Warhammer sucks!

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One fine example of a crappy website Warhammer is for losers!!!

wrong forum?

Frosty Beverage
I never click on links that i dont know what they have on them. no expression

Warhammer? I didn't think it was all that bad erm

dont worry its nothing.

Frosty Beverage
how can i trust you hh?

you dont have to.

i've never played it, but i know its shit happy

Wow, a personal attack on me. Thanks so much. (Yes, that is a link to portent in my sig)

warhammer aint that bad, maybe like me, you were just to stupid to understand the rules proporly, so many rules its untrue!

we used to just make up stuff as we went along, back in the day.

the models are good to build and paint though that cannot be denied

The new Warhammer game for pc kicks ass. And is very popular. The critics agree.

Anyways, back on topic, Warhammer isn't that bad. Well the board game is basically pretty mother ****ing shit. But the video games are indeed pretty awesome.

shadow of the horned rat and dark omen were also very good warhammer video games.

im yet to play dawn of war, i might try find a copy

I never played the board version..... BUT NO ONE BAD MOUTHS THE UNIVERSE mad Star wars has lightsabers warhammer has chain swords cool (chainsaw mixed with sword)

Teen Titan#1FAN
laughing out loud

The only people who hate Warhammer are those who either...
A) Havent played
B) Are too stupid to understand the rules
C) In truth like it but insult it to seem "popular"

Keep in mind though, Popularity is a lie.

"Emperor be damned! I want that deamon's head!"

Yeah, it does! I want Battle for Middle Earth more, though.

It's ok. I guess... I ahte nerds that obsess over it though... no expression

Actually P4B is only saying this to try and get a certain person to admit his identity.

Warhammer doesn't suck. no expression

cry im such a big loser
not only do i play warhammer i play d&d as well... plus countless computer games based on the two such as WOW and EQ

Is a very fun Hobby. yes

yes droolio

im such a geek eek! im watching UHF

Canadian Moose
Weird AL UHF??



COOLIO i have a speacial table for my stuff but currently its covered in mail no expression

big grin

Wish I had bigger table for the battles. Kinda like the ones at Gameworks.

Wind dancer have you considered joining Portent? Its like KMC, but without idiots like p4b slagging warhammer off at every moment.

Yeah, I been thinking about joining, but sometime later. Around this time of year I get caught on a lot things. Still kinda of WH noob and I just love it! big grin

I guessed you were a WH n00b from the skill fo your painting :P


I now realize that you have little to offer. Anyone. no expression

Well he is banned as far as I can tell...

Surprise, Surprise!

no expression

if it is a crappy site why make a thread about it

Personally I quite like the table top game, its a fun, social thing. And I enjoy painting, so it allows me to do that as well. And yeah, Dawn of War is a great PC game.

^Anyone else like it when you get a bloodthirster tearign through the enemy lines?

This thread has been officially hijacked by Warhammer fans.
The Inquisition

The Tired Hiker
Are you guys talking about my penis? blink

No. You do enough of that yourself.

Yes, Bloodthirsters are a lot of fun, but only if your the one in charge. Otherwise it gets a bit painful.

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