Questions Relating to Enter the Matrix

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1. For the people who have the PC version of the game...In Sparks' Training Construct, have you guys seen the door that opens in the long white hall that doesn't open in the console versions? In it there are two games, but one is playable, and then you unlock the other one. The game is you have to run in rings before time runs out. Has anybody beat these games?

2. On the Matrix Revolutions soundtrack, inside the flaps, there are 8 number/letter sequences hidden in the pictures, like the cheats look in Enter the Matrix. I was wondering...can someone enter them in for me? I have them here...

Did anyone notice this when it first came out?


i'd help u, but i have the ps2 version...

CraSh OveRloaD

did I mention I have the DVD-ROM edition?

DirectorFitz one bought the PC version?

c'mon!!!!!!! somebody here must have the pc version!!!!!!!!!

CraSh OveRloaD

CraSh OveRloaD
And Lastly

Some things are over analyzed, you have ETM, then use i yourself, enter the code yourself. You ahve the DVD ROM = PC

Like EVERY other Version Cosole OR P.C. you HAVE to pass ALL the minigames

the flaming wasn't necessary but....the DVD ROM version was the first one I got, and it was cheaper than the cdrom, so back off...and i entered the codes and they dont work.....

and i worded my last post wrong.....i meant "somebody has to have seen that door in the PC version"...excuse my grammar.......geez

i have finished the game. man, you are slow if your only up to the training level now. when did you get the game? i got it last year!

the first door is the room where you have to shoot down swat guys. once you shoot a certain amount, the second door opens. this is good for practising fight scenes, cause all there is in there is unlimited swat. look for some cheat site that has the amount you need. has it i believe.

the other secret door is crappy in comparison. all you do is stand on a platform in a cage and try to kick swat guys off the platform and into the abyss.

these are the only secret doors available in the game. the secret 'run through rings' stuff is made up and fake.

no it isn' the pc version.....

can somebody help me get a screencapture software that can capture images from pc games so I can prove to you guys im not lying?

Oh, and by the way...i only played through the plot when I got it....

I just now picked it up, and did the training, thank you very much


Okay....i would go there...but i already posted the freakin question and nobody seems to know what I'm talking about.....AND I AM NOT MAKING IT UP....THERE IS ANOTHER DOOR!!!!!!!!!

you can just press Printscreen on your keyboard. quit the game, open paint or watever and paste your pic. And i am playing the PC version, theres only 2 secret doors. even if there was a secret 'run through rings', why would anyone want to?

confused geh

i see some people nevere change.

oh well its good to see im not missing anything.

well here are the pics of what im talking about:
the red sentence says "Third Door"
the ring game
sniper target practice game
the room behind the third door, where you access the games
what the third button is, I think it opens the door in that room

well, there now you have it

and just so I can...
I want to share this pic:
i switched Ghost's skin with Neo's. And I walked in a certain area, where Smiths kept multiplying and it turned out looking like a nighttime burly brawl

come on!! u got what you wanted....i posted pics for proof!!!!!

DirectorFitz, Thats for the PC verson,

For the PS2 Version its different, We have the same things as you but in different places and they look different, we have 1 Snuper game, and 2 fighting games, and they left a switch or somthing for us to try and figure out how to get to the next special bit, but its just there to keep us playing

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