Resistance to cold

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Is it possible for humans to grow a resistance to cold temperatures? I ask this because my friend is skinny and I have seen him go out in under 30 degrees weather with just a tee shirt on and he doesn't shiver or anything.

try living in Norway for a while and you will find out!!!!!!

Jackie Malfoy
Never lived there before but if it is cold there then I don't think I want to live there.Anyway some people just do crazy things sometimes.I don't think it has anything to do with resistance through.JM

not really.... humans have to remain at a certain temp..... he may be a lil more tolerant to the cold....

The Inuits can live in low temperature levels.

I have a friend who ALWAYS wears a t-shirt, no matter how low the temperature is messed even when we went skiing with school once, and it snowed blink

Darth Revan
Yeah, it's definitely possible. Anybody can survive being outside in cold weather with a t-shirt and shorts on, but some people are more comfortable doing so.

Afro Cheese
If you live in a cold climate long enough your blood gets thicker, if you live in a hot climate long enough your blood gets thinner. At least that's what I heard.

thats kool.... but i thought the higher the altitude the thicker your blood gets and the lower the altitude the thinner ur blood gets....

is it possible to be resistant to warm temperatures also? i have a friend who even in the summer when its hitting 100 degrees or higher will wear a sweatshirt...just because she likes it.

It seems when I work out regularly for months, I don't get cold...

...So I guess if the blood is pump'n well, you can become resistant...

Captain REX
All I can do is agree with Finti in this case. I live in California, resistance to cold is something we really don't need or care about...except during two or three months out of...oh, 12? stick out tongue

It's called temperature adaptation. That's why it feels really warm out in March when it's only 60-ish degrees and it feels really cold out in October when it's only 60-ish degrees. (You like that bit of parallelism there?)

Darth Revan
I'm really resistant to heat, semi-resistant to cold. But heat doesn't bother me at all.

You're quite lucky. On the complete opposite spectrum, I am completely temperature intolerant. I'm either too hot or too cold; my hands and feet usually feel like ice. In the summer I get extremely sick from the heat...yuck.

what when the temperature hits a whopping 10 degrees rex stick out tongue

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