The Say What You Hate Thread [Merged]

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Raven Guardia
What do you hate? eek!

i hate everyone on KMC eek!

can u believe it eek!

cuz i cant eek!

You know Can Ox got that Phoenix wing span
And love hovering over the ghetto wasteland
I got rap just as fat as my waist band
You got a rap that belongs in a waste can
Yo, Jean you gotta change Grae to Hackman
Cuz when we fight we swing them blades
And when we rap we swing them blades
Then we slide on them like the escapades
I knew the ending of this book since the first page
Rap sucks but we still get paid
We smoke trees at the highest grades
I spit a line that'll fix your fades
So don't go there, you cannot hold air/Aire
Look at them, reaching and shit
If you touch my jersey I'll bust your lip
Open your face then break your hip

Shaolin Monk
general education, reality TV, ppl that "t4lk l1k3 th1s 4nd th1nk th3y 4r3 h4x0rz", bridget jones AND her stupid diary, France, bible thumpers, the entire state of Utah, gin and tonics, all the script kiddies on yahoo/yahoo sites, and a lot of other things.....

Raven Guardia
hh > eek! laughing out loud

SM > wow you hate a lot of things.

okay I tell you guys what I hate.

the president, the goverment, spiders, chainsaws,country music, people who lie, preps, sluts, freshmen,homework, money.

Shaolin Monk
RG > you hate quite a few things yourself thumb up right on

Raven Guardia
SM > thanks wink I guess we are just angry people. being angry rules.

Jackie Malfoy
I hate abortion my stepfather. Gay marriages and school and people who keep geting on my nerve(at school)JM

Sleet, chemistry, plastic, poison ivy, post it notes, clear tape, cold weather without snow, long lines, screaming babies, coupons, traffic, dentist visits, braces, cheap jewellery, crappy art, spiders, centipedes, ants, all bugs basically, Persian cats, alarm clocks, science room stools, English homework, essays, exam reviews, and lead pencils happy

I hate mondays, insects that crawl around me, ppl who never change their oppinions, homework, most teachers, back-stabbing ppl,
little b*tches who start singing their fav. song or just gossip out loud in public, the news at 6 pm, and a whole lot more.

i hate annoying threads grr........

Jackie Malfoy
Oh and math I hate math!^good one nitro!JM

^ i guess this is one of them

i hate bad shoes wink

i hate people who have a bad dress sense omg what i would to take someone shoppin who has a bad dress sense embarrasment

Oh and Monday, and bad coffee, and public transportation, and the smell of gasoline, and Sundays, and rich old ladies, and marshmallow bars, and spring, and yellow grass, and hot temperatures, and change, and dog parks yes

dont like much do you lol

Credit maths exams. . .such as the one I failed today. . . sad

I like alot more than I hate yes

How can you not like marshmallow bars?.... blink

....that's just crazy talk.....disgust

We have em at work and we're supposed to sample em no expression
Yucky yucky

laughing out loud .......Sounds like a good job to me..... stick out tongue

I hate reality shows!!.....ranting

Jackie Malfoy
Are you saying you hate math too or something else?
Sorry but you got me alittle confuse.
See you around I hope.JM Happy Dance

Silver Stardust
reality TV, exams, stupid people, people who don't know how to drive, cold weather, snow, driving in the snow, homework, math class (where I am right now), ignorant people, people who can't be bothered to spell out "are", "you", etc...

I hate a lot of things.

I hate exams. . . no

Yup, Danii. I agree.
I hate people who pretend to be someone they're not *cough*
Dan, u'll understand wink

I hate all of these.
People who think I'm someone I'm not.
People who think us germans are offended by refrences to war.

mushrooms, stupid people, physics, PE, running, getting tired, my allergies, grapefruit, coconut, pineapple, beer without juice, racists, homophobes, chauvinists, sexists... whatever-ists... boring people, darkness, samara from The Ring, politicians, politis, economics, stupid doctor ross taking whole space when Carter is somewhere behind him, my life, my boring life, the colour of the walls in my room, me, myself, my skin, my fat, school, not sleeping enough, sleeping too much, piano, piano, PIANO!!!!, art, everything.

Girls who hang around Anthony Kiedis

bug me out they do!

Kill them all and so he can be with me and so I can bang him24/7


Oh yeah, i forgot one.
Kurt Cobains room decorating service - your brains make good wallpaper :P

Dumbasses who think they own the world

People who think Dungeons and Dragons/ Wargamming is Demonic.

