use the same story as the game in the halo film or make up a new one????

Diesel fan
Instead of making a Halo3 game they could make a Halo movie to finish off the 2nd Halo! big grin

It could work......maybe thats what thy will do but will it have real actors or will it be computer animated

Diesel fan
Not sure. no expression

They should make both the movie AND Halo 3.

You obviously have a bad taste for movies. I for one liked the MK movies. They did a good job of the characters(especially Sub-Zero) and spec effects(when Sub-Zero got an icicle rammed through his ice shield, and through his gut), but it was stupid when they put five Barakas.
Don't worry man. If Bungie is truly caring of their game, then they are going to make DOUBLE SURE that the movie will be done right.
I haven't seen street fighter, but I heard that it's good.

Well, I'm hoping that they use the plot from the book "Halo: First Strike".
I don't know if Bungie wants to use plots from the actual game, because people in the theatre are going to be like, "Oh, this is the part where the Flood comes." Plot ruined.
In First Strike, there's more than one Spartan!(one from the Master Chief's squad, called the Spartans)
Either that, or they use "The Fall of Reach."(the first book). I think that they will use a all-original plot.

This is my third post in a row...I like quoting. big grin

Someone needs to be shot.

Halo sucks anyway. They should make a film about Killzone now ya talking. More depth and action. It would be an epic to save the world.

if were talking bout other games, then max payne is just begging to become a movie! and as its a very adult styled game, it couldnt really be ruined by hollywood-ness.

if they did that and hollywooded it, i would cry, like a little girl.

thats what they were saying.. that bungie is a game company so they should not be making the film because games and movies are very different...

i agree with dark....Bungie is going to be literally looking over the director's shoulder when they make the movie. So it should be good. Like the first MK movie...the second one sucked.

My friend bought it for PS2...he said that the story sucked. The only reason he bought it is because he didn't have an Xbox(so no Halo 2) so he tried to buy the best available FPS for PS2. We've played both Killzone and Halo 2 multiplayer, and we both agreed that Halo 2 was better. Way better matchmaking online.

good for your mate.

1. its not on PS2

2. The story doesnt suck.

3. The story rocks and the film will rock and i cant ****ing wait!!!

Who cares Xbox dont have San Andreas or Gran Turismo.
Playstation get all the great GREAT titles first.
Halo was so crappy and slow to play. i was bored with it in minutes.
Now Half-Life - There's a FPS series to credit.

Well that's your problem, if you only played Halo for the first few minutes of course it was slow, you didn't even have a weapon. And yeah, PS2 gets all the good games first, that's why it gets KOTOR and KOTOR 2 first, and got Escape from Butcher Bay first, and got MechAssault first, and got the first Splinter Cell first, and got the much better Ghost Recon 2. Oh wait it didn't. Except for Ghost Recon 2, it didn't even get any of those games, yet Xbox got both of the previous GTAs. roll eyes (sarcastic)

I hope its in Live action like resident evil.

Killzone is on PS2! What the hell are you talking about?

Major Knight
Your right that halo 2 is better multi player but as far as campaign mode's i have to say holo 2 or 1 blows. i hate the story plus its way to repetitive way to fast. i have a x-box and PS2 and i have to say at least the first 10 mins of kill zone is as close i have got to love a first person shooter just because kill Zone start is so intense and realistic with the bunkers and the bullets flying every were.

Major Knight
I beat the first halo and was about half way done the 2nd game, and im sorry but it is pretty slow as in they slowed down the running, but other wise once you get to play as the alien guy, it does get faster but speed doesn't fix the rest of this sleep fest game. oh and PS2 doesn't need a sad excuse of a RPG like KOTOR, or 2. i have played both of those and i have to say that game leaves a huge gap to desire, i was expecting way more form a RPG but it was just a bad game hiding behind this supposed RPG label. And guess what i have played both Ghost recon games and there both better in there own way, like PS2 is more stealthy, were the x-box version seems to be more go and shoot (much like raimbow6 3). And as far as splinter cell goes x-box can have it,Any Metal Gear Solid game can own that series.

I liked the first, second, third, and Delta Halo most, because of more action.

Major Knight
I have never heard of there being a third or delta halo. What are they?

usually all video game movies suck ass

Suckage! This will suck because most of the game is based on gameplay. That would be fine for Splinter Cell or MGS, but Halo's gameplay is built in such a way that it will suck.

What are you talking about? GTA San Andreas is coming for the Xbox in May of 2005. Also Half-Life 2 is NOT on the PS2 is for PC and is heading for the Xbox as well.

