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I am a matrixisist already... Read it... Quite interesting... Its like the Jedi KNight Religion... Expet Matrix one... After reading this site I thought about it, read it again, and chose to join.

Yeah, Matrixism fits together nicely with the trilogy to form a pretty elegant religion. It's almost like the Wachowskis or Warner Brothers planned it cool

raver I need more INFO on this. raver



a bit lame, and pathetic too.
c'mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 it's just a movie, ......great movie, but just a movie.

that site is encouraging ppl to use DRUGS. how dