Too Gory To Watch

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which one do you think is the goriest ?

None of them are particularly gory.

I chose "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". There's so much blood in that flick!

C-Dic, Im not sure, are you serious?

i think he was being sarcastic
there are worst gore films than the above mentioned

Yeah, my point being there was less than an ounce of blood used in the filming of Texas Chainsaw. 28 Days Later is the most gorey IMO, but nah, nowhere near too gorey to watch.

SJS, I recommend you check out Braindead and Cannibal Holocaust.

yeah braindead is the goriest movie eva

Passion of the Christ.

i wanna see that

none really from the list

i say Braindead

Not at all. I like exploiting common misconceptions when it comes to TCM and clueless people.

Eh, "Passion" is on up there, although not a Horror, and you bet your sweet bippy that "Dead Alive/Braindead" is the goriest movie ever. Pertaining to entrails and the like, although dealing with straight up blood, "Hellraiser" or "Evil Dead 2" (bleeding walls? BRILLIANT!) is where it's at, IMO.

That said, there is no such thing as "too gory to watch", and if there is..bring it on. devil

Thats a prett weak list. Dead Alive

Um...I know I've seen a lot of gory movies but I just can't remember them. Freddy vs. Jason was pretty gorey.

I know I mention this film a lot but the Uncut version of 'Return of the Living Dead 3' was pretty gory. I loved it were Julie bit that guy's entire chin off!

none of those movies are to gory to watch - they crack me up

I'd say Dead Alive. But even the unrated director's cut of Dawn of the Dead is gorier than the ones on that list.

The original Dawn of the Dead was a bit sick - the bits where the zombies were all eating bikers, seemed a bit random and gratuitous.

somebody delete this thread so i can remake it ?

I would, but I cant.

dusk till dawn gory messed

Braindead is the goriest film i have seen pumping blood out at 5 gallons a second in the final scene cant be bad.

but the gorier a film gets the funnier it is to me for some odd reason.

DaRk Lotus
me no care sad

Itchi the Killer, whoever started this thread must have forgotten to wear their glasses when they watched Texas Chainsaw.

RuLeZ mE
what is braindead about ?

basically, there is a mothers boy guy, i think called lionel, and he meets a girl. however, his mother wont leet them be together, but against her wishes, they go to the zoo. the mother follows them, but goes to close to a cage and is bitten by a deadly sumatran rat monkey, and carries a dreadful virus. then, all hell breaks loose as zombies start trying to eat people. lionel is trying to hide the zombie problem from the girl though.

thats about as quick and basic as i can go.

RuLeZ mE
okey dokey

its really poor but incredibly funny IMO

im not a very good describer, i cant even really spell or use proper grammer.

I'm hopeless at spelling thank god for spell checks the greatest thing EVER!!

feral cat

i dont think Freddy Vs Jason was all that gory. sure there were a few splashes of the red stuff, but nothing all that amazing

I dunno...the Goriest movies on he list where Evil Dead?

that is so true! very gory!

I recently watched ichi the killer and Id have to say it was a gore that wins for me.

dunno, gotta remember, not only horror movies are gory, bad kitty, i thought you'd have pointed out Kill Bill Vol. 1.....

you wanna see some gory movies then check these out!
hellraiser 2;hellbound uncut version only!
cannibal apocalypse,cannibal ferox (make them die slowly),cannibal holocaust
shogun assassin(not so much gore as geysers of blood,awesome!)andy warhols flesh for frankenstein
demons (uncut)
fulcis nightmare concert(un gatto nel cervello,a cat in the brain)
fulcis zombie flesh eaters
fulcis new york ripper (only film to ever have an armed guard to make sure the print found its way back on the plane after the uk censor said wtf can we do with this?,lol)
scavolinis nightmare(s)(in a damaged brain)(uncut only)
they are just a few i could go on and list like 500 more
i agree braindead/dead alive is gory but the movie is made tongue in cheek so it removes a lot of the shock value

"Ichi", if even that gory, was only because of blood. The times that remember seeing copious amounts of blood were at the murder scenes, and when the detectives mouth split open, ripping the flesh off the muggers hand. As for entrails hanging out, heads splitting open, etc, there wasn't any. I also think "Ichi" is rather overrated, as well.

By definition, "gore" pertains to blood. But on these forums, ya gotta have guts.

yeah tough to beat dead alive for gore, between the mower the uncle with knives ect.. it rocks!!!!!

i dunno C-Dic, while i agree the movie is overrated, there is a spliting in half and foot being sliced off

name some scary'r movies???

gore is not necessarily scary.

None of those are gory if you ask me.

The original TCM wasnt gory they just implied gore heck the passion of the christ had more gore

TCM is one of the least gory films ever!

yeah, all that blood you dont see

Its implied gore. Some people say you can see the meathook go all the way through that woman. Others actually bother to look at that scene and say that you cant.

its all the hype people simply assume. "well its called the texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE so theres gonna be lots of blood and guts"

And all that crap people say about it being shockingly violent.
Shocking yes, violent no.