I hate...heh;

stupidity, school, homework, teachers, society, almost everything that's mainstream, pop music, Monday-Thursday, going to bed early, waking up early, a lot of people, all sports except hockey, suck-ups, know-it-alls, stoners, myself at times, the US, ignorance (especially willful ignorance), when people ask me the same question multiple times, when people don't know what Christmas celebrates, fat people who complain about their weight and do nothing about it, and old ladies with lots of cats.

yea...that about sums it up.

flesh eating zombies... they really shit on my day cry

Things I Hate
Queen of the Damned
Vampires (not all of them, just those lame homoerotic ones that are so trendy these days)
Russel Crow
Julia "Horseface" Roberts
Matrix and the stupid Matrix philosophical nonsense that pretends to be deep and complex but merely surfaces the same tired notions that have been hidden in films for decades.
Any group that complains about generalizing them all together, but then goes and acts like everyone else in their group.
Romantic Comedies
Reality shows
Pretty much 98% of everything that's on TV.
Bulldyke Fiminazi's.

What I Hate

Simple Plan
Good Charolotte
^thier fan Base
Any other pop bands trying to be punk
hot weather
getting up early
religiouse people
comedies that arent funny
Reality TV
Star Wars Ep I and II
Harry Potter
Dumb people

Hate is too strong of a here is a short list of things I don't like:

Feminist and anyone trying to be one.
Idiots that think they are cool just because others tell them they are.
Mary Jane (stupid skank she sucks as Spidey's wife)
Overrated movies
Internet Trolls
Guys with big Egos
Hookers that charged $700 for a *bleep*
The Oakland Raiders
The Oakland Athletics (Just joking Dr.Strangelove stick out tongue)
PS2 fanboys
Xbox fanboys
Fanboys in general
Imported Beer
The Matrix Sequels


Annoying KMC members, discrimination against goths, normal people, Discrimination against Marilyn Manson and Kurt Cobain, furryman, other people on my ignore list, viruses, my slow computer, slow internet connection, school, being young, having no car, no job, no priveledges, overprotective parents, fangirls, people who dont believe in vampires, dumbasses,meanasses, people who say im an idiot for having TIMMY as my favorite South Park character, people who talk bad about the Osbournes, the fact that The Osbournes will not be on for a 4th season, show offs, music you cant understand, not being able to ride in the motorized wheelchair at kroger, traffic, frizzy hair, fat men, anorexia and bulimia, abortion, the olden days, what comes before us, shark killers, animal killings and mistreatings, war, non-anarchy, Sluts, Cheaters, Liars, Bad hair days, bad makeup, clowns, heights, spiders, bugs, Show cancellings, skitzo people, stench, b.o, narks, mooks, mean jokes about ky, drugs, whiney babies, ppl who hate Rob Zombie, Rob Zombie's movies, gay horror flicks, movies that arent scary but people say they are, boring shit, wiccan shit, michael jackson, ppl who hate eminem because he speaks his mind, ppl who pretend to be goth, no sense of humor, large glasses, commerials, you, me, everything, this world....The list goes on..............

Hmmm, what do I hate today?

Nasty supermarkets
Nasty sushi from the nasty supermarket
This damn computer
Clay Aiken
Snotty preps
Hicks that are all like "Ohhh mah gawd, Cleetus, did you jus see meh shoot that therre deerrrrr?" God, can you get ANY dumber?
People with sucky english
Math teachers
Stoner math teachers
Stupid tv shows and books that are supposed to be "Murder" novels & tv shows - you know, the ones with the big titles on front that are so deliberately ambiguous
Asian people who think their the sh!t
Blonde haired/ blue eyed jocks who think their the sh!t
No hot water
No ramen noodles
etc, etc...

lol i watch foamys rants

o yeah..

Also forgot to mention..
-No Goths
-No Goths
-No Goths
-Waiting for something that seems very close, but yet takes forever to get to. EX: ****ing Christmas Dance, next Saturday

i hae the lakers, i hate my algebra II teacher, i hate jennifer lopez, i too hate pople who pretenf to be someone theyre not, and those who lie, i also hate selfish people. i hate commercials. i hate liking someone who doesnt like u back. i hate slutty girls, i hate mash pits, i hate van helsing, hahahaha, i hate linkin park, i hate static on the radio, and u just cant make it stop! the list goes on, ill think of some more. good question! thumb up

Whats wrong with goths

Id also mention something else that I hate but everyone in here would start h8n on me because this 'thing' is a problem with 80% of the population of KMC

Just say it

It's your opinion, say it if you want to, don't not say it just b/c you think people will get mad. Who cares, stuff people say on here gets forgotten in a matter of minutes.


