Is Shaun of the Dead funny?

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I'm going to go see it this afternoon, is it funnier then Scary Movie?

The trailer wasn't that good.

I'm gonna rent it.

This isnt a movie board. DURR

You know I really hate you?

i thought it was funny, i found scary movie funnier as i get american humor more then english humor, even though im english,......strange aint it

so strange...very strange indeed yes eek!

confused blink

Mr Zero
Its funny as all ****. Depending on your sensa humor

im thining this should be moved to the MOVIE FORUM smart one

Jackie Malfoy
Don't plan on seeing it.I hate those kind of movies.JM

Shaolin Monk
the part I thought was funniest was when they are picking which albums to throw at the zombies

I thought the movie was pretty funny

Yeah, watch out for the "N" word. Is so offensive....

i thought it was great, i really enjoyed it, and that part winddancer was referring to was so f*cking funny...

haha! Yes, it was pr1983. big grin

I didn't see the whole thing, but some parts were pretty good.

Oh my! this movie sucked! I can easily say it was the worst movie I've ever seen.

It was so shit me and my cousin walked out of it. What an awful, boring and crappy movie.

I advise you all, stay away from it!

Its rubbish, there is no hint of anything English people would find funny in that movie. If you call that English humor, then none of us are funny!
Even Scary Movie 3 was better!

I just decided to watch it properly on my *cough*illegal*cough* copy. Its LAME!! It had a few funny moments, but overall it was kinda......well, lame.

It was like a light hearted romantic zombie film until the pub where it threw in some nasty bulletholes for no good reason.

i thought it was good, a nice satire of zombie movies, and alot of people can feel what shauns going through in his life.

I havent seen this movie - but I have really good things about it - I hear it is very very funny

if you like british movies -

its a quality movie, the humour is just very subtle....most ppl nowadays take everything soo much at face value because humour is so spoon-fed now that its turned them into morons

uve just gotta think a bit to find the humour funny... its a joke a minute, easily. but most of the jokes are subtle

I can't believe what I am reading? This movie was GREAT! The ONLY zombie movie that I've EVER liked. You want to know why? Then pull up a search under the review section. You know, one of the 2 sections where this actually could belong.

the movie is quality..and for someone in this thread sayin scary movie 3 was funnier..well your just crazy!!

Eh, I disliked it. In my opinion the two elements of "romance" and "horror" didn't mix well, the humor was bland, all the characters were unlikeable, aside from Shaun, and it was chockful of Dead trilogy nods just for credibility.

I think the trailer was better than the movie itself. That, and I agree that "Scary Movie 3" was funnier in comparison, but then again, I am a little partial.

^ i agree totally.

this movie bored the hell out of me. but it gets the award for the only film i have ever turned off for being so bad

lol notice dean how its all the yanks that dont like it and dont find it funny because they dont get british humour tis quite sad realy since we have to try and figure out there humour but we get it in the end. Without slagging it off because we dont understand lol bless em. stick out tongue devil

Mr Zero
^ yet george romero and quentin tarintino loved the film. guess who I side with.

There's nothing to figure out about British humor, other than it's apparently bland.

Of course, not one of you has ever bothered explaining exactly what the **** "British" humor is, after NUMEROUS..NUMEROUS inquiries. So, until then, expect me to have a scathingly negative opinion of it.

Quentin Tarantino also loved "Assault on Precinct 13", for what his opinion is worth, which, like Romero's (who isn't exactly a great director anyway), is not much.

u realise that very shallow and typical of steriotype yanks

british humour is funnier than american humour in my opinion, all my favourite comedys are from britain such as 'only fools and horses(offically no 1 british sitcom eva, if u aint saw it then it proves your ignorance)
if u like scary movie 3 more than sotd then its pretty obvious what your problem attention span...if a comedy dont make u laugh every 30 seconds then u dont like not just talkin about americans, but everyone...
scary movie 3 and shaun of the dead are two different films altogether anyway

As usual, no takers on what "British Humor" is. How about we institute a new law that says if you can't explain what it is, DON'T USE IT TO DESCRIBE THE GODDAMN MOVIE! You people seriously have no idea how many times I have asked, and how many times I have been either ignored, or people have failed to come up with a reasonable, logical explanation. Too many, that's really how many.

"Shaun of the Dead" wasn't funny to me. I don't know if it's something you Brits "relate to", if you're geographically biased, or if most of you are just easily entertained, but I would really appreciate it if people would STOP claiming "we don't get it", if you continue to fail in explaining what it is we don't necessarily "get".

I didn't find it funny. Unless calling each other "*****" and "wankers" and posting for photos with zombies is supposed to be humerous? Guess it works on different levels for different people.

and i suppose scary movie 3 is not full of unoriginal gags..dont it get borin watching a movie that started to make fun of how tired horror movies were getting, but now is also becoming a bit tired hey, whateva floats your boat...if u dont know what british humour is then i suggest you find out for yourself and watch more british programmes or find out on yahoo search....i'll even reccomend some bit comedys for you:

only fools and horses (i know u aint saw this, its annoys me slightly and shows your nature towards british comedy. what would your opinion be of me if i said i have never watched the simpsons because i feel that american comedy wont make me laugh?)
red dwarf
little britain
the office
fawlty towers
absolutly faboulous

you dont find the whole posing with the zombie funny then fair enough, to be fair, neither did i find it funny..neither did i find the woman whos hat kept growing in scary movie 3 doesnt mean i will be more apposed to watch american comedys

i watch alot of american comedy and love it...i think u will find that britan watches more american comedy then americans watch british i woudnt say we are biased. quite the opposite

Scary Movie 3 actually only parodied 2 maybe 3 Horrors. The Ring, The Others, most notably. Personally, I don't get tired of Zucker's movies. I'm a huge fan of his, and he literally created the spoof movie with "Airplane!". Zucker's sight gags are the stuff of legend.

I'm to understand that "British Humor" is nothing more than bawdy, larger than life, over the top characters? "Monty Python", I understand. "Shaun of the dead"? No. There's nothing original or outlandish about the movie, aside from it's premise which really failed to mesh on all levels, IMO. Clever plot device, but it's nothing new.

I wish people would take into consideration that some people just may not find something funny, and it isn't that we don't "get it". On top of it being incredibly naive and snobbish, it's plain wrong.

yeah i inderstand what you are saying but i think americans should take a liittle more time with british comedys and explore more of them..not every comedy is the behaving badly i reccomend you should watch...some americans remade it because they thought it was hilarious(its not a movie by the way)....the remake had rob snieder in it...i hate it when american remakes of british sitcoms come out,steptoe and son was remade and became stanford and son. Red dwarf was remade, the office might be remade, fawlty toweres was remade! america was also thinking of remaking only fools and horses!!!!!! how can u remake perfect classics like that???! thats like the british trying to remake the simpsons, or friends..why are so many british comedys being americanised? is it because that americans dont get the comedy or is it somethin else?
not all characters are over the top...its best to check a few brit comedys out and then decide

here here dean

Scary Movie 3 was awsome.

i woudnt go that far

i dont think Shaun of the Dead is suppose to be funny

thats why the movie poster says --"romantic comedy with zombies"

You have to have no sence of humour to stay away from this film. It's possibly one of my favorite comedies in a long time.

You're absolutely right. Comedies usually aren't too high on laughs.

Humor is one of the most subjective matters when it comes to cinema. I'd like to think I have a fair/open sense of humor, and I didn't find 1/2 of "Shaun" even remotely chuckle-able.

not even a tincy wincy bit funny?
u must of raised a smile when ed said 'whats up niggas'!
or when they was beatin up the zombie to the sound of queen music
comon there must of been something
i didnt laugh my head off at the movie but to say it isnt a bit funny is crazy!

some of It was filmed down my friends road. ( so he says)

C-Dic, there's a funny quote from the simpsons (or maybe it's family guy, whatever, not important) that I always bring up when people are saying how great british humor is...

Homer (after Bart asked him about a joke that was in a show they were watching) - British humor is a lot more complex and intelegent then our american humor son, that's why you may not get it.

Bart - That mans wearing a dress...

British humor is often associated with dry humor, however, it's also associated with off the wall characters and plots, so who knows.

Oh yeah, Shawn of the Dead kicks hardcore ass. But as Windancer said, all of you Grandma's and Grandpa's who get offended by everything better watch out for the notorious "N" word. Don't want to shit your pants and have a stroke because of the horrible racism that's blatantly abundant in the movie because of that word.

i dont think its rascism....ed said 'whats up niggas' to his white friends....i doubt anyone would be offended by this..there have been no complaints on that specific line

lol! That quote sounds just about right BF. Now, people come on! Why do we complicated ourselves with what's funny and what's not? British humor isn't complicated a joke is a joke. I mean come on! Haven't you ever heard a joke and don't understand the punchline, but later after thinking about it suddenly it hits you? That's how humor works sometimes. British humor is not difference.

Here is an example of British humor which isn't offensive, but quite funny (a little long but wait for the punchline):

btw-I'm an American and love Shaun of the Dead. So is not restricted to the British. stick out tongue

Mr Zero
I don't think their is such a thing: We have Phython surrealism - drawn from Dada which was French and we have slapstick - drawn from music hall tradition. Which frankly I'm not that proud of as hitting someone in the face with a fish doesn't amuse me.

I suggest you ignore all posts that cite "British humor" as I do.

And Assault on precinct 13 is a KILLER movie you ass.

That, yes, because it was totally out of left field. I also "got" the "Kill the Queen" quip which everyone else in my theatre apparenly missed, and the record throwing segment. The whole fascination with Shaun's mom was just a little too forced to be suggestively funny, IMO.

I've somewhat come to realize what everyone is getting at with "British Humor", as varied as I have read it to be, so although my little enquires went unread, I got it on my own.

As for "Assault of Precinct 13", it's natural that you would like it, if you share similar tastes with Q.T. No problem there.

I just watched the movie myself, and it was as amateur as it gets. It was plodding, predictable, totally lacking the "suspense" everyone claims it to have. Should I go on? It was nothing more than 'Night of the Living dead" with a street gang and a Vin Diesel/Riddick-esque character who goes from antagonist to hero.

Stupid, stupid movie, IMO. Not to mention dated as hell.

yeah i agree but i still found it an enjoyable film, despite all the negatives

Im British! I hate the movie!

I would also like to explain my interpretation of British humour.
Which is not f***ing funny. We do have some corkers, Blackadder, Open all hours etc, but British humour is apparently all *** jokes.

A brilliant example being - Carry on Camping and the rest of the Carry On films. There not funny.

assault on precinct 13 was an excellent movie, everything was done so well imo.

as for shaun, no the movie was nothing special, but it beat the hell out of most recent american comedies, and it was genuinely funny (if a little dated as cinemaddiction said). just depends on your sense of humour i think.

I meant "Precinct" was dated. Don't know what you guys saw in that movie, honestly.

it wasnt dated at the time imo...

and shaun was dated, it was classic british comedy...

how can shaun be dated, its less than three years old!!!

its not dated, its just entirely not funny.

the style of the comedy is dated... but in a good way

everybody has different ideas of whats funny and whats not.

I loved Shaun of the Dead! I saw it just for the humor because it wasn't scary at all. As for story, predictability, etc, it's a comedy. IMO, a comedy doesn't need a good story or anything. That wasn't what they were goin' for.

I loved the part when that guy with the glasses stepped in front of the window and the zombies broke through. They tried pulling him back in and ripped his legs off. They started hitting the zombies with the severed legs. laughing

I hated Scary Movie though. Not much of it was funny, just filled with dicks through people's ears and trimming womanhood with hedgeclippers. I didn't even want to see Scary Movie 2 after that. Scary Movie 3 was alright.

ure crazy!! the carry on films are hilarious...there are way more funny british comedys than blackadder and open all hours....
carry on films are genious mad mad

How can you not laugh at the part where Shaun pushes that woman on that thing and theres a hole through her and they stare and you see Ed wind on the camera. Freaking hilarious. Although its British comedy so if your american you may not find it funny.

I'm British and i thought the movie was absolutely terrible i didn't laugh once in the whole thing what a waste of my time this film was.

I think you have to have a liking for Spaced to really laugh and if you preffer any american comedy over lock stock and two smoking barrels then you will hate this.

Spike Eccles
was it funny?


for instance...

Queen will never sound quite the same again!!!!

The bit where they pretend they're zombies too!!!!

The record-lobbing scene (Sam Raimi must've loved it!)

Roll on the sequel!!!!

I didn't like the characters in "Lock, Stock", and that kind of ruined the entire movie for me.

lock stock was good but i prefered snatch

I been looking for Lock stock and two smoking barrels dvd and Just can't find it locally. I really want to see this movie.

