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This is not regarding you guys on this website, but, don't you guys think that we're going to far with these movies? I mean in the sense that people start regarding it as a real truth...and such. And the elaborations including linking it's plot and meanings to religious aspects. I think we should treat the movie as it is: A MOVIE. Something fun to go see at the theater, or to sit at home and watch. The Wachowski Brothers, although not having a very original story (Watch Ghost in the Shell and think), set out to make a very cool, sci-fi film that they've been wanting to make. (Ahem, since they saw Ghost in the Shell)

So, in saying this, I think that the Matrix Trilogy Is a well thought-up, although, in film world, not a very well developed story, special effects, popcorn set of flicks...

I'm not saying this because I hate the Matrix movies, but if you've seen some other films, outside the range of sci-fi, that there are stuff that are real examples of genius....Hitchcock, Sam Raimi, Darren Arronofski...but, I still respect the WB, because they gave a us a really cool trilogy!

rajah kalantiaw
regarding movies as reality (except for the ones based on true to life stories) is retarded... for anyone. as for the ties on all the religious sh!t, i think that's what makes the matrix so special. it doesn't have that monotonous vibe going on. somebody always has a different view.

the matrix trilogy is the farthest thing from the best movie ever made. in fact, i think that the lotr movies are better made. i still like the matrix better because of the variation of interpretations. lotr was a straight story telling. the matrix was meant to stimulate the brain. the religious tie ins were done on purpose so you can't really just ignore them.

Agreed....I didn't think anyone here would back me up, I thought they would all just flame me.

raver I know exactly what you mean.
will return later with reply. raver

I don't think anyone regards the matrix as a real thing, if they do they're just crazy.

what's so cool about the matrix is that you can find different layers to it. religion, philosophy and the fact that's inspired in many animes. It makes you think and wonder about stuff that you don't really consider, that's the whole point of it. just like Hitchcock and human behavior.

I myself consider it a movie. but what really caught my attention was the premise of a world control by machines, and we human don't knowing about it. kool effects, great fights and really intelligent plot

raver Yes, It's just a movie but it leaves you thanking not just a movie but things about the movie. There favorite scenes,the fx in the movie. And than there's the DEEP meanings.The thought -provoking,
mind-expanding of examining the tehnological challenges,religious symbolism and PHILOSOPHICAL dilemmas the film presents.

Now, Dont get me wrong now.I know exactly what you mean and all.
Im a fan of the film. So big i actually wear my Neo outfit everywhere i go.(not the only one in the world) After the matrix revolutions i was hit with more provoking meanings.I read(real) thought provoking books and still reading.Because of all 3 films.

It's weird going the movies and not feeling something good in and out the movies(star wars). Everyone has a view of films and everything else. raver

yes, you can say this movie IS thought provoking. When I saw the interview long ago about the WB on the Matrix, they said that there is far too much information about this movie to reveal, and that may be true. True in a sense that the viewers try to unlock the deep meanings inside the movie. Thats how the information keeps piling up. With individual resources, put them together and you got all these symboisms, and people connecting the movie with religion. I don't consider the movie as reality, but there are always those who are speculating...

Jackie Malfoy
But that is what we do best?Right guys?JM

To me the Matrix (The original) did had some though provoking issues. When you discuss what's real and what's not real you're actually getting into some new form of thought. The premise of two worlds (as in the philosophy) dates back to the days of Plato. Which as some of you know state it that there were to worlds in existence. One the physical world and the other the world of forms (mathematics, thoughts, ideas etc.)

The Matrix Trilogy is the best one ever...period. Its surprising that one of the most intillectual and thought provoking series' of films gets put off like a silly action movie.

Silver Stardust
See, I've always thought that most of the people who don't like the Matrix are the ones who can't understand it. I mean, yeah, it's an entertaining movie trilogy and all, but unless you're willing to actually THINK about what's going on, you won't fully get it. And even so, there's so much about it...personally, I love how thought-provoking it is.

Either that or it embeds a fear of technology. I'm sure somebody was thinking about boycotting computers for a while.

I recall a documentary on Channel 4 or 5 (British TV) ages ago about people regarding the matrix as reality and other such things, including people getting killed due to their belief that they could "bend the matrix".
Although i could have imagined that last bit there but there was a documentary

what can I say it just gets you philosophising about life.. its not just the film its a whole way of thinking so yes people who think that they can actually be part of the resistance or neo or something are weird and dumb but I mean just thinking of something else than just this reality isnt that weird

When i first saw the trilogy, i thought wow, it's a cool movie that in a lot of ways is a retelling of the story of Christ with a few other elements of the bible and some other religions in it. Then i started reading up on it and it's like omg, there are so many layers to those films, it's incredible. i got into a discussion with a friend of mine a while ago, and we agreed that one of the most important aspects of the story people miss, since it's not something that most people don't ever here about, unless they're ancient and medival historians, that's the connection of the Merovingian..... so now i ask you guys..... do you know how the merovingian is connected to the story of christ

puts the video of the matrix into the video recorder on my screne it comes up neo the matrix has you **** i look around pause ane then carry on watching the movie i see scaffolding outside my window the morning after hole shit

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