Pure Heart and Evil Heart vs. Superman

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sure it's a silly battle but I can't throw anime or manga characters in these battles and I luv the Archies. what's your take?

I am surprised anyone would throw in Archie in the mix as they are not dedicated combatants (except the typical high school rivalries). There is not too much information about this Archie Universe version or at least in my collection.

Both Pure Heart (Archie) and Evil Heart (Reggie) can fly and have certain levels of super strength, but they never demonstrated durability. Assuming this is within the bounds of Archie's world as realistically they would be roadkill in Superman's, both Pure and Evil Heart would just end up fighting each other anyway and someone else would have to save them (either a girl or Captain Hero aka Jughead).

Not true. Apparently there is a certain tolerance level on this board for characters beyond the comic scope if the fight isn't too farfetched. I have seen D (from Vampire Hunter D), Freddy and Jason (horror flicks), and Buffy thrown in the mix.

Also, not all comic characters may be feasible on this board either. As I said earlier, the Archies may be inappropriate as first off, they are not typical fighters; second, the version specified is during the 50's and 60's and I don't think many know about them, unless those digest I see in supermarkets have episodes; third, if you want a fighter, you could always throw in a Moose vs. Bane.

To truly get a debate, it's apparently best to stick with more mainstream productions as Archie's line (i.e. Shield), Valiant (i.e. Solar), Disney (i.e. Mickey Mouse), or even Harvey's (i.e. Casper) might get less response (at least on this forum and during my tenure here). Otherwise, I would have thrown in a long time ago Irona (from Richie Rich) vs. Ironman, or Rudy (from Jetsons) vs. Cerebro, or my favorite Omaha vs. Catwoman.

*waits for a Powerpuff Girls battle* roll eyes (sarcastic)

ah don't make fun of me. sad I can't find any Archie forums on the web.

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