Review: I Heart Huckabees

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this movie looked very good in trailer a long while back.. however i heard very very bad reviews of it ill still need to check it out. I heard that it had the potential to be great but it seemed like they just really missed the point

That's odd. I've heard nothing but good reviews, that's pretty much the only reason we chose it.

The "undertow" must have a lot of people living there. That kind of crowd is common where I see films.

I'm curious to see this

comingsoon usually has good reviews because they explain exactly why.. they really hated this movie and i heard from some friends it was weak..
heres some from comingsoon

The Bottom Line:
Considering the wait since Russell's last movie, I Heart Huckabees is a huge letdown. However hard you try to make sense or find depth in all the existential nonsense, "Huckabees" is a silly and pointless exercise that verges on embarrassment for all involved. Lacking the sense of drama and the stirring performances of the movies it tries to imitate (Magnolia, The Royal Tenenbaums), it's left with nothing but a bunch of quirky encounters that has little resonance.

4 out of 10

I'd love to know how it was imitating The Royal Tenebaums (which, coincidentially, is one of the most critically overrated movies of the decade). If you read my summary, I think it's pretty obvious that it's a unique story. It may have the same feel as Magnolia, but that can't be a bad thing. Don't agree with that review in the slightest. Silly yes, but pointless..most definitely not. I certainly got something out of it.

New York Times, ReelViews, USA Today, Rolling Stone and Film Focus all gave it very good reviews. It was hit and miss amongst the critics, although the one you have there is the only bad review I've seen as yet. Screw them, go see it for yourself I say.

yea i sitll plan on seeing it and this way if it is good ill be more suprised and enjoy it that much more

I left the movies with this face: huh
the movie was rather...interesting... VERY VERY VERY hard to follow though... at the end the french woman with the investigators actually were working 2gether? I usually enjoy strange films but this one was...special... there's no easy way to explain it messed

Afro Cheese
I'm still wondering what the **** that movie was about.

It's pretty much a movie about getting people to understand that the philosophical approach of existentialism is the way to live if you want to understand yourself, and how you control your own destiny, given you don't believe in things in life being predetermined. When you apply it to the movie, it's about people who are in desperate need of self-evaluation, who aren't truely happy where they are, and thus hire the couple to break down their problems, and show them how they are the ones responsible for the way they live and die, controlling their own fate. Like DB said, thankfully, it wasn't pretentious, and left it up to the characters, and the viewers. Not heavy-handed.

I, too, was skeptical at first, and while it took a few minutes for me to get into it, given the really bizarre opening sequence, I throughly enjoyed it. There's a 2 disc set floating around which I wanna get my hands on sometime soon. I don't necessarily think it was trying to clone works like "The Royal Tenenbaums", but more so Charlie Kaufman, who we all know is pretty much the greatest screenwriter alive for movies such as this. he would done even better with the movie, IMO, and that's scary.

Andrew McLeod
It was VERY good. I just watched it tonight. It's something that can be talked about. I love that. It was hilarious and, yet, so deeply philosophical. I need to buy it now.

i'm absoloutly in love with that movie- i can't wait to see it again b/c i saw it coming home on a plane so it was kinda distracting but i thought it was absoloutly hysterical- plus jude law is uber sexy so that gave it some hottness points smile

I just got this through the post today, so shall be having a look, will probably love it.

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