It's the height of british intellengence, elegance and comedy and its not even supposed to be a comedy. But it shows british comedy at its finest, which is with wit and clever lines rather then american comedy which is more like saying the wrong things at the wrong time or being a complete idiot. roll eyes (sarcastic)

In answer to the original question Shaun of the Dead has to be one of the funniest British movies ever made.
The trailers were not that good and when i saw them they seemed to be just another crappy british comedy (east is east anyone? what a load of crap as well as the other bridgit jones, notting hill etc)
But when i actually went and saw the film i came out with a total different opinion!
It was Brilliant!
I never thought the idea of a romantic zombie comedy would work so well. The special thing about it is that the zombies are not portrayed to look amusing. They were the same as you would find them in any other romero style zombie flick. And it was just the acting by Simon Pegg (Shaun) with Nick Frost (Ed) that made this film such a laugh.
The interaction between them makes the film feel so much more believable and emphises the comedy about the situation.
Q . How do you kill a zombie?

Shaun of the Dead answer:
Throw records at their heads, but only records you don't like.
Alternitavly smash them over the head with a cricket bat and a shovel.

Shaun of the Dead is at the top of British comedy and is likely to be taken down.


PS Bad Boys II is a wicked film also
Especially the case scene and the car truck - Brilliant!


The Inkeeper
Cinema-addiction- your being increibly biased, the Brittish Humour is very subtle, not bland, the jokes in Brittish humour are ones you need to think about, not like in an american comedy where the joked are force-fed to you. Brittish humour is just better, America has tried many times to reproduce Brittish shows and they all failed horribly because you americanised them.

It didn't, not IMO. The movie had those two elements, but never mixed. It would have made more sense if it were THE ZOMBIES who's romance were exploited, or if Shaun were in LOVE with a zombie. Anything else is false advertising, if you ask me.

"Monty Python" will forever be Brit's claim to comedy fame.

"I" didn't do anything. I hate more "American" comedies, in fact. If the, here we go again, "British Humor" is so subtle, how are American audiences supposed to "get it"? There isn't any sort of association, unless you RESEARCH said humor. Guess what? Not all Americans do, nor wish to, because it only works for some people, in some places. Subsequently, "you people" talk about how Americans can't grasp it.

See where it gets a little irritating? I'm going to start just claiming that people don't "get" things for the sake of being a irritating *******, then maybe everyone will understand what it's like to be harassed for something that is OBVIOUS to one country and NOT in the other.

SOTD is good, but not as good as the Spaced series they made.

The Inkeeper
Cinema- describe to me American humour then

The Simpsons, Married with children, Family Guy, Martin, In living Color, and that awful That 70's shows. Hope that helps. stick out tongue

Lets not forget South Park.

Absolutely not BF. Thank you for mentioning South Park. big grin

Red Superfly
Cine does talk a lot of sense, but I have to disagree with you here. I'm a Brit, what am I supposed to do?

Brits AND Americans can be dull and boring. Look at Family Guy, Futurama, Malcolm In The Middle and The Simpsons for examples of how Americans can be side-splitting.

Look at Alan Partridge, The Office, Red Dwarf, Monty Python and so on for examples of brilliant British humour.

There always seems to be this "wall" and hostility between Americans and Brits over the smallest thing. I say to hell with it, because as far as I can tell, Britain and America are easily on par with each other if you care to look hard enough. Both are responsible for garbage that let their side down, but even as a Brit I'd say Family Guy is quite possibly the funniest thing next to The Office and Alan Partridge. I love the variety.

America, keep doing what you're doing, and Britain keep doing what you're doing.

I'll have to go on record and say America sucks for letting Family Guy get canned. What the hell is wrong with that place?

Nice Chopper sig Cine. You are the third person I know of who has actually seen that film. Good for you.

There are a few diamonds in the rough, but most televised American humor comes with a laugh track. Very seldom are there honest to goodness uproarious comedic perfomances in television, much less movies.

There's no explaining what is essentially funny, because everyones tastes are different. That said, American "humor", being so varied is hard to tack down, but hardly too vague to acknowledge.

