Millenium Falcon in EPIII

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According to rumors, near the end of EPIII, Obiwan goes to Naboo to track down Anakin. While approching the planet in his Jedi Starfighter, General Grevious shoots him down and he crashlands. After defeating Grevious, and confronting Padme about the whereabouts of Anakin, Obiwan leaves Naboo on GREVIOUS' SHIP!!! Padme stowes away on the ship - obiwan does not know she is aboard.

Could it be that Grevious' ship is actuall the Millenuim Falcon?!?! We know it is introduced in EPIII, and it seems like perfect irony and could provide some nice parallels to the OT.

Specifically, Padme could stowe away in the same compartments that Luke, Han, Chewie, Obiwan, and the droids hid when captured by the Empire in ANH?

To me, it seems highly likely this is the case, but I'm curious about everyone's opinions.

and where did you get that the MF was bound to make an introduction?

either RM or someone else in production said we would see the falcon in EPIII.

The MF is a freighter, isn't it? I don't think Grievous would be flying one of those.


I thought Grando Calrissian stole the Falcon to go to prom night?

the falcon isnt just any freighter, its fast as heck. and its got lots of storage space for weapons and trophies.

Well, only after it was modified.

I don't think there is any unambiguous confirmation that the ship is in Episode III.

ah, i guess it could be just another one of those "would be cool if" ideas. i really like the idea of padme stowing away on the falcon, though.

Well lots of characters in the SW-Universe have 'personal ships' Dash Rendar had the Outrider and he was a millitary man who primarily flew high tech fighters.

Maybe Grievious 'personal' ship was a certain freighter which he converted to be as deadly as hell but also look like any other shipas so not to draw attention.

Remember thats what Jango and then Boba Fett did with the Slave 1, a Firespray Police Patrol Ship, old, dozens of them about, you wouldn't glance at em twice, thats maybe the idea. smile

Darth Jello
that would be a cool twist. kind of like the tantive IV appearing ni episode III. What would be a real surprise is if Lucas revealed in the archivals or in EU that the alliance used battle droids. that would really twist things.

lets not overdo the links wink

Darth Venom
Three Millennium Falcon's or ships similar were in EP II on the DVD
verry small to see but they are there and i hope it will be in EP III. Happy Dance

sure, as in: only a cameo wink

Dirty Vader
Bah I dont want to see that evil Padme on the MF, it'll ruin its reputation

Yeah, the Falcon is a mans ship. It's not for girls.

Red Superfly
Also, I don't want to see the Millenium Falcon at all.

How many times have we seen something thats directly/indirectly related to the main plot arc?

Boba Fett - a miserable bit part made famous cos he wore a cool helmet. Lucas knew the fans loved him, and so made his dad the ORIGINAL FREAKING STORM TROOPER!

C3PO - Created by the anti-christ and was probably intended for some depraved sexual slavery means to while away the lonely nights in the slave quarters. He only ends up living at the same place he is destined to return to later, and meet his younger brother, Luke Skywalker.

We don't need to see any more relatives become "outted" in the next movie - I don't want Han to be Kit Fistos illegitamate son, who was concieved after a drunken fling with Jabba The Hutt. NO NO NO!

I would rather just see the Millenium Falcon parked somewhere, in a polite "nod" to its genius. Having is flown by a major prequel character will just be corny.

However, show me Grievous/Jedi piloting an early Y-Wing or X-Wing and I'd be happy. At least that wouldn't scream: "Bulls**t!!!"

PS I too remember The Outrider. That ship rocked.

PaleWolf 13
Could it be that it is just a YT-1300. It is supposed to be an old ship and it was also supposed to be common back in its day.

i hope so or maybe just a shot in the back .thumb up kick a$$ sig Red Superfly
laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud

I really don't know about this if it is in the movie that would be cool but I wonder how did general grievious get the ship who knows george just wants us to be intrigued for now may force be with you.

i dont think obi wan will board the mf,he would have made a comment about in a new hope when han asked him if hes ever heard of the mf,he also would have recognized it in a new hope,right?

dude the falcon wont be in ep3.

if you remembver lando owned it before you lost it to han solo. lando and han are gona be to young in ep3 so it wouldnt make sense if the falcon is in ep3.

