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The forum is dying,


I don't think forums should exist without moderators.

raver Soon....very soon. raver


This forum is not dead! We have more things to talk about!
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why moderators, there's hardly anything to moderate, except for spammers, but that's been taken care of.

but if you miss a moderator, or angry older members yelling at noobs here's something for you:

"there's already a thread like this http://www.killermovies.com/forums/f42/t311101.html, is it so hard to use the SEARCH button?, dumb noobs"

big grin

sorry, but I miss that so bad.....

And you aren't a noob?

Sirth isn't a Noob...

I miss Omega's sexy arse! Come back with your big boot, big sexy!

FYI, it's "n00b". That's the only reason the word was spelled wrong in the first place; to incorporate 1337 speech into it.
Anyway. When you call people "noob", do you mean "n00b" or "newb"?

n00b: Basically an utter cretin. Will not listen to anyone but themselves, and views everyone else as wrong.
newb: At first glance may appear to be a n00b, but in actuality if given time, they will become sensible and start to see other's opinions.

solo&gt; I was just joking big grin

well I could say I meant both big grin, cuz of both of them were used a lot here, but I guess I should have written NEWBIES.

I do miss Omega, but there's hardly a reason to have moderator here. perhaps when Matrix Online comes out and things get out control, I would vote JediHM for mod (if he still here). right now it's not necessary

droolio yeah

It is beyond gone. I must-

i am here for the long haul, until this forum becomes so dense that it collapses in upon itself (sorry, n00b humor)...

besides, there is no reason to have a mod here, except for the cretins that seem to wander in here and the duplication of threads that don't need duplication...

yeah wow lets moderate 3 threads a day JUSt incase..

Samurai Guy
Better safe then sorry, right? big grin

no messed

Shall we stick to the Matrix?

If you want mod attention, use the button next to each post.

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