That's just funny to read, as if there should be a "Texas Chainsaw Massacre for Dummies" DVD, where a subtitle says "Implied Gore Here" or "Supposed Limb Severing Here".


Maybe I am too stupid to analyse things.

Very true, one of my friends watched it with me and said he thought it was going to be one of the goriest flicks ever.

Movie Mogul
Evil Dead is the best movie, but TCM is the most gory! bunny

Thats bull. 28 Days Later is way goriest on the list.

There is hardly any blood in TCM, and none of these films are particularly gory. If you want gore check out, Any old Italian zombie film, in fact most old italian horror films, Bad taste, Braindead, cradle of fear these are more gory and there are people who specialise in making these types of film. Check out some of herschell G Lewis films for old school effects and gore, like Bloodfeast, The Gore Gore girls and 2000 maniacs. ANy way gore films are shit that is not what makes a good horror film

Allllright, now for a better description then those above....
Braindead revolves around some sort of zombie-curse, awakened on a remote island, where evil rats from western ships raped all the cute monkeys, mutating in a possessed rat-ape of some sort....
Well then we cut to some guy under great restrains by mommy. He goes out with the grocery-chick, mommy don't like, follows them to the zoo and gets nibbeled on by one of these captured rat-apes.
Soon mommy starts falling apart, rotting around the house and getting pretty hungry for human flesh....
Teeth sink in the nurse and lots of other guests, turning them to zombies!
Soon our hero has the basement cropped up with evil zombies, trying to keep em down with horse-narcotics.... untill dear unlce trows a party at the house and all hell breaks loose when they go downstairs!
What follows then is the Ultimate Zombie destruction instruction video..
Momma's boy and grocery chick take each sort of household appliance at hand to grind up the zombies to as much bits as possible, including foodprocessors, microwave-ovens, cleavers and best of all...the legendary lawnmower! Just imagine that, and add 10 times more gore, that's Braindead!

Evil Dead was far more gorier, I dont recall there being much gore in 28 Days Later at all.

None of these are very gory. Cannibal Holocaust was pretty gory.

You nailed it. HG LEWIS!!!! YESSS!!!!! I love the Italians too!!!! Bella Bella!!!! Finally someone near my age!!!

WIZARD OF GORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evil Dead wasnt gory as such, it was bloody.
Some bits in 28 Days Later were kinda brutal, like where the guy gets his arm cut and blood pumps out with each beath of his heart.

or when the guy sinks his thumbs into the soldiers eyesockets, nasty


so what, your saying braindead? i saw that in the local video store today, its an origonal release version with the big bulgy plastic cover of a face pulling its mouth open and a skeleton looking out, or something along those lines

TABBY...yeah it is available here in australia uncut aswell you should find it most stores its a great funny movie if you aint seen it,the gore is done with a great sense of humour smile

Yeah when the zombies were feeding on the intrails

Another silly newbie that hasent even seen it

Well Napalm, your still a newbie

Yeah but he shouldnt talk about TCM is he hasent seen it

indeed, newbie by nature, not by knowledge

That's just so rich. 4 people voted for Chainsaw. Maybe that "TCM for Dummies" isn't such a bad idea afterall? blink

IMO, "Day of the Dead" is only second fiddle to "Dead Alive", neither of which made it on the poll.

I think it was the dead alive movies just look at a scence

DOG PILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not sure if it has been mentioned but bad taste was a pretty gory movie and zombie flesheaters had some pretty cool gore scenes as well........out of your list i would say the first 2 evil dead films had truckloads of gore but evil dead 3 was just lame IMO

i voted the evil deads but i have to agree that Braindead and cannibal holocaust are the goriest movies ever, braindead was just disgusting and over the top, and CH was the most disturbing movie i ever saw.

But don't we forget (a personal favorite of mine) day of the dead.
the murder scenes were very gory (the fingers in the eyes scene, the decapitation scene, hacking of the arm, and let's not forget the general on the end) I think the movie is far more gorier than the 2 versions of dawn of the dead and 28 days later

Braindead rules all in gore. There is no way in hell to put more blood and guts in a movie and still be able to show what is going on, one litre more and the screen would be plain red (with some darker chunks) in that fabulous flick.

'Your mother ate my dog!!!'

None of em are""to gory to watch''but Tcm is the goriest confused

The Gates Of Hell

Day Of The Dead

28 Days Later SUUUUCCCCKKKKEEEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starship Troopers Awesome movie

big grin

Anyone got any suggestions for Halloween for wicked gory movies? ?
I need new material this year.

Mine would be The Thing. I mean I love this movie no doubt about it but there are some days that I can handle watching it.

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