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Has anyone seen this movie?This movie was completley horrible all the way to the point where it would make me think I was watching a retarded Fan Flick.The only thing good about this movie is the uncontrollable laughter keeping you entertained caused by the stupidity occuring on the screen.

One Character who happens to be a ranger is too hilarious to even try to control your laughter.In my eyes it is impossible to control your laughter when laying eyes upon this funny looking cheesy character.And when he says lines like "Scare ya did I?" or "ARE YOU MAKIN FUN'A ME!?"his face looks really funny and I almost died laughing.

As for the actual movie the acting sucks, story sucks, the special effects suck, and the kill scenes suck.Not once do you see a knife directly stab through someone or anything like that...the camera angle always changes to something else.

If you havent seen this movie stay away and dont watch it unless you want a good laugh.You might find this in the horror movie section.If you find it there, please...put it where it is supposed to be...the comedy section...or even better...the garbage can.

I rented it last week!! couldnt believe what I was seeing, actual I couldnt understand what I was seeing, I rented because of Meadow from the Sopranos but she was barley in it and wore entirley to many cloths. After the second story, which honestly I cant recall I shut it off. I do remeber the quiet guy that was the torture victim, or whatever, wow poor poor movie!!!

i like eggs
it was as gay as michel jackass

I dont seem to remember the film Micheal Jackass? roll eyes (sarcastic)

Michael Jackass, is on a programme in the UK called BO selecta, by a chracter called Avid Merrion who is an obsessive celbrity fan. very Funny

AHven't seen it.

Somehow I don't think i'll be checking this one out....

STYX Chick
I think that i have seen this...Is this the one, in one of the 'Stories', where the man and woman are together, under a tree, I think it was, and he takes off her choker and her head falls off? erm I get scared VERY easy, and, if it's the same movie...Yes, It scared me sad I'm pathetic laughing out loud

Yes Styx thats the one!!! thats th second story that I forgot about and the one that made me shut the movie off smile

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