Red Superfly
Lando never said where he got it from, he could have had it handed down by his father - who could be in the movie?

High hopes I guess. And it would make everything seem too "close" - I didn't like the idea of all the characters being somehow related or have known each other or whatever - it made the Star Wars Universe "shrink" into an exclusive club. Before the prequels, the happenings in Star Wars seemed like one big adventure.

If the Falcon itself is IN Episode III, I'll vomit.

oh god some of you people. smile smile smile

if the falcon is in the movie, its in the movie...and you will live.
simple as that. you put up with jar jar crapping all over the film we've
waited to see for over 15 years to see, stood aside as wait, im sorry...>>>ANI<<<...built c3p0,
tolerated the ET cameo...i mean cmon ET!?!?!?
now THAT is vomit-worthy my friend

so my point is if you can handle all those slaps in the face, the Milennium Falcon should be quite easy to deal with.

Jedi Priestess
I must have slept through that part. eek! Where is that?

Ep I when they do the vote of no confidence, lower right corner

oh, JP, i would rather not tell you.
i would pay good money for such blessed ignorance.
but if you must know...

in episodeI, in the galactic senate when amidala calls
for a no confidence vote. as soon as the other deligates start
chanting "vote now" look on the bottom left of the screen,
you will see 3 ET's.

sorry to be the one to have to break it to you

EDIT: looks like someone beat me to it.
but i do believe it is the lower left.

...unless you watch it through a mirror.
then it will be lower right.

Sith Master X
I think you can see some Wookies in the same scene.

Jedi Priestess
<--------------runs off to find said scene on my DVD

Jedi Priestess
Ok there are indeed wookies in that shot as well as 3 freaking ET's blink and now I have to go slit my wrists...sad sad sad

Sith Master X
lol laughing

oh god NO!!!
i KNEW IT!!!
i should have just shut up.
now its too late...

btw, why are you bummed about the wookies?
it makes perfect sence for them to be in the council.
every race in the star wars universe for that matter.
well, those under the republic anyway.

but ET...god, why dont lucas and spielberg just f**k and get it over with.

Jedi Priestess
who said I was bummed about the wookies? Fine with me they are there.the wrist slitting was due to the ET appearance messed

roll eyes (sarcastic) It wont be there at least not as you describe with Obi-wan on it case in point

Han-you've never heard of the Mellenium falcon?
Ben-Should I have

It seems to me if had been on it he would have said

Han-you've never heard of the Mellenium falcon?
Ben-Actully yes I used it as transport off of the Planet Alderan many years ago

'I used it as a transport as i fled screaming like a wuss off Alderan years ago...'

big grin laughing out loud

Don't forget that Obi-wan also says:

"Don't seem to remember ever owning a droid."

He didn't seem to go anywhere without R4 (was that his name?) in EII.


Jedi Priestess
ya know corn now that you mentioned that, that is damn odd...

amnesia .vader ep-iv:your powers are weak old man

Jedi Priestess
banned thank you KMC gods smile

Obi-Wan was right though... from his point of view of course
he didn't OWN the droid, R4 is the property of the Jedi not of OB1 alone

Sith Master X
^ That's true.

Darth Zaratul
But the Falcon and Outrider are both modified Corellean starighters from Corellea, the idea of grevious having anything to do with it is slim to none

yeah dude.. umm thanks for bringing a USELESS thread back to life!!!
dude.. we al know what grievous's ship is and it ISNT the falcon alright??
maderators please close!

That sucks. You kill a man and then jack his car.

shouldnt there be a spoiler marking somewhere?

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