Serious Films That Are Funny

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Has anyone ever seen any films that are supposed to be serious, or horrors, thillers, action movies but just virtually laughed at them either because they are stupidly unrealistic, or the hero character is a complete butt monkey?

I found this with Spiderman 2. My mates were really enjoying it, but all through the film, i was creasing myself because it was so corny.

Anyone else though that about Spiderman or any film for that matter?


Most teen horror movies.

The Exorcist and many other old movies. I laughed so hard during the Exorcist though. No serious movie has ever been close to topping that one for me.

Spike Eccles
it has to be the Swarm, which i consider one of the funniest movies ever made. funnier even that Airplane and Monty python.

Controversial, i hear you gasp!!!

Seriously, watch the film again and time the gaps between unintentional laughs. I lost count of the laughs in the first ten minutes.

Hilariously awful, truly atrocious acting and a script written by a blind man with no hands and no talent.

Yet, it's really funny.

easily the best comedy of 1978!!!

Jackie Malfoy
A lot of horror movies always makes me laugh!I would have to say the movie "Chucky" it is so funny a nd it is not supose to be!But it is!JM

Spiderman 1,2; scream 1,2,3; resident evil, jasonx, jeepers creepers (it really sucked) :s; and a few more, i cant remember right now...

straw dogs was banned for years here i watched it a few weeks back and i was LMAO it is so bad

Titanic was hilarious.

You could almost taste the cheese, a nice, mature cheddar.

A bunch of us went to see "Escape from LA" at the el cheapo theater, and the film broke several times during the show. Eventually, anarchy reigned, and we all just yelled and made fun of the movie for about the last 30 or 40 minutes. It was kinda like RHPS, actually...pretty fun.

the village

The arnie film 'commando' has to be one aswell. Arnie with like half of Iraq's arsenal going against 50,000 middle eastern extremeists just to get his daughter back. Although what made this film funny is that the main bad guys were both fat and they were supposed to be special forces. And *SPOLIER* (sorry I don't know how to post them) the bad guy dies from having a pipe thrown at him. I mean come on!!!!

underworld, unbelievably funny...

As is X-men. Is apolcalypse or whatever his face is gonna be in X-Men 3?

I'll grant you that "Commando" is a shining example from Arnie's string of mindless action hits from the 80's (the whole genre leans toward laughability), but I don't think it was quite THAT bad. He might have brought some heavy armaments to the front, but who wouldn't take such measures to rescue his daughter? Plus, he managed to improvise weapons from the toolshed at one point, remember?

As for the villains' rotundity, they were EX-Special Forces--their lack of discipline led to their weight gain, which illustrates how they weren't true heroes like Arnie. Also, I believe the 1,001 henchmen were Central American, not Middle Eastern.

Finally, the villain is not killed by having a pipe thrown at him. He is impaled on a steam pipe protruding from the wall, prompting Arnie's cutesy final line: "Let off some steam."

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I concur.

Red Superfly
If a movie is supposed to be serious and I feel like laughing at it, I usually don't laugh at all. Instead, it turns into rage, then I leave the cinema embittered and slightly warped in my outlook on human life.

I found this with The Punisher. Utterly laughable movie. Obviously I wanted to stake the producer in the eye upon my departure from the cinema.

O yeah whatever happened to the punisher, or hellboy for that matter. Trailer after trailer of hellboy appeared at the cinema yet no one went to see it that i know of.


I laughed the whole way through.

through the matrix? it wasnt very funny though. Although i guess agent smith is one funny mofo.

Hugo Weaving Rocks. but that film was a farce.

El Toro
are you kidding me!!!
non of the mentioned points are what made COMMANDO "the king of all 80s action" funny.

it was the one-liners arnie managed to pull throughout the whole freakin movie!!!

- Let off some steam bennitt
- your a funny guy selly, i like you. that's why im gonna kill you last.
- remember when i said i would kill you last......i lied!!!
- please dont disturb my friend....he's "dead" tired
- i eat green berets for breakfast....and i'm very hungry!!

Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

those were great one liners, i loved em... although king of 80s action? i dunno about that...

Has anyone mentioned evil dead?

almost any horror movie now a days are serious but they are hilarious

I know i've seen it that may times.

- But to put a knife in me, and see the expression on my face when you twern it.
- (What did you do to selly?) I let him go!
- But what is impwortant is gravity
- (So if you want your daughter back you gonna have to co-operate right?) WONG! *bang*
- (Leave anything for us?) Just bodeez

I know they arnt one liners but they are well funny. Notice the size of arnies forehead when he says "let of some steam bennitt"

Lord Shadow Z
Here's to other Commando lines:

Stewardess: "Do you have any carry-on luggage"
Arnie:" No, just him"

Arnie: "We'll take Cookes car, he won't be needing it"

And shouldnt Bennitt die when Arine punches him against that electric fence thing?

More lines....

-I Like Cadillacs, Know what I like best? The Price
-Open your mouth again and i'll nail it shut (even though he didnt have any nails)
-Why dont you have Bennitt do it? Sounds like something he would get off on.
-Come on, Dang FLY!!!!
-Im not gonna shoot you between the eyes john, im gonna shoot you between the balls. (but surley it would be more effective to shoot him between the eyes.)

The killer bee nightmare was hiliarious!

Anyone ever going to name an actual "serious" film, here? Action and Horror never take themselves so seriously to where critiques are unavoidable.

Red Superfly
I thought The Punisher was TRYING to be deadly serious.

Maybe thats just me being a fan of the comics, thinking that the Director would at least try and match up to it. But alas, it was hilarious.

Lord Shadow Z
Which Punisher film are you refering to?

Lord Shadow Z
Here's more;

Cindy: "where are we going?"
Arnie: "shopping"

Cop: " suspect is 6'2, brown hair...he's one big mother****er(or something along those lines)

Cop " why don't you see me kick some ass" (not realising who he's dealing with at that time)

Guy at beginning of film taking out garbage: "I was afraid you were going to miss me"
Cooke: " Don't worry, we won't"(immeditely shooting him with uzis)

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