Women against marriage

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For all those men who say, "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free", here's an update for you.

Nowadays 80% of women are against marriage. Why?

Because women realize its not worth buying an entire Pig, just to get a little sausage.

alritey then

Frosty Beverage
wadd'ya mean buy sausage?

hysterical ahahahahaha I'm against marriage happy

Frosty Beverage

Then how do you make babies?

If you gals keep doing this for future generations, our future children are going to have to grow up like little owls! BY THEMSELVES!


Jackie Malfoy
This should really be in the decistion section.Anyway I really don't see why woman would be against marriage since now adays you can choose to stay home or work.
and most people(Even through I don't really argee with it)can keep there last name if they want too.So why should woman be against marriage if they can do anything they want now?
It does not make any sence to me?JM


i wanna blow up this thread !!!!!!!!

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im rollin'

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scooter tongue

yea we suck


lil bitchiness
laugh1 hahaha!! Awesome... and true.


i cant see spending the rest of my life with one guy embarrasment

lil bitchiness
Me neither - but thats a good thing - considering your age. thumb up

Am I the only one who questions the reliability of this information and source?

No. I was about to say "80%? I think your information is inaccurate." That is 80% of psycho-feminist b!tches are against marriage. The other 20% of psycho-feminist b!tches just marry the weakest of men to push them around and "get even" with the rest of the "scum of the earth" as they would put it.

P.S. I like Scum of the Earth the band but was not actually thinking about them as typing that.

rajah kalantiaw
it's a joke take it as it is.

of course 80% is inacurate.

Jesus....JM is still trapped in the sixties....You dont think a person should be able to keep their name when they get married?....By chance, are you mormon?......

And on top of all this, you cant spell Discussion.

I think marriage would be the hardest job. marriage implies a family unit which is necessary for our communities to grow and prosper. in fact the world has gone down hill since the acceptance of nontraditional families. children raise themselves children have children and there is no since of responsibility

I'm totally against marriage.I cant see my self spending the rest of my life with one person no way it's just not for me.

Despite the fact that this is a joke, I'm curious if that percentage is even close to being true? If it is, then awesome, less pressure from the broads to get hitched.

Marriage is silly and pointless, especially if you don't get a prenumptual agreement.

Darth Revan
Because it's lame, 50% of the time it doesn't last anyways, and the last thing we need is more people. thumb up I am male and also think marriage is stupid.

The analogy of males and pigs hurts me inside sad

stick out tongue

rajah kalantiaw
the prenup is the best thing that man came up with together with beer and the cup. we like our nuts protected.

and our wallets.

lil bitchiness
Yeah right...after my degree I'll be earning $50 an hour - which man's wallet will I be after, i wonder...

One that makes $60 an hour wink

Good for you though, that's good money thus making you an acception to the rule. There are plenty of women out there who use marriage as a way to get money, this much is fact.

A man who is still richer than you no expression

lil bitchiness
If thats you, im all yours!

It works! eek!

the one in my pocket thats right next to my... whistle

I may hold you to that one day.

lil bitchiness
Yeah you better. cry

i better bookmark this page, just in case

You bookmark a lot of my pages, or so you say.

Do you still have the page where I said I thought Bush was going to get assasinated bookmarked?

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i must say that by reading your postings most of you seem to be very jaded people that is so sad a good marriage can be very rewarding and less lonely then i think you may be aware

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