I hate people who talk on their cell phones during movies or while they're driving or standing in line.


Londonboy's going to get ESPECIALLY pissed because it has to do with him <Found that out by his sig>
I HATE when people cant spell, spelling comes naturally to me, and when someone mispernounces a word, or spells an easy word wrong I just want to smash their skull in with a tack hammer and set them on fire.


EYE Spel prfecttely finee llol

macintosh computers

That would explain why you spelled mispronounced wrong.

o yah..

people how arn't pro choice in Gay marrage who are anti- abortin....

In other words
Jackie Malfoy


George W. Bush

O yah....

If you hate 80% of us why do you keep coming here?


Londonboy for his constant posts with nothing but "Lol" big grin

English Moosette
I never thought I'd be in here.

I hate ladies who push my limitations and give me reason to believe that if I ever saw them in RL I'd actually tear them up.

I hate shots of Jager, unfortunatley all of my friends seem to love them.

Hmmm things i hate well here goes

pop/dance music
religious people that knock on my f**king door
Charol singers
Small children
Ignorant people
The bible
All harry potter stuff
Anti-war protesters
Romantic films
Ford card
People who hate me
People who quote from shakesphear
Buss drivers
Lipten ice tea
Neards who think they know everything
Kmc members who post pointless things

Abortion, Crime, Hatred, Loneliness, Feeling SO DAMN HORNY, Dog turds, Immaturity, People who take things too seriously, Meanness, Being away from Daniel, Being Cold.

I hate being told to do things over and over again

Dr. Strangelove
That's good...I can understand you hating the Raiders, but the A's...c'mon what have we done to youstick out tongue

Anyways my list

McDonald commercials

The hypocrisy of the NFL when they say their a family product when they show penis enlargement commercials and beer commercials that are all about sex that show 1 out of every 3 times (I don't have a problem with showing sex although I do for penis enlargement commercials messed, just don't give me this shit about trying to be a family product when the NFL is more about sex than football)

Stuart Scott.

95% of politicians.

Any News network that slants their view left or right, which is pretty much all of them.

All of ESPN programming with the exception of their game broadcasts and Baseball Tonight.

The Denver Broncos.

The FCC.

Rick Fox.


Good Charlotte.

Simple Plan.

G-Unit and most mainstream hip-hop.

Drivers who don't use their right/left turn signals.

People who blast hockey because of fighting.

People on KMC who complain that their life sucks when there are millions of people in worse situations than theirs.

Micheal Savage and his drones.

People who hate gay people or another race or religion.

The Offspring's last two albums.

The Anaheim Angles (joking WinDancer......well sorta as your team has kicked my team's asses the last few yearsstick out tongue )

Jim Rome and his clones.

Jedi Outcast- Jedi Knight II- the game that drove me crazy with the most idiotic level design I have ever seen.

Nintendo for going to that stupid connectivity with the Game Boy instead of going online.

Americans who blame France for everything.

90% of vegetables.

Anyone with a big ego.

Gangster wannabes and Gangsters.

People who use the term "Hater".

Ignorant people.

Warren Sapp for being worthless matter.

i hate wife beaters, i hate those who abuse or neglect their children. I hate it that they don't raise them right . I hate those who would harm a defenceless animal for the mere sport of it.

i hate onions in tunafish. i hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttteeeeeeeee brussel sprouts> I hate to be manipulated or pity or to be be pushed out of the way and leave me forgotten . i hate liars all of these things a person does makes them the ugliest persons in the world to me, no matter if they look like someone important to everyone else.

I hate hippies, tree huggers, Jehovahs witness, reality tv

also: The phildelphia eagles, wife-beaters,

Mystique Lynx
i hate old slow computers


Prejudices, racism, discrimination, arrogance, belittling, ego-trippers, ...

i hate stupid first years who throw fanta over you and the say "sorry i didn't mean to hit you, it was meant to hit him" mad

grade 3 ol
Here is a chance to rant and rave about ALL the things you hate!

have funclap

Jackie Malfoy
MY Stepdad and other stuff.JM

Maya Zurak
Hate stick out tongue

hate lots of things, but because it is my birthday, I try not to think of HATE. It may leave a bad flavor in the cake or something.