It's out in the open, and needs no explanation.

clapping Well said, comedy is so subjective you cant tell someone its funny and all of a sudden they get it. You either like it or you dont, like so many other things. Chopper is a great movie by the way, so that makes four Superfly. big grin

everyone has different tastes
im not big fans of monty python, or blackaddeder
alan partridge is ok but im not a big fan
red drawf is cool but not in my favourites
my fav brit comedys are only fools and horses, men behaving badly, little britian, the royal family and the carry on films(all 30 of em)

what i cannot believe is that only fools and horses has never been shown in the angry! i know a couple of americans who have saw ofah and they enjoyed them..mostly the later episodes though
my fav line on ofah is:

(theres an illegal immigrant in denzils van)
denzil: we cant look after him,
del: why not
denzil: i dunno, he could be part of al quaida
rodney: dont be stupid
del: yeaaah, does it look like he works in a furniture store
(denzil and rodney look confused)

LOL genious comedy

whats your views on the ones i mentioned?

I see "Black Adder" VHS tapes all the time at Hollywood. Maybe I'll give them a spin.

blackadder is ok
try and get only fools and horse...the later episodes if possible
u might find it hard to get into if u get the earlier series
the xmas specials are good
theres an episode where they go to miami florida..that episode is hilarious...try and get that one
i reccomend the british men behaving badly
rowan atkinson is good in blackadder but i prefer mr bean!

Only fools and horses has to be about the funniest thing ever along with red dwarf.

Americanised british comedies will never EVER work as the Americans can never quite grasp the briliant simpleness of British comedy. You do not have to be concentrating hard to enjoy it.
I recently saw a version of the american Red Dwarf and they have got it comletely wrong! It was sooo bad. Red Dwarf had the mixture of great talents. And Kryton has to be the funniest robot ever. It just wasnt the same in the American version. The Actors fitted the characters - Craig Charles as Lister brilliant. Lister, Rimmer, Kryton and Cat have made the Red Dwarf a legend.
Long Live Shaun of the Dead which has the funniest 'Slip on the unseen' effect.


Was perhaps the most boring comedy i have ever seen but i will give The simpsons, malcolm in the middle, futurama to you.
i laugh my backside off at them.

British comedy is so different to american comedy, but i heard that Shaun of the dead did really well in america.

yeah i heard that too. even that movie man harry.... something or the other (i forget his name) even said he enjoyed it. And thats rare for a british film to be accepted in america.

Horror fans will see most anything with zombies, that's a given. We aren't exactly the most discriminate of movie goers.

What "British movies" have been produced as of late, anyway, aside from "SotD"?

"Johnny English" just sucked, heh.

unfair comment...

the british film industry pales in comparison budget and resource wise to hollywood, over the last ten years : trainspotting, shallow grave, 28dl, four weddings (as much as i hate it it's not that bad), and the james bond movies were partly shot in britain... then theres braveheart of course, which was filmed right here in ireland (which has f*ck all of a movie industry)...

britain with its limited budget puts out some decent movies... in comparison to the amount of shite hollywood puts out...

That's my point. McBane, I feel as if you're WAY off with your assessment. Plenty of movies from across the pond have done spectacular here.

i just felt sotd was a decent movie... but to everyone their own...

My assesment isnt right or wrong it was just my opinion.
Many american sitcoms just dont appeal to british audiences. Which was probably the case for SotD in America. We have different comedy opinions so its rare that comedys become a hit across the sea.


although i agree with your point...

the original dotd was the inspiration for dotd 2004, the only thing was that the bad guys ran instead of lumbering around...

Now you're referring to comedies. Before you said it's rare that "British" films are accepted in America, and that's false, and I can prove otherwise.

"Lock, Stock" and "Snatch" were both independent films, anyway. I mean, just because a movie was SHOT in the UK, doesn't necessarily MAKE it a British movie. "Trainspotting" was about hopped up Scots, "Italian Job" had a British lead and was released by Paramount, it means nothing, you see the pattern? Not all US movies are loaded with CGI either.

This is getting ridiculous. Are you trying to instigate something? I surely hope not.

are u mad ?

other good brit films

get carter
clockwork orange
dog soldiers(beats most american werewolf movies)
bried encounter
the wicker man

can alien be classed as british??? british..3 british actors was in the film....errrrrrrrm

We mean instead of hollywood. Besides pretty much all the cast and crew were british, the directers, story design everything. Plus even though paramount is an american company it doesnt mean its made by america.

Another example with cars. Ford now own aston martin but aston martin are still british made cars.


