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*Okay, here's the deal. This thread is devoted to creating a story, any story you want it to be. Each person should write at least one paragraph (3 sentences or more) at a time...and it should be a continuation of the paragraph before it. I will start the story, and then others can continue the story in whatever way they choose, just make sure it follows some sort of plot and is a continuation of what came before. Do not end the story, at least not until we have at least 50 pages. This should be good stuff, so have fun with it, and please don't ruin it wink *


Early on an April morning, the rooster crowed outside as the sun began to rise. In his bed, Bennet could feel the sunlight pour into his bedroom through the window. He pulled the covers over his head to block the light. All he wanted to do was sleep, more so then he ever wanted anything before in his life, but this was a day he knew he would get little rest. Soon they would arrive, and he would have to go, one way or another. Trembling, he slowly climbed out of bed and started to gather his things. "It's now or never...", he thought to himself as he put on his clothing and threw his sack over his shoulder. He had an enormous decision to make, and he has to make it now.

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Bennet walked around to flex his muscles, knowing he would have to be ready for anything when the most famous people in his state arrived. The question was, would he be ready to join them at their highest point yet? He tried to answer it with all his heart, but he was still unsure.
He stepped onto the front porch and locked the door behind him, not expecting to be back within the next week. Then he heard the truck driving up to his house. They had finally arrived.

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