I hate...little 12 year old kids on the internet who type like "teh sux0rs!!!!!111oneoneone!!1"

People who cannot tell the difference between commonly used homonyms.



Um..Hate is a strong word but I just noticed something I "hate" today and that is people talking down to me like im nothing more than a piece of dog shit on a sidewalk that's been stepped on hundreds of times. *Cough Df02* disgust

neds and chavs

I despise ignorance over all, and people who question my actions

Originally posted by jaden101
neds and chavs

Yes the hatred flows in me too laughing out loud


i b hatin them fake lil gangsta posers that b all over da internet.

also i hate yuppies and rednecks. two extreme ends on a scale of annoying people.

I hate the Cleveland Browns and anyone between the ages of 13-19, which is kind of a redundancy considering most Browns fan's mentality falls in that age range.

Internet Trolls and Spammers.

warm beer and fish meals

I hate lovers of ignorance.....


my parents
ignorant people
this world
my life
people who have lotsa happiness n fun in their lives
lucky people
beutiful people
people who make other people suffer

n the list goes on

Originally posted by grade 3 ol
Here is a chance to rant and rave about ALL the things you hate!

have funclap

I hate your freakin MOM!!! mad

See squezzed me nipples embarrasment

hate is a rather strong word... i dislike a lot of things though...

i dislike people who don't read up on comic characters and take them completely at face value...


people who assume just because i'm 21 that my opinion isn't as valid as theirs...

guys who hurt all my female friends leaving me to pick up the pieces and bring them out of depression...

bigots, racists, and basically anybody who is intolerant...

anti smoking commercials.

life wink

if i rote down every thing i hate id be here a long time

tell me about it roll eyes (sarcastic)

DeVi| D0do
Reality TV... it frickin pisses me off it's so crap!

especially NZ reality tv...


TV in NZ sucks in general in my opinion

I hate bugs, apart from praying mantis, there cool.

Broadcast television news (I get pissed just watching it)

Neoconservatives (How could anyone with such a blatant disregard for human life attempt to label themselves as anything other than cold-blooded killers?)

People that hate others based on their ethnicities

The Dutch.

DeVi| D0do
^ big grin

Originally posted by ChickinMeat
TV in NZ sucks in general in my opinion

I hate bugs, apart from praying mantis, there cool.

um hum... yes indeed

I hate Cheesecake... almost as much as I hate cheese...

My computer... it's such an arsehole

The blistering cold... it's too... cold

The sweltering hot... um, yeah...

My cat... she always wants food and trips me up...

Religious types who preach to everyone... even those who don't care.. they're so annoying...

people who use "..." all the time in their posts...

^... and the Dutch.

i hate people being rude to others and war ranting

I don't think there's anyone who likes war.

Well, anyone with a brain functioning at a higher level than Terri Schiavo, that is.

but noone hates it as much as me!
i cant find the words to express how much im against it ... it's just SO IMMATURE ranting

well actually hippies or something might hhate it more messed

Beings of lesser importance and intelligence than my self.
Peple who attempt to condem me as "evil".
Small children.
Sunlight, it hurts my eyes.
The holy bible.
Priests they just piss me off.
People who seek attention.
People who pointlessaly lust over pornographic material.
People who think guns are "cool"

more to come.....

this is something that annoys me but i dont hate...
homeophobics and rasism yes

The way I see it, the Tao will provide the bigots and racists with what they deserve. I just make sure they know I'm none too happy with their hatred.

what's tao? confused

- this f*cked up country
- politics
- religion
- racism
- teachers/psychologists
- attention seekers
- immature bastards
- violence
- critics
- drunks
- extremely envious or gelous people

...and most of all... me no expression

Organized religion
People who can't drive
Reality TV


Alpha Centauri
British general public.
Talentless celebrities.
Music whores/Corporate salesmen.


1ost soul
- spilling food on my clothes
- boredom
- injustice ppl
- suffering & poverty
- smokers, they're total losers and they stink
- nosy ppl
- ppl who wont stop nagging
- attention seekers
- hunger. i gotta go get myself something to eat, am so damn hungry lol

I hate


i hate..threads like this..

Lord S
- debt
- bad drivers
- souped up Civics (unless done tastefully)
- teenagers on teh 1n73rn37 wh0 7h1nk 7h3y'r3 H4RDC0R3!!1
- fanboys
- elitists
- Star Wars bashers
- etc.

Women stick out tongue

hahaha! im just kiddin, I love women eek!

