Is Zion a Real World ?

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Many supporters (including me) of this movie strongly believe that Zion is NOT a real world.

Their based on the following reasons :

1) Neo can stop those "mechanical optopus" outside the matrix system.

2) Neo didn't die even one of the mechanical optopus passed through his body

3) Zion is simply a place designed by machine for fixing those bugs (Neo,Trinity etc.....) who feel unreal in matrix. Once they wake up, they just go to another system (Zion) and they think that they are free. But in fact, they (bugs) are still under the control of the machine.

It is kind of nice to think that it might be a matrix in a matrix in a matrix.... kind of cruel as well, but a nice idea never the less.

Nope but it is name for gods people or homeland.

Well this calls into question a whole lot of philosophical issues... how do you know you're not a brain in a jar being fed electrical impulses?

Perhaps the best image in the series is where the cyborg awakes in the slimy pod - evokes a visceral response! eek!

i agree zion is a sub matrix within the matrix

Me too.

be quiet.

Jackie Malfoy
I thought it was supose to be a real world?If not then why would they be trying to save it in the last firm?This does not make any sence if the agents are not looking for it in the first firm and it does not exist.
WHat would be the point of the whole movie?JM

Zion is the deep underground place, the last place not polluted or blighted by the great war. It is a real place.

Zion is real. I thought, after seeing reloaded, and before seeing revolutions, that zion was a matrix outside of the matrix, and that neo had awoken himself. but after seeing the third movie, i realized this belief was erroneous. why? because, Neo has a connection to the Source. It wasn't until after meeting the architect that he discovered it, but he did. Zion is not another program, it is the world that we live in, (which is also real) and cannot be changed.

Maybe the real world in real life really is a sort of matrix, and our bodies are somewhere else, and those bodies will awaken once we die, and we will find the reason why we were here messed

CraSh OveRloaD
Okay, only if you haev been here from the start (Like jediHDM and I) (Hello by the way, long time no see) You wil perfectly understand that Zion is Indeed Real and that there is No Matrix With a matrix (MWAM) It was thought of, and proven against.

There are seevral theories as to how Neo Can Zap The Machines

(Mine being that he is Conected woth Smith, Smith is an Agent, well, WAS an Agent, Agents are conected to the Sentinals as seen in The First Matrix ("Deploy the Sentinals" brown (i think) said) So there fore, He could simply just use that link to the machines (concidering HE Simultaniously BE in and Out of the Matrix in a way, (or at least In Limbo) To Make the MAchine's GEnerators Overheat or something... who knows.

BUT there are Several Threads talking about MWAM most of the shut down as they have been proven negative.

raverMy thoughts EXACTLY. raver

The point of having an actual "Real World" is to prove that the might of the machines goes beyond the control of the matrix, but rather the control of both worlds. This is due to the fact that the machines have managed touse the "real word" factor to there systimatic advantage. In this sense, the "real world" may be real, but is still bound by the ability to e controlled.

I think so. I also think that the agent and other AIs are trapped inside an even larger construct so that they too are prisoners.

i havnt posted here (the matrix forum) in a long time and i was sad to see that we are still having to explain the MWAM theory to people.. this discussion was dead soooo long ago.. glad you still have the patience to explain to countless new people why it is the way it is Jedi

Well after watching this movie ... one can realy be confused about these things you know at times i do blv that its not real but at times yes i m confused abt this ... well i guess an other matrix movie can make it clear big grin

my point was that there are threads with many many pages about this already.. but im sure they are burried back a bit..

Silver Stardust
Oh FFS...not this bloody MWAM crap again....

Let's talk about the Phone booth theory!!! eek!

Ok, forget about it raver

It would be so cool if they put the phone booth scene at the end of Revolutions.

I believe Morpheous was rather serious and honest when he said to Neo...."Welcome to the REAL world". Waaaay back in the first film.

yeah I guess so, but still it's great that people philosophise about all this stuff, its what makes the movie more interesting. yes

Oh yeah is fun to make up your own little theories about the film. happy

But that Matrix within the matrix stuff takes the fun out of it. Kinda goes confusing. messed

yeah I don't think that's the point, but all those references are just so much fun!

I'm trying to get people to join in the current ARG's (alternate reality gaming) metacortex (remember the days) was one of them

Zion is Jerusalem. Y'know the holy city of the Jews in the bible and today. Read the Bible. Good stuff.

It would maike a lot more sense if it actually was another Matrix but you can't actually prove it the one way or the other so its a nice theory but not worth argueing since there is no right or wrong answer (since it is a film in the first place anyway)

Oh by the way Existenz is a lot more interesting. And it hast to do with a matrix in a matrix which possibly is in a matrix that is in a matrix its cooooool. They don'T call it Matrix though.

ExistenZ has a twisted spiral storyline. wacko

It does have some Matrixism in it.

I'D say Matrix has some ExistenZialism in it. And don't say the Matrix was first, whatever they well they traveled to the future and then stole the ideas, yes, thats how it was, err I mean is going to be, no has been, I dunno.

ExiztenZialism? eek!

You beat me with that one. stick out tongue

Silver Stardust
What the f**k?

You've lost me.

You haven't seen a movie called eXistenZ? confused

Is has a lot twists and turns. You kinda lose track of whats happening. But is real good.

Silver Stardust
Nope, never heard...I'll check it out though.

ExistenZ is weird.. What the f**k? Matrix has got cool people in it

err, whom if I may ask?

1) He only stopped the sentinels AFTER he went to Architect. as was mentioned before. ( And i firmly beleive he did NOT go to the source, i can explain later)

2) How come trinity didnt get hit by the sentinel? she was sitting right next to neo. Neo didnt get hit by a physical sentinel, rather, he was smacked by that funky unexplained orange light crap.

3)Zion is the last city which hasnt been overrun by machines. the machines didnt make it, the surviving humans did. The freed ones are not 'bugs', they just dont accept the matrix as real. Zion isnt under control by the machines or they would have destroyed it by now.

The first Matrix explained everything quite neatly, then Reloaded screwed everyone over, then Revolutions didnt answer anything that Reloaded questioned.

Morpheus's explaination when he first introduces Neo to the Real world (when he shows him the battery) answers everything nicely.

Yes it does it nicely but not fuilly. Zion could be a faked world, another matrix that let the humans belive they were in the free world with all the shite around. Quite possible

the agents arn't looking for zion they already know where it is smith is looking for the codes to get him into the zion mainframe so he can destroy it and be free from the matrix and not chase hackers all day

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