Xbox too? Yeah!!!!!

u never heard of it because there isnt a 3rd or delta halo..

BUT this is not a HALO discussion thread or an xbox vs ps2 thread if you arnt talking about the halo movie shut it!

DiViNe diFiNIty
i have found out not long ago that they are making a movie of halo has any one got any information about it cause it has gota be good

this sorta should be in movie discussion messed
I havent heard of them making a halo movie though

I have.

Yeah, I suppose this does kinda classify itself as a movie discussion....

off it goes orroz

Has anyone secured any credible information about this movie? director, cast, estimated time of when filming begins?.. I hope its live action.. but at the same time I hope its all CG lol

Mmmm.... Ridley Scott... I'd love to see his take on the halo universe... I hadnt realised this thread had been out for so long o_O..

But is it gonna be all CGI or actors?

Diesel fan

People, you don't understand anything!!! All the movies that come from video games suck!
Halo series are good, have no problem with them, but to think about the movie it will be a pile of sack. You have any idea how hard it will be to make the models, charecters and weapons even the settings. It is nearly impossible for this ceuntry.

OK, one rule, you don't flame things without reason.
They don't always need actors. Think Lord of the Rings style, where some of it is computer animated.(Legolas standing on top of the first troll iN Balin's tomb in #1, Legolas fighting the Oliphaunt in #3.).
Settings are even easier to make, the Halo ring will be easy to put on computer animation. They will only use actors for the people in the actual game; Master Chief, Johnson, Keyes, etc.
They'll probably have kids or something play grunts, but they'll have to dress actors up in the Elite suits, give them a mask and helmet. They're elongated in the legs, but it's pretty easy to compensate.
The Human weapons are a no-brainer, dumbass... it'll be easy to just put a digital counter in a standard rifle, which is dressed and put together like an MA5B assault rifle or Battle Rifle. Covenant weapons can just be, like, animated. Again.
I am done explaining now dumbass...
Happy, newbie?

Um no they don't. sleepy
Have you seen the first Mortal Kombat movie?
Or Resident Evil Apocalypse?
Yeah, we do understand things. Jerk.

Apocalypse blew erm

Diesel fan
dark 1365 does have a point the Resident evil movies were nothin' ike the games - where was the gore and all the monster zombiesmthat ya get in the game

Diesel fan
come on people engage in conversation

* sleeping*

Wake me up when ya got somthing good yo say about halo the movie


Is the movie gonna be about the game?

Halo movie confirmed?


Halo Movie Gets a Screenwriter
Source: Variety
February 4, 2005

Microsoft has put the finishing touches on a deal to hire Alex Garland (28 Days Later, The Beach) to adapt the bestselling video game franchise into one movie, reports Variety. The trade says Garland's screenplay will then be offered to studios as a complete "turnkey" script and rights package.

The "Halo" franchise is one of the most popular in video game history, having sold over 12.8 million units and grossed approximately $600 million since its 2001 debut. Last year, "Halo 2" sold 6.4 million copies and was the second-bestselling game of the year.

The games' plot concerns a warrior soldier known only as "Master Chief" battling a group of alien religious zealots who believe one of their most sacred artifacts is located on Earth.

I'd wrather bungies writers collaberate with squaresoft pictures to create a truely breathtaking CG experience... but unfortunately that would cost more money than even hollywood can shell out.. or microsoft for that matter

Currently is a toss up between James Cameron and Ridley Scott. James would be perfect since he introduced the marines of the future in Aliens. But I would still go with Ridley. Not that I'm comparing them but Scott's work in Sci-fi is pure genious!

The movie should be based on the halo books not the game. The books are halo the fall of reach, the flood, and the first strike. I have read all of these books and they give greater detail than that of the game. I think it should be based on these books. The character for the master chief would have to be over seven feet tall. the book says he is that tall. the marines would have to be average size. I don't know about the rest of them. This will cost alot of money, kinda like the water world movie back in 1995 that turned out to be a fluke, losing more money than they earned. If they stick with the books it will be fine, but the game just doesn't give that much detail for a movie. Planet reach talks about john's childhood, the flood is on the halo ring, and first strike is on after the halo ring is destroyed setting the way for war on earth.

Blair Wind
Originally posted by cking
The movie should be based on the halo books not the game. The books are halo the fall of reach, the flood, and the first strike. I have read all of these books and they give greater detail than that of the game. I think it should be based on these books. The character for the master chief would have to be over seven feet tall. the book says he is that tall. the marines would have to be average size. I don't know about the rest of them. This will cost alot of money, kinda like the water world movie back in 1995 that turned out to be a fluke, losing more money than they earned. If they stick with the books it will be fine, but the game just doesn't give that much detail for a movie. Planet reach talks about john's childhood, the flood is on the halo ring, and first strike is on after the halo ring is destroyed setting the way for war on earth.

I agree, the books were more detailed and gave us a glimpse of the Master Chiefs childhood, what made them Spartans, the first battle, and how eveyone died....

There is definately got to be a Halo movie, all the other good games have movies, like Tomb raider and Super Mario Brothers, yes they made one

P.S. Ignore the name

a hell no halo suxs

"I think Reeves could do a good job, because he's got a monotone voice similar to Chief's."

Alot of people have been saying how great neo would be in MC boots... Lets remember reeves is actually a plank of wood. How could he possibly use MC's suit???

I think he would most likely make the film with half of the story of the first book and half of the second.

Primary reasons;
Other then gamers who would know what a Master chief is.
People would need to be filled in who the covenant are, who master chief is and whats going on, the first book is perfect for this.
First book ends on a bum note as nothing really happens other then finding all the backround info on them. The films called HALO it will need to be on a halo at some point.

Secondary reasons;
Movies not based on the games at all, like resident evil, Do suck.
Movies based on games (loosely or not) are ok. Mortal combat was quite acurrate to the games.

Nexus Cloud
Hey forumcrew ware did you get that sweet pic of lindzy?


I have Never Seen (or don'T think i have seen) A Uwe Boll Film. i persnoally Don't Care about Halo, He Can masacer it all he Wants stick out tongue..

As Long as he Doesn't Dare Touch Half Life... If that Become The Case, then I will band with the Halo Fans And Fight the Same casue.

Can you Point out Some Owe Boll films for me please?


HA! lol and he is Taking On Far Cry!!!

By the Looks of the titles he is a hardcore shitty BlockBuster maker.

he got Halo and trying to get the rights for Half-Life...

Plot Summary for
Halo (2007)
After escaping from destruction from a gathering of alien races called "The Covenant" and landing on a ring-shaped world called "Halo", marines and a super-soldier called "Master Chief" must find out Halo's deadly secret before the Covenant fulfill their mission that has to do with Halo itself.

I have played about 5 minutes of Halo and even I know that its not exactly a World, but A Space Station where Life Can be sustained in event of the home World's death. Or At Least thats what us Humans want to build one for.

Son Of a b!tch !!! Only Jonathan Demme Should Be Allowed to touch Half Life. Well, half life 2, becasue it touches more with his Universe.


The Apocalypse is coming in 2007. . .


Did i see this guys name associated with the House of the Dead??? :O

Um, any member including the coffee runners in the House of the Dead should never be employed in the entertainment business ever.

Any publisher that gives rights to this tard gets what they deserve.

On another note, why can't a game that does so well being a game make a good movie? In resident evil I would have preferred the cheese B rated plot to the crap they made it. Every game movie made yet has sucked to a certain degree.


Uwe boll blows somethihng awful.

whoever let him pass film school must be blind, deaf and dumb...

I will check this movie out, and see if uwe comes through....

I think I'll just wait for Metal Gear.

The Ones
well. if uwe boll is allowed to direct Halo then i have no sympathy when it sucks ass and they go bankrupt

i'll join you


A games a game, making a film out of its daft.

Yea.. I can see where this movie is going. I don't know if words can describe the abyss Halo is headed to. If you need any indication watch Alone in the Dark. Well, I won't torture you by making you watch the whole movie, but just try and sit through 5 minutes of it. When you have to use a game storyline its usually bad news. When you actually succeed in turning an otherwise thrilling action/adveture game into a stiff,dull..

well you get the picture.

I have to say this Uwe Boll guy is talented. It takes true skill make a movie suck that bad.

Some amatuer home movie, with a halo fanatic wearing a master chief custume just reciting lines straight out of the game will probably end up being better than anything Uwe Boll will ever produce.

I swear you guys had me scared for second. Just someone at IMDB playing with our minds. If Uwe Boll makes another movie it might just be the end of all computer/video games. Game Designers wont even want to make games anymore. LoL. Forget games. Shit! If Uwe Boll makes another shitty movie, it'll be the appocalypse.


Originally posted by Darth_Veav

A lie that's been a lie for quite awhile now.

They've taken Boll's name down on IMDB, I'm pretty sure this is just a rumor.

I still think Ridley Scott will direct Halo. Is a long shot but it would be nice.

