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my boyfriend lives in england and i live in new york and its a long distance relationship and i dont know if i should break up with him or not. does anyone have any suggestions?

TIFF! confused sad

Mr Zero
have you two ever actually met?

yea my parents vaca. home is in the english countryside.

Yea breakup with him, he's almost definatly cheating on you.

lil bitchiness
Ah NY-LON relationship. I always thought thats whats gonna happen to me at some point when i love to Lodnon. Imma meet a New York photographer/artist who has a studio-flat in New York and we're gonna be hopelessly in love while hes in NY and im in London.

I kinda still have that fantasy! droolio

Shaolin Monk
laughing out loud

my g/f was in los angeles for 2 months while i was here in our home town...which is 8 hours away from LA...and it was shitty...but we stayed together...we been together for 5 years though

how long u been "with" him?

I suggest finding someone closer to home.. but if you really want to pursue, who's going to stop you? I say just be friends... because unless he moves there, or you there, or both of you to Australia or something, nothing else is going to happen.

i've been for 6 years.

lb, do yuo like renault scenics?


i've just never come to the conclusion that we're probably not meant to be together.

In the words of the all mighty Forest Gump...."Shit Happens"

lil bitchiness
Yeah, they're cool - very pretty.

Why you ask? Cos of my siggy?

Yeah.... my Mum and Dad got one, I would be ok with it but they bought lime green sick - I could have lived with blue or red

dump him - English men suck

Jackie Malfoy
That far of a friendship is not going to last that long.I mean you can try writting letters and all and possibly talk on the phone but I don't think it is going to last.
Sorry to say this.JM

lil bitchiness
Oh how nice!! eek!laughing out loud

I just loooooooooove thier accents droolio

If you can't make the decision, I will. *Loads Gun*

lil bitchiness
Thats cos you dont live here. Foregin accents are sexy to most people - self included.

Not to keen on American accents though.

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