Pop Music
Shitty bands
George Bush
Losing fights

Afro Cheese
I hate:

-Random blackouts that last for a day or two
-People who go the speed limit or lower in the fast lane
-Long lines
-Church (it's boring)
-Real World marathons (same)
-Speed traps
-Gas prices
-FCAT (standardized test we have here)
-Those fitness tests in PE where they make you run a mile
-Public transportation
-Vegetarians who constantly talk about why eating meat is wrong
-Public restrooms that are out of paper towels
-Jeb and George Bush

Originally posted by SlipknoT
Pop Music
Shitty bands
George Bush
Losing fights

but you love me don't you slip? love

Darth Jello
Airforce Cadets, Bigots, Bosses, Cops...etc.

grade 3 ol
Wow! its amazing how much stuff there is to hate out in the world... but most of you seem to be quite m,oral peaople and only hate bad stuff...

well i'm a hyperactively happy person most of the time and my head is so full of some fantasy world that i dont really know about the real world but I do hate some stuff:

annoying people (I'm and annoying person stick out tongue )
lists of "Things you hate"
Writing lists of things i hate
Writing lists about lists about things i hate
Writing lists about lists about lists about things i hate...

3343434... but really, I hate those people who are total a**holes and are proud of it!

even characters in moviesetc who are a**holes

Originally posted by botankus
I hate the Cleveland Browns and anyone between the ages of 13-19, which is kind of a redundancy considering most Browns fan's mentality falls in that age range.
true dat true dat i kinda like the browns stick out tongue KINDA! im a bigger bears fan

Slayer XxX
I hate

country music, jazz music, pop music, and pretty much any music that is not rock
George Bush
Annoying Bitches
Shitty Movies
and a lot more shit that Im to tired to think of right now

grade 3 ol
parents that go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and onand on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and onand on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on like my mum just did and the school compies that shut down in 1 min whether youve saved your work or finished typing on the thread or not



k, I'm over that now

I hate it when people let others make up their minds for them (about their values, wants, etc.).

Originally posted by Shaggy2dope
true dat true dat i kinda like the browns stick out tongue KINDA! im a bigger bears fan

Got nothing against the bears. Good luck to ya in '05!

Actually, it's Bears at Browns Oct. 9th. You know who to root for in that one, lol....

grade 3 ol
Whats with this bears thing?

who are 'the bears'
is it a sporting thing or something?

Jocks and homework

racism and war

I hate...with a passion PEAS!!!!! mad

- my life
- preps
- tight clothes
- tomatoes lol
- people hating me..
- and people judging me before they ****ing cryknow me!!! sad

8/10 people I meet
Most any one who is younger then my self
bad food
my 3000gt
kids who get preganet before the age 17.
My brothers singing*shudders!*

grade 3 ol
you... hate... icecream?...

wow... thats amazing. idont think i've ever met anyone who hated icecream...

*lookes shocked* personally

I LOVE ICECREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eek! eek! eek!

but thats just me.

I also hate fans.

ceiling fans, oscilating fans, desk fans... etc

I'd rather die and dehydrate in sweltering heat than sit in front of a fan... it's just something... I dont know...

Rogue Jedi
wearing glasses
star trek

things i's a thinker....let's see...racism, discrimination of any kind, meat, posers, my ididotic step-brother, phat farm shoes(no offense to anyone who wears them, i just hate the shoes), people who think really highly of themselves and think they're sooo much better than everyone, fur(it's cruel and it looks bad), i can go on forever but i won't...i'll just leave it at that...

I HATE ALL STARWARS, nope just kidding I love Star Wars, ummmmm I really hate school!

Originally posted by leonheartmm
my parents
ignorant people
this world
my life
people who have lotsa happiness n fun in their lives
lucky people
beutiful people
people who make other people suffer

n the list goes on

So your kind of lick that chick from "Monster" Right

when ppl are intentionally trying to hurt me.

X-box games
PC games that are also published on X-box
Bad porn
ignorant people
stupid people
people who listen without thinking
People that don't have jobs so they can live of money from the state so that they don't have to work (its not that i hate poor people or anything..)
poor people

nolan lepaz
I hate nothing. Except my job.

i rule
preps, stupid people, people that think they're all that, the computer i'm using rite now, sluts, thats just about it. no expression

ppl who have the nerve to smoke...right next to you
people in wheel chairs that try runnin others over
erm..... mcdonalds -ewww they nasty
goldie looking chain-no seriously what was they all about