If its IMDB then it has to come from a confirmed Source....

And who The hell updates Killmovies.com Main Page? Like, not the forums, but the actual website.

If Doom does well I can see more money and perhaps a good director being thrown at the Halo project.

Bump and moved to the new forum!

its confirmed that there making a halo movie

I think it should've been based on one of the novels, First Strike would have been nice.

The only reason that Mister Uwe Boll can do what he wants in the movie industry is,that he have founds in Germany which supports him and his silly video game adaptions!I am living in Germany and in every movie mag interview Boll is acting like he is a god or something...!Boll give up and go back to your onionfields where you came from...!(TRUE!!!)

from what I see here, this son of a ***** is taking on pretty much all the games I enjoy playin, games like MGS, and HALO. If he gets his way it could mean the end of my peace treaty with the world, lol.

According to ninemsn news Peter Jackson is in the running to direct The New Halo movie.


The Ones
no he's not:

Jackson and his wife, Fran Walsh, will serve as the executive producers for Halo, which is targeted for worldwide release in mid-2007 by Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox film studios.

My mistake

OK so this thread is pointless yes

Originally posted by The Ones
no he's not:

Jackson and his wife, Fran Walsh, will serve as the executive producers for Halo, which is targeted for worldwide release in mid-2007 by Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox film studios.

Beat me to it.

Hope they don't screw up the movie


Originally posted by T.M
OK so this thread is pointless yes

Like your post on this thread.

Why couldn't you post this in the Halo Movie thread?

The same CGI animation that helped with the LOTR movies is apparently helping with the Halo movie.

I was in the John at a movie studio and I overheard Boll pitch the movie to a producer, it went something like this, "In the future, a cop is killed by a serial killer and is resurrected as a cyborg so frickin awesome it makes Robocop pee his pants and he is master cheif. Then he has to track down a serial killer obsessed with angel halos. He moves at the speed of thought and eats his co-co puffs so fast that we do like this 30 minute matrix shot of him eating his co-co puffs so everyone understands how much of a bad ass he is. They will be like "Wow, I sit here for 30 minutes seeing this bad ass robot eat his cheerios like neo, if he eats his cereal this bad ass, then he MUST be really bad ass when he hits somebody! Boll is the man!" then after the movie everyone likes me so much as an awesome director that I finally get to go for my oscar for directiing by writing a Luigi's Mansion movie. People love me long time!"

Could this get any better? Peter Jackson involved in the Halo movie! YEAH! All we need now is to get Ridley Scott to direct and this will be the greatest video game movie ever!!!! big grin

Riiiiight. no expression

They should stick with what's-his-face in Bungie for the in-movie music.

peter cant do that wat about the hobibt movie!!!! he said he was gonna do that than he did king kong now halo!!!!! i dont like halo do killzone

Originally posted by cameron666

The Apocalypse is coming in 2007. . . nooo i hate halo soo much why wont they do killzone its a way beter game better graphics no offence halo nerds bvut the ppl in it arent stupid like ur team mates in halo and they look reall and brian cox is in it

Captain REX
Acherontia, has anyone ever told you that you use capitals sporadically? stick out tongue

Halo, eh? I wonder if it could work.

Originally posted by b-dan
peter cant do that wat about the hobibt movie!!!! he said he was gonna do that than he did king kong now halo!!!!! i dont like halo do killzone
^Typical PS2 fanboy.

playstation sucks
xbox rules
HALO rules.

is that hobbit movie sorted tho, there was sum legal stuff going on i heard ages ago.

Personnaly, I think a Halo movie would be weird. I mean, come on... a Halo movie? Not very original. It's going to be hard to pull if as well. I have a feeling they won't make it.

peter jackson is gonna produce it i hear wat else could go wrong!!!!!!! i hate that game it gets credit after it was made in the 80s

A Halo movie? That's going to come out horrible. It's mostly going to be computer animation, that's going to suck. I'm a fan of Halo, but I just don't think a Halo movie would work out.

Originally posted by DarkC
^Typical PS2 fanboy. yep and im proud that ps2 has got all the good games halo is ok that and much`s oddesy are the only x box games i injoyed and nice sig FOR THE HORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Halo movie is coming out soon. It had better be good.

The only way it can be good is for it to have an awsome MC.

Who should play the MC?

Viggo Mortenson!
(braces for slaps)

Well, a certain someone thinks that the Halo movie would be better off as an animated movie. Like, anime style, not CGI. What do you guys think and why?

anime Halo...um no i rather not see an action anime film...plus it wont be taken seriously.