I give up. This entire conversation is ridiculous, and will only end in negativity.

Stanley Kubrick was born in New York, "A Clockwork Orange" was shot in Britain? Does that mean it's a "British" film? Give me a break. Are we trying to decide what country produces better movies?

To be perfectly honest, the French and Japanese have us BOTH beat by MILES.

French? WTF?

Japanese Yes
Chinese Yes
German (porn) Yes

And english films are great but I guess this thread was about SOTD to start with and that rocks.

Just because an american company 'RELEASED' a film. it doesnt make that film american as they had nothing to do with the production.
SotD is hilarious.
As is Ali G indahouse and i dont even like Ali G!

well McBane like everything else the americans like to steal the glory need i mention the second world war? lol they step in the last couple months and now they claim they won it lol nuff said now stop ur petty squabling u lot its getting very boring

Most recently:

The City of Lost Children
Man Bites Dog
Swimming Pool

..anything by Francois Truffaut or Jean-Luc Godard in the 50's-60's. How is this so uncredible? French cinema has it all.

amilie was great,

Spanish films are great, Sex and Lucia is a great film.

Do you realise some people in America do not even realise that there was a World War at all. Their only knowledge of it is through Americanised films!
As Little Britain we have a sense of pride when a movie of ours does well.

And as for French films lets not forget some great films were made by the french in hollywood style.
The Fith Element and Leon were both made by Luc Besson - a well known french director. Also a film called Brotherhood of the Wolf quite surprised me as being quite good.
So there are 'some' good things coming out of France to make up for all their frogs legs and snails sick

Any film, regardless of the country it was made in can be good. They all just need the right mix.

As was "Wasabi", which is why I mentioned it. It's a complete French film, writer/director, actors, dialogue, but set in France and Japan.

I loved Shaun Of The Dead! I laugh everytime I watch it.

I enjoyed the movie, I thought it was hillarious, yet gory and could have been scary... to a select few.

I'll tell you guys what. I'll give this movie another try when the DVD is released. I ate crow when I saw "28 Days Later" after THREE times, maybe "Shaun" is the same way, and I am trying too hard to be anti-cool. stick out tongue

i was just mentioning some british films
i think usa produces the best, the only french films ive saw are irreversible and haute tension
so u dont think clockwork orange is british? it appeared on tv in the top 100 british movies of all time
so i guess alien is an english film

the fact the kubrick lived most his life in britain and all the cast and crew are say the movie is classed as british

Some of you guys must of been watching the wrong screen or something because that must have been the most boringest movie i have ever seen. there was only one funny bit and i hardly even laughed at it. i mean it should be called a movie - more like a video camera and people. i was falling asleep ......

I wouldn't know, I walked out before that...

but u like return of the living dead 3 confused

Good Point.

Dean: Yeah, it was an excellent movie, very orginal, not just a huge amount of zombies taking over the world like typical zombie movies.

i woudnt say its excellent....i think i'll stick to braindead or reanimator which are not the usual type zombies films

I really was not impressed by this film.

I gave "Shaun" another chance this evening, whilst keeping a few things in mind, after my experiences in this thread. Of course, I came out enjoying a lot more.

When you allow yourself to enjoy a movie, not strain to identify what is implied to be funny, it comes right to you on a big silver platter. "Shaun" had loads of it. Not so much deep bellylaughs, but situation irony that is so clever, the only people that could POSSIBLY fathom the comedic value in it would be the Zuckers, Jim Abrahams, or Pat Proft.

I mean, a man beating beaten in unison with a Queen song? Classic.

If it takes some of you a second viewing, this time with no expectations or inhabitions, do it. "Shaun of the Dead" is a much more enjoyable film when you just let it flow, I have come to find. It's not really the romantic comedy it's billed as, moreso a horror comedy, with some real life elements. I say that because the "romance" is foreshadowed by Simon Pegg, and his surprisingly professional dramatic acting, which served up some "awww's", as well as being the only time I didn't find myself laughing on my second go round.

The DVD is out on the 21st, and I've pulled a 180 in my support for the film.

im proud of ya smile lol yeah it does take a second viewing sometimes to appreciate it a bit more

exactly, that is so true...

I think Shaun was cool because it didnt have the famous British comedians in it like Steve Coogan or Peter Kay etc. But had the actors from the comedy sitcoms. I think they did a really good job and probably even a better job had the actors been famous.

