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*Okay, here's the deal. This thread is devoted to creating a story, any story you want it to be. Each person should write at least one paragraph (3 sentences or more) at a time...and it should be a continuation of the paragraph before it. I will start the story, and then others can continue the story in whatever way they choose, just make sure it follows some sort of plot and is a continuation of what came before. Do not end the story, at least not until we have at least 50 pages. This should be good stuff, so have fun with it, and please don't ruin it *


Early on an April morning, the rooster crowed outside as the sun began to rise. In his bed, Bennet could feel the sunlight pour into his bedroom through the window. He pulled the covers over his head to block the light. All he wanted to do was sleep, more so then he ever wanted anything before in his life, but this was a day he knew he would get little rest. Soon they would arrive, and he would have to go, one way or another. Trembling, he slowly climbed out of bed and started to gather his things. "It's now or never...", he thought to himself as he put on his clothing and threw his sack over his shoulder. He had an enormous decision to make, and he has to make it now.

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Soon he walked downstairs......he went into the kitchen........he grabed a knife........he heard a knock on the door.........hiding the knife behind his back, he opened the door............he let the visitors in.......then he killed them all........there was blood and guts everywhere........Then he called the cops and told them that there was a murder at his address..... when he hung up he stabbed himself to death!!!!!!!!!

By the way.....that was for being a dufus!!!
Oh and...

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Darth Odious
Chris sat on the branch in silence. He had climb up here early this morning, before the birds had awoken from their simple dreams. Now the birds were alive as the first beams of light fingered their way through the leaves of the giant tree he now sat in.
But he wasn't tired. Not today.
Because today was the day.
A good distance away was a four way street he had walked on countless times. Its was a fourway stop he had walked along, across since kindergarden. Besides the newly built Jack in the Box, it hadn't change one bit. Back then things were easier, safer, where a kid could just be a kid and life was new with every single breath. But some things change though. Some things are unavoidable. Chris was now 15. He now sat high up in a tree he had been climbing since his youth with bags under his once cheery eyes.
The first car rolled up the north side of the street and came to a stop. Chris didn't tense. The car he was looking for was coming from the east. It always came from the east like it did every morning. He looked at his watch. Right now a certain someone would be just now pulling out of their driveway in the same car that always ran back and forth inside of his head day and night. A purple car that has haunted his dreams for years. It wasn't really the car though. It was what was behind the wheel that gnawed at Chris. That giggling monster that was soon about to have it's last laugh.
" Ten blocks." Chris muttered. Yes ten blocks and it would all be over. The pain, the hate, the fear of knowing that such idioticy could exist would be a thing of the past. Then..." Then I can live again." He muttered again. Not only live again but be free. Forever.
A car came from the east but it was green. For a second the storm rose within Chris but soon vanished. Yet he got a taste of his purpose, a vicious wind that would consume him when the time was right. It was then he knew he could do it. He smirked and thanked the green car as it went past the stop sign on it's marry way, oblivious to the dark cloud that now hung over the intersection. Chris was ready allright.
He lifted the rifle to his shoulder, set the muzzle on his knee, then looked in the scope. He had tried this a week before to check the

