the grudge sucked

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the grudge sucked i hated it and if you liked it then **** off you ****ing weirdo


who here also hated it

it was a complete ****ing rip off of the ring

It was a pile of shit.

thank you

Jedi Priestess
oh yes, gotta love the people who sign up just to b*tch about a movie. We have a movie forum, and I figured it was going to blow so I saved myself the 7.50. yes

I made a thread "The Worst Endind Ever" twas about the grudge, and yes it was a complete waste of film.

Even though this movie was horrible, why the hell is this thread in the off-topic forum?

if only i did that

it was a time in my life where i felt all movies that will come out will suck

my friend tried to change me and took me to a movie

i said

"why not watch seed of chucky"

he said


after whatching the crudge i had to stand up in the movie theater and shout

"this movie blew ass!!!"

then i did this

Happy Dance

i didnt want to get yelled at by puttin it in the wrong forum

Jackie Malfoy
I keep hearing from people in school that are saying that it sucked.I was not going to see it anyway since I hate horror movies.But thanks for telling me anyway that way if I changed my mind.
I would know better then to go waste my money seeing it.JM

I liked wasn't a copy of the Ring...The Ring(Ringu) and the Grudge(Ju-on)were both Japanese films.

wow Thegrudgesucked is one of the worst names I've heard. But it did suck

You pay $7.50 to see a movie? That's practically robbery, babe. erm

it's $5.50 in the day and $8.50 at night here

I pay $5 all day around for stadium seating theatre.

your lucky

Darth Revan187
your spelling seems to suck as well

English Moosette
I think you'll find his/her spelling is perfect, it's actually the punctuation that leaves a lot to be desired stick out tongue

EDIT: I just noticed what you were referring to, the handle hysterical

English Moosette
Oh yeah, and I saw this movie when I went on that party weekend to my home town just after my birthday. I absolutely loathe horror movies, due to my overactive imagination naughty but my so called best friend told me that The Grudge was a psychological thriller, got me into the cinema and spent the entire film feeling rather smug as I kept my head nestled into his neck and my hands clasped tightly in his. Bastard. And yes, it sucked, but it still terrified me. The part where the ghost thing is walking up the corridor after forming from beneath the door and is caught on camera, then she appears in front of the camera making that God awful hacking noise...... *shudder* I think I need to go hide under a table for a moment.

My sister said it was sh!t, so I'm not planning on seeing it.

English Moosette
The sound effects stay with you, and that one part where Yoko turns around and is missing her jaw. But it's more gore than substantial storyline and of course, Max from Roswell is in it droolio What's his name?

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