Oh My God!!!!!! Millions Of People In The World Are Going To Die And Billions ill !!

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The Ones
from aol news:

The World Health Organisation says a Bird Flu pandemic could lead to seven million deaths and make billions of people ill.

"I believe we are closer now to a pandemic than at any time in recent years,'' Shigeru Omi, WHO's Western Pacific regional director said yesterday at a regional meeting about the disease.

"The current outbreak (of avian influenza) in poultry is historically unprecedented in terms of geographical spread and impact,'' he said.

"This virus appears to be not only very resilient, but also extremely versatile.''

WHO's global influenza expert, Klaus Stohr, told delegates the H5N1 bird flu virus - which has killed 32 people in Thailand and Vietnam and millions of chickens across Asia this year - "is certainly the most likely one that will cause the next pandemic.''

Influenza pandemics historically occur every 20 to 30 years when the genetic makeup of a flu strain changes so dramatically that people have little or no immunity built up from previous flu bouts.

The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-19 killed between 20 and 40 million people.

Urgent plans needed

Health ministers from 13 Asian countries pledged at the meeting to cooperate more in efforts to ward off the possible pandemic and to prepare contingency plans to deal with it.

Omi told the meeting that the region must reduce bird flu's threat to humans by changing farming practices.

"This means a thorough overhaul of animal husbandry practices, and the way animals are raised for food in the region. I believe that anything less than that will only result in further threats to public health,'' he explained.

Chickens, ducks and other animals are often allowed to roam freely on small Southeast Asian farms, and often come into close contact with wild animals and with family members.

Some animal health experts have been promoting so-called ''closed-system farming,'' in which poultry are raised in a sealed environment where they face minimal exposure to outside infections. But the system is likely to be prohibitively expensive for many poor farmers.

good read

by the way, **** AOL

you should have seen the time the walmart manager poisened the pigeons that have roosted in his parking lot for the last decade. there were birds falling from the sky and making dents in peoples cars.
then they told us not to touch the dead birds cause they had been infected with poisen. no expression

Jackie Malfoy
Well I am going to go drink some oj and get the heck out of amearica!JM What a scary thought through.JM

no expression

no expression


laughing out loud!!

Darth Revan

1: epidemic over a wide geographical area; "a pandemic outbreak of malaria" 2: existing everywhere; "pandemic fear of nuclear war" n : an epidemic that is geographically widespread; occurring throughout a region or even throughout the world

no expression

no expression

You scare me. Oh yes, you do.

"you scare me. Oh yes, you do."

put a beat to that baby, its got rythm


Maybe 28 Days Later will actually happen!! eek!


Sun Ce
hope its a quick death at least, if its not, bugger...., if it is, i'm fine with it stick out tongue


Go chickens!
Yes, I can see it now. One bird cleared out the entire human species. laughing out loud

laughing laughing

Darth Revan
Y'know what'd be funny, is if after all the fuss about meteors colliding with the earth and the sun burning out and us destroying ourselves in a period of nuclear fallout, humanity was wiped out by the chicken flu laughing out loud

Royal Knight
yeah believe what you hear in the mediaroll eyes (sarcastic)

fever red
The last flight of Dr... what was his name?
Anyhow, one of Tiptree's finest works.

fear is love winkiss

oh, no! I have the flu!
And now I will die alone, with only the company of my stuffed chicken.

It would be cool if zombie really did roam the earth. Wait! I had a dream about that last night.

Just the thing that ruined it was that I was infected and then Mary-Kate Olsen found out a way to wipe the Dead out...no expression

It'd be cool to be a zombie.......mmmmmm, human flesh droolio

Do you possibly mean West Nile virus confused

I think it's called Trioxin 2-4-5 erm

damn birds.......

hey, whats up with da Jesus pic?

OMFG! The Apocalypse eek! !!

irene is correct...

there is no such thing as the Trioxin 245

it was only a movie


...Yes, of course it was ninja shifty

shifty shock

o well

I admit, it was me who raised the dead.

Ma' bad erm


im allready paranoid enough. if i have to start worrying about some dumb arse birds then i might as well go ahead and lock myself in my anti-bacterial storm shelter. i will be without the contact of the outside world and when they do find me i will have died and rotted to the point of non-identification. i hate that. Darn birds.....Why did Hitchcock have to be right?

Lets all just kill the birds

Sounds like a good idea to me 2guns


Gotch'a back! 2guns

theres on behind yousniper

Arrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhh, they're attacking!!!!!!! fear

Time to bring in the big boystanktanktank

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