Darth Odious
distance. He could see the east side of the street with crisp clear precision. He calmed his breathing and waited. His mind whirled with thoughts of his target blaring from his tv screen, laughing and singing, but Chris tried his best to suppress them. It was a fight you can't win for the mind is a powerful foe who never sleeps, never eats, and is aways well informed on its enemy. You.
But Chris had done his homework too. Now he sat in this tree waiting for his final exam to come within his sights.
Five minutes later it did.
The purple car came to the stop sign. Chris could see the giant purple dinosaur behind the wheel and could hear goofy music blaring out of the car's windows. The purple idiot was dancing to it, the tiny car bouncing to and froe, as the driver sang along with the music with manic glee.
Chris lined up his sights with the dinosuar's head.
" Die Barney die." Then he held his breath and squeezed the trigger.
The rifle roared in his hands and the windshield shattered inward. Barney's giant head snapped back as the bullet found its home. The door to the car flung open and Barney tumbled out. Chris could hears screams as the fat purple creature staggered to his feet gripping his head.
" Owwww!...uggg help...this is scary...OWWWW MY HEAD!" Barney screamed. Chris was amazed at what he saw as his target walked blindley across the intersection.
" Tough bastard." Chris giggled nervously and looked into the scope to get the final shot. " Hey Barney!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. Barney then swung in the direction of the tree Chris was sitting in. Barney raised his hands.
" Whattt...uhhhggg...What is this?" He gibbered, choking on his own blood.
" Checkmate!" Chris screamed and squeezed the trigger again. Barney's head snapped back for the last time and tumbled to the asphalt.
He was cancelled.
Barney was no more.

Suddenly a thick steel chain was slung round Chris's neck and he was jerked backwards, gasping for air. Garroting him was Tinky-Winky.
Dipsy advanced menacingly from front, holding a knife, while La La and Po giggled with delight.
Dipsy lunged with the knife but Chris kicked it out his hand and caught it before stabbing Tinky Winky with it over his shoulder. He then flipped TinkyWinky's corpse onto Dipsy, and used La La's body as a shield against the bullets from Po's AK47. Po...

wet himself as he realized he had just killed his own ... um... brother. How could he have done such a thing?

Chris didn't wait to react. He threw La La's body at Po, knocking him over.

Chris glanced over his shoulder. He watched as Dipsy tried to make his escape. In one fluid movement, Chris bent down, picked the knife off the ground, stood up, and threw the knife as hard as he could.

The knife whizzed through the air like a bullet. It found its home in the small of Dipsy's back.

Tinky Winky was the only thing that was left. He was also trying to make an escape, having dropped his chain.

Chris picked that up, and lassoed it in the air, releasing a loud war cry. He ran for Tinky Winky, rose the chain, and whipped him in the back. Tinky gasped, but kept running.

"I'm taking you down," he whispered, and flung the chain at one of Tinky's chubby legs.

The chain wrapped itself around, and Chris pulled hard. Tinky fell. Chris walked over to him.

"Hey, bub," he said to a whimpering Tallytubby. "I got a few questions for you."

"Okay, okay, okay. Just please, don't hurt me!" squeled Tinky.

"Tell me where Dora the Explorer is, and you might just get away from this unharmed..."

Chris was suddenly no longer lulled by sleep. he was awoken by the shouts of his mother. "Chris get up youll miss the bus" He cursed outloud for not being able to slaughter all of the damn stuffed homosexual things that his siter Ellie called entertainment.

"Be right down ma" As he headed down the stairs he could smell the greasy aroma of bacon and the sweet scent of maple syrup. He sat down and his mom shoved a plate with pancakes eggs and bacon in the shape of a smiling bafoon.

He forced a smile and said. "Gee ma thanks, but what is the occassion?" She cocked an eyebrow and embraced him in her motherly way. He hated when she did that. "Nice try Christobal, but i wont for one second believe that you forgot your own birthday!"

He had forgot his birthday.It held little importance to him anymore because his family was too poor to do anything for him. He got on the bus and once again felt as if he was superior to everyone. Its as if as he grew and matured they remained in the era of good old diaper days.

He took his seat and his friend (if thats what he could call her) Rhianon turned around with a smile as big as a certin purple cheser cat he dreamed of killing. "So youre a year older now. Do you feel any different." He returned he smile with a glare as cold as the region of antartica and replied "No". He had no idea how different he would feel this day. he had no idea the changes he would endure. the power he would wield.