Well, thanks, pop. Happy Dance

****ing hell

You're an idiot, your opinion really really really sucks, never discuss anything related to films again, you really have no clue, do you?

Well, it's my opinion that your opinion of my opinion sucking sucks. huh

well asianhorrorfan i agree with Cinemaddiction

IMO this movie SUCKS infact i'm still waiting for the comedy

its not that bad really

If you're agreeing with me, then you liked it. You people bother reading my latest post? I saw it again, and fell in love with it.

Calm down.

Am I the last guy to say RULE BRITANIA

ive got it under my sig aku.....

Rule Britannia
Now im the last guy to say that!

Yeh well who cares. Britain invented the best everything. The only thing we made which was a mistake was americans. LOL JK i love you all.

wheyyyyy sotd is funny though!

Why is it not funny? Surley they must have laffed at one part.

I was out to dinner with my GF and her father and his GF, and it just so happens they were playing host to a "Shaun of the Dead" afterparty this coming Tuesday, to celebrate the DVD release. I darted over to the gal that was taping up the poster, and she hooked me up with these babies.. cool

Free screening of the movie, making it my 3rd times, free food at the after party, "SOTD" drink specials, and "SOTD" door prizes!

Sounds pretty good. I think it was one of the best movies of the year, on many levels. It was a great zombie flick, chock full of social commentary and everything else that makes a zombie movie good (compared to the last Res Evil, which was a bit disappointing, ok, a lot), and it was so funny. British Humor is the best, dry wit, sarcasm, black humor, its all there and done perfectly. And it had so many great British comedians...

"Of course, not one of you has ever bothered explaining exactly what the **** "British" humor is, after NUMEROUS..NUMEROUS inquiries."

Somehow I doubt it would be funny to you if we have to explain each joke, if you don't get the humor, well, you don't get it. But I can't believe you didn't at least smirk at the absurdity of some situation, the fight in the Pub as Prince plays in the back ground, the debate over which records to use as projectiles, the whole camera winding aspect... and they are some of the most obvious examples...

Like what....? confused

it had a bit of social commentary but not much

This post was pointless everyone likes SOTD. roll eyes (sarcastic)

I was wondering how many references to other classic horror movies you guys could identify in SOTD? I saw the movie for the fourth time today, and have compiled this list thus far.

Night of the Living Dead:

* "We're coming to get you, Barbara!" - Ed
* Zombies
* Radio segment @ fallen satellite as Shaun walks into market

Dawn of the Dead

* Foree Electronics - Ken Foree (Peter from DOTD)

Day of the Dead

* David's dismemberment at Winchester a la Rhodes
* Chained up, kept alive like black soldier in "28 Days Later"

28 Days Later

* Newscaster discredits "rage infected monkeys" being the cause

Evil Dead/Sam Raimi

* Winchester bar floor/cellar door
* Quick frame cinematography a la Ash's hand construction

Lucio Fulci

Shaun tries to make reservations at "Fulci's", italian restaraunt

John Landis

Mary worked at a supermarket called "Landis". John Landis directed Michael Jackson's "Thriller"(?)


*"Who died and made you King of the Zombies?" - Ed

you have em all nailed there c-dic apart from one

in the bathroom shaun says tp his now zombie friend 'why dont you.... join us'
thats from evil dead big grin

does anyone notice that zombie girl who ed takes a picture of in the garden..she is at the start of the film serving someone in the supermarket

Yeah, Mary. Noel from Foree Electronics is shown at the end as a cart boy for Landis, also.

lol, "dont stop me now"? thats queen!
How can you make that mistake?
sorry no offence id just like to ppoint that out.

Also the guy behind Shaun when hes in the shop (the first time) is the guy who walks into his house (the one without an arm). Savvy?

Plus, Spaced fans, notice that Tires is in the crowd of zombies when they are outside the winchester!

"lol, "dont stop me now"? thats queen!"

Ah, true, true. Wasn't thinking when I typed that, Prince, Queen, royalty hahah.

Lord Soth
It's excellent...I love it

I hate the movie!

I'll never watch it again.

better than the return of the living dead 3 though i would say

I think it deserves to stand proud with most of the horror sub -genre ie, the zombie flicks. It might very well be a black sheep amongst them but it is deserving.