Travis Wester?????

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i love TRAVIS WESTER soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!1
he was in the movie "Eurotrip".. and i just finished seeing him in the movie "teddy bears' picnic"...
i want him soooo much...

he is filming a movie right now in Santa Clarita, california..

can i meet him one day??????????????????????

is he dating anyone???????????

rajah kalantiaw
first off wrong forum. use the search fx before opening a new one. here, go nuts...

second, i heard that he is gay.

Jackie Malfoy
Don't know who here is but anyone who wants to name more movies that he is in.I might know then!JM

Teddy Bears Pinic - that is the GAYEST name for a movie...

he must be sooooo GAY or desperate for a career

this guy is more then desperate not only is he fugly he's the biggest loser ever he writes messages in his own board on IMDB cause no one else does he even made his own web site thingy which is pathetic.

I just sent him a message calling him a loser which felt really fun.

*MornGlory personal note*
things to do when you are bored email losers and inform them that they are losers

I still dont really know who he is - I didnt see Euro Trip cause it looked absolutly stupid! - anyways.... not itnerested anyways

ohmigosh... Travis made his own website??????????? where is it??? i want to see it sooo badly..
he was in Eurotrip.. he is soooo cute.. i wanna f- - - him so badly!!!
ok..teddy bears picnic was soo retarted.. but i love him still... please travis if you are out there.. i LOVE you..
ok i know thats a bit crazy..maybe its not love.. but ... i admire you. write back to me..
[email protected]
and i am a girl.. from nyc..
love ya

oh you know what.. im going to the video store right now at 9pm on a tuesday... im going to rent that other movie he was in.. "spring break lawyer"..
he is filming a movie right now in california..
i wish i could get some time off.. i would come visit him..
got your own trailer on the set, Travis??? we can hang out in it for a while..

why dont you just go to and go to his message board he's the only guythats posted on there apart from one or two other losers you can see it there.

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