He entered his first period class with a certian distaste only he could understand. Algebra held a really sore spot with him. Sure others hated math but with him it held no logic. It was as if he were being forced to learn another language that noone understood.

grey fox
......after all what was the point of learning a language that no one would speak suddenly as if induced by a hallucinogenic drug, darth vader appeared , his armour tie dyed green and yellow

"dude may the force be with you" spoke the hippy vader

chris suddenly shook his head the friggen principal was flooding the air conditioning with ether again he wondered why his life was so freaky for a mere second before a strawberry floated over head

".......damn ether"

Illusions kept floating before Chris with vivid detail and he expected for it to end soon enough. Barney laughed and began to chime out "super dee dooper!" over and over again until chris could no longer bare it.

a voice called out from somewhere saying."Rise up, become who you were born to be." 'Damn' he thought the ether was lasting an unusal lenght of time. The voice seemed so real.

"Bring peace to the world restore what was lost." The voice called.
The vivd colors began to sshroud around him until reality was nowhere to be found.

Somethimg was deffinatly different. This was real. In a frightened rage Chris sreamed and felt light burst through his fingertips. The kaliedascope of colors faded away into nothing, was replaced with absoute darkness.

He tried to speak, tried to scream, but the air caught in his throat. A voice boomed out in the absolute darkness. "Young Christopher. Your journey begins today."

"Who are you?" gasped Chris when he found he could talk.

"My identity is unimportant. From now until the end of the War, time is of the essence for Earth."

Chris struggled for air. "Wh--what are you talking about?"

"I cannot simply tell you the dangers that loom over your planet. I must show you."

And with that, light and colors burst through Chris's mind. He screamed, but the noise was lost in the whirlwind of hues.

When he could feel again, he opened his eyes. He was kneeling down on warm, metal, scrap of some kind. He looked around to see a ruined landscape. To his right was a forest, red with fire, air black above it from the smooke spewing out freely.


Chris swiveled around as he stood. What was this? Where was he?

As if to answer his thoughts, that mysterious voice resounded through his mind once again. "This is Earth, one year from your future."

Chris's heart dropped. "No way. What happened?"

"It is confusing, but I will put it in simpler terms for your brain to comprehend. The Earth Realm lies parralel to another realm of being, the Demon Realm. Sometimes throughout the histories of these realms, a tear will occur between the two worlds. Most of the time, the rift goes unknown and seals itself back up. "

Chris tried to grasp what the voice was saying. It was hard.

"But sometimes, a rift may stay open, and beings that were not meant to be together mingle. As is the case in a year from Earth's time."

Chris gulped and shook his head. This had to be a dream.

"Beings from the two worlds have only crossed the rift once, and that was, what humans referr to as dinosaurs."

Chris's curiosity perked. "Are you saying dinosaurs were actually a breed of demon from the other realm?"

"Precisely. These demons adapted to the new environment. Luckily, humans had not been around, because demons never have a happy disposition."

"So what happened?" asked Chris, brushing a lock of dark brown hair from his eyes, still surveying the burning landscape.

"A group of both humans and Astrals--the dominant and intelligent beings in the Demon realm--closed the rift and brought the dinosaurs back to the Demon Realm, and the humans back to Earth."

A moment of silence past, then Chris asked, "What did you mean when you said, 'Become who you were born to be.'"

Another moment of quiet. "You are to be the Savior."

"Savior?" questioned Chris uncertainly.

"Saviors are those who fight to protect the two worlds. They bring peace back to the lands."

Chris said nothing. He couldn't grasp the situation, and his mind went blank.

The voice went one, however. "You will save the realms, Chris."

Chris's mind blurred back into focus. What was going on? "Only me?"

"No. You will not be alone. Others fight for your same cause."

Chris nodded, resigned to the situation. "Will we travel to the Demon Realm?"

"No..." the voice trailed off. "it has already been lost. The Evil that opens the rifts has swept the land, destroying all that is peaceful. I would take you to show you what the realm is now like, but I do not think your body will be able to handle the journey between realms."

"Will Earth fall?" asked Chris, strangely calm.

"Not if you and your brethren can save it."

