A Little Bit Messed Up.........

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OK, apologies to those who feel this thread is pointless, but for the members who have actually been wondering where I've been recently, this is just to let you know that I'm leaving, for the rest of this month.

I'll come back on April 1st, if my head is cleared up and my life is back on track. I love KMC, but at the moment I don't have the strength to keep talking to everyone, and to be my usual kooky self.

I just have this awful feeling that I'm coming across, to my closer pals, as quite depressed, and it's making me feel selfish. It's not up to the KMC Community to have to rally around me every time something in MY life goes wrong, and even though I know they would, I can't keep hiding from the real world. So, I'm gonna take a deep breath and face the problems I have, sort them out, then come back as me.

I love you all, and it would be really cool to find this thread when I come back, and perhaps have a few consoling messages from those who know me.

If my pals need to know details, you've all got my Email Addy, and I'll be on MSN every so often, so Ciao x x x


lil bitchiness
Good luck Syren!

I just hope this doesnt make everyone want to do a leaving thread again

Good Luck thumb up

Ok bye syren and I hope you come back as soon as you can.

Good Luck!



So far noone has made ne leaving threads pheww

Aww... come back soon!

I'll miss ya, sy! sadangel

adi0s. Come back s00n.

Good luck and hope to see you back soon. smile

that's it I'm leaving cry

wink lol Good Luck Syren! Hope all goes how you want it!!! hug


Just popped in to send a PM to my Link, and obviously had a quick peek here......

Thankyou guys, I'll miss you too, and I'll see you in a couple of weeks wavey

Dead alot
Hope to see you soon. stick out tongue

see ya soon sad

Bye Syren, baby sad


awwww...good luck babe! inlove

I'll keep in touch in you wanna chat winkiss

I' m sure you' ll get your life back on tracks!

Good Luck to ya, Sy. I'll keep an eye on the Gentlemen's Club if you like... happy xx

chicken fish
hope everything goes your way
good luck thumb up

I wish you the very best Syren. Be positive and try to beat the odds! Good luck!

you guys talk like she's got cancer....laughing out loud

Come back soon syren!!!
-The Foreign Guy

You know? I didn't even make 24 hours, I left at about midnight, then I came back today at 9ish........ jeez, I have noooooo willpower wink

laughing I knew you would come back. wink

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