Just as Chris was about to answer back, a giant roar erupted. From the forest to Chris's left burst a giant creature. It looked like a giant troll, with mottled gray skin and sharp teeth in a massive jaw. It towered just to the treeline, about forty feet high.

"What is that?!" yelled Chris, alarmed.

"That is a Broll demon. Fierce and large, it is extremely hard to take down."

"That is what we will be facing?!"

"Just watch, Chris. Saviors are not unarmed and inexperienced."

Chris watched as a band of humans emerged from the trees near the Broll. They were armed with large guns and wore heavy looking metal armor. Chris could hear their yells and war whoops as they shot at the demon. The Broll cried out in pain as the bullets struck him, and he wildly slapped and thrashed at the ground. Four of the twelve humans were smacked away like rag dolls, but the bullets from the rest soon got to the Broll, ad he slumped to the ground, shaking it, dead.

"You will have one year to train with me. The rift will then open, and I will send you back to Earth."

"So, wait, we are in the future?" asked Chirs bleakly.

"It would seem so, wouldn't it?" chuckled the voice, and then all Chris saw was white...

~(Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to post my idea. I may make a story out of this, because the plot has now provoked my imagination! smile)

In a performance that could only be desribed as majestic a man cloaked in white appeared. "I am Rauder"<roodare>
Chris was stunned. "Are... are you god?" He asked in a trembled voice.
Rauder chucled softly.

"No my boy i am not. but that isnt really important now is it? We must begin your training." Chris smlied with a air of confidance and stated. "I can already use a gun, and i bet i could use any gun you gave me with percision!"

"Christobal if this was a matter of guns and tactics the army would surely have no problem in saving the world would they? No you must master powers beyond your wildest dreams."

Cris was starteled. "You mean like hocus pocus spells and stuff?"
"In a matter, yes" Rauder said. "But there are no incantations. the power comes from your heart and the will to protect the world."

"Im not sure if you can tell Rauder but i dont much care for the world. But wait the light i felt in my fingertips? Was that magic or power as you say?"

"Yes, but time is limited, we must begin now. Your answers will be provided as you excell in your training. Lets begin." "Im ready, i guess chris said."

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"The first thing i want you to do is empty your mind. Listen to earth as she calls out to you." Chris cocked an eyebrow and laughed out. "Your kidding right? You expect me to sit around like some monk and attempt to reach enlightenment?" He laughed at the thought. "Right"

Chris furrowed his brow. He looked around at the room that Rauder had somehow taken him to. It was a plain white, square room, yet Rauder had said that, 'the room could create anything that was needed for training.'

"You're serious?" asked Chris.

"I do not joke around," said Rauder solemnly from a corner of the room.

"Okay, and how exactly do I 'clear my mind'?"

"Relax," said Rauder, waving his hand in front of him. Out of nowhere appeared a soft armchair, squishy and comfortable. "Wipe your mind blank. Do not think. Let your senses take over. Listen, feel, smell, but do not think about what you are taking in. Just... relax."

Chris sat down on the chair, closing his eyes, doing as Rauder had instructed.

He found it quite difficult to stop thinking. he tried to just focus on his breathing but it was still thought. Every time he came close to clearing his mind he began to think about how ridiculous all of this was. had he not just been a teenager in class wanting the math teacher to die? How ccould he be a savior. He trailed in thought.

Rauder looked at him and barked. "You must clear your mind! put aside everything and listen to lady earth."

Chris closed his eyes once again, wiping his mind blank as well as he could. Thoughts crept up on him, but he immediately banished them away. It was harder than he had first expected, but he was determined to get it right.

As every thought was cleared from chrises mind a new feeling swelled through him. He could feel everything now. The skies above the fire bellow. He felt the whole planet in a new light, but this feeling was so eerie that chris snapped back into thought opened his eyes and spoke.

"What the hell was that?" he reeled. "Mmm good you are learning try again but this time talk to the air will it to move." Chris asked a question first. "Can anyone do this?"

"Well no chris that is what seperates you from everyone else. if just anyone could do it you wouldnt be here now." He pondered that for a moment then decided to try again. He closed his eyes and in little time felt the word beating around him. He called out to the wind and she answered by blowing a slight breeze at him.

He opened his eyes and Rauder was smiling at him. "Perfect now speak to the water and when you have done that will the fires bellow to burp." Chris no longer doubted his ability and soon mastered all the elements.

A year passed and it was time. Chris.....

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mr icy cool
said to Rauder, "What must I do first?" Rauder responded, "First you must eliminate the traitors on your world who are secretly working for the demons. These are: Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Barney the Dinosaur, and the Teletubbies."

Chris started to think on this revelation, and first went after the big fluffy purple dinosaur, Barney. He took at a custom .357 Magnum and unloading the six shot handcannon in the back of Barney's head. He traveled to L.A. for his next victims: the Teletubbies.

mr icy cool
Reaching L.A., Chris picked up his M-16 and opened fire on the Teletubbies. Po was immediatly hit. He collapsed. However, Tinky-Winky quickly produced a rocket launcher and fired back at Chris.

With a feeble cry of rage, the fallen Po screamed his named over and over as his tiny form expanded, his voice grew deeper and his once-cutesey form was shaped into a monsterous, brightly-colored hulk...

"Po... PO! PO... PO...Smash!!!"
The twelve-foot tall, muscular Teletubbie grabbed Tink-Winky and bit his head off, crunching on the rocket launcher it exploded, Po's giggle was like a lion growling as the bullets bounced off his thick hide...

Originally posted by black_goku#1
"Well no chris that is what seperates you from everyone else. if just anyone could do it you wouldnt be here now." He pondered that for a moment then decided to try again. He closed his eyes and in little time felt the word beating around him. He called out to the wind and she answered by blowing a slight breeze at him.

He opened his eyes and Rauder was smiling at him. "Perfect now speak to the water and when you have done that will the fires bellow to burp." Chris no longer doubted his ability and soon mastered all the elements.

A year passed and it was time. Chris.....
shook with anticipation. All the training had led him to this moment. What of rhiannon he thought. i wonder if she will recognize me hell i barely recognize myslef. He looked into a mirror and instead of a feeble boy skin and bone he saw something better he saw...

A man more or less shaped into something fearce. A matureity showed in his eyes one that isnt easily learned. It had been a long hard year and every day was filled with a task more brutal than the one before. Chris thought it funny. The person he once was would have given up so easy yet now he would choose to do it again. A swelling pool of pride bubbled inside him but quickly vanished. He changed so much in a year he found it hard to believe that Heather hadnt moved on. He hadnt thought of her this wwhole time, he hadnt really had time. Now however the memory of her sweet smile and joyus laugh brought a tear to his eye. "Whats wrong child?" asked Rudaer in a sicere tone. "Will she even remeber me? Itss been so long, what if she doesnt like who i am now what if...if she moved on?" Rudaer chuckeled his voice deep with heart, "My boy of course she hasnt forgotten you, how could she forget you and your strengths?" Chris sighed. "But i wasnt always this eager i never cared about anyone other than myself... " Rudaer let out another heart felt chuckle and stated. "My dear child if that were true you wouldnt be so upset now your hearts always been big you just never payed attention. Come now its time for your first day back and ill bet she is waiting for you where she always did...

mr icy cool
Chris packed his weapons and prepared to leave. "Is Rauder your real name?" he asked his mentor. "No, boy, my real name is Tom Bishop."
Tom gestured to another figure appearing. "And this is Narcberry. It's time to go..."

mr icy cool
Suddenly, an enormous creature roared at them. "A Broll demon!" shouted Tom. He and Narcberry quickly opened fire on the demon and killed it with a powerful handgun.

Tom turned around to look at Chris.

"Everything you know is a lie. A lie which has been forced so thoroughly into the masses subconcious, that nobody dares to question it.

"This is the centre of it! Not the Earth itself but the shape of it!. We do not live on a blue ball hurtling through the cosmos but upon the back of a great disk, thousands of miles wide.

"What I am about to tell you has been proven by the great Professor Samuel Birley Rowbotham, after whom this very institute is christened. He wandered the isles of Britain until his death in 1884, proving through easily repeatable experimentation why the Earth is flat."

Chris raised and eyebrow and sat back in his seat in wry amusement, the man was a nut! He listened for close to an hour about Flat Earth physics. How gravity didn't exist and was created by a 'universal Accelerator' pushing up on the Earth, how water was held in by an ice wall possibly hundreds of miles thick, how the sun and moon were 32mile objects circling over the equator until:

"Oh come on!" Chris yelled "You don't expect me to actually believe this bullshit, do you? Hello, we've got pictures of the Earth from space!"

"Which neatly brings me to my next point." Tom said "NASA, ESA, the Argentine Space Agency, the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, The Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization, The Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, etcetera, etcetera are all lies, dedicated in a mix of covert military research, producing fake space videos and pictures, faking rocket launches and, most importantly, lining the pockets of the creators.

"'What could be gained from lying about the earth?' you say? Space travel is impossible because it would require infinite energy to keep it accelerating against the UA. When NASA realised this, they had 2 choices, either admit to billions of US dollars wasted into a fruitless research or save face and fake it, investing the government grants into secret military endeavors and advanced image manipulation technology. As well as making a hefty profit. Soon, other 'space agencies' joined the scam.

"Could it be done? Of course, only a few people need ever know about the biggest deception in the history of mankind..."

(Whats this about exactly? I could do an A-Team cameo big grin or help in general?)

mr icy cool
Someone add more!

..." Chris waited in anicipation. "Which is what exactly?" Tom smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "That my boy is another days conversation, go into the world with your new knowledge, but with a heavy heart for you can not share it with anyone..? chris frowned and his doubt was answered "not even her dear boy not even her...when the time is right perhaps but for now go to her."

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mr icy cool
"This is the enemy!" bellowed Narcberry. "Behold, Eric Bloedow!"

Tom Bishop seized Chris as they glided back to their world, ready to do battle with Eric.

mr icy cool
Want MOAR.

Originally posted by mr icy cool
"This is the enemy!" bellowed Narcberry. "Behold, Eric Bloedow!"

Tom Bishop seized Chris as they glided back to their world, ready to do battle with Eric.
"WE were moments too late!" cursed Narcberry.
Chris looked around his stomach queezy from the burst of adreniline he had experienced. Narcberry looked over at him and muttered something under his breath. "Now what do we do? cant we just track him again i mean we found him this once,couldnt we..." Narcberry turned at looked at chris sternly in the face. "If it was that easy boy do you not think we would have beaten the bastard into the void long ago!! Your ignorance goes beyond words boy!!" Chris balled his fists and ground his teeth despite himself. "What did rudaer see in a whelp like you. what could you possibly accomplish that we cant on our own? SOme chosen one you are look at you still shaking from a mere flit! How can we blindy put our hopes into the hands of..of.." Chris reached his limit. "Of what? of me?! Do you think i asked for this. DO you think i want to be your goddamned savior! I dont even kniw who i am anymore!" The ground below CHris felt brittle and he started shaking violently. "Before all this happened my biggest problem was trying to impress the girl i loved." a wind strted rolling with screams to match his fury. " All i want is to wake up from this shit ordained world of yours and realize i just had a bad bowl of ramen!" Narcberry despite himself backed away slowly taken aback by the spectacle before him. "But i know now i wont. I dont know why Ruader chose me! I dont KNow why he thinks i am a savior!.." chris`s eyes started pulsating colors and his vision blurred. the ground crumbled below the tremors of his body. "But im doing the best i can with what ive got! SO deal with it!" Narcberrry crumpled from an unseen forc tears streaming from his eyes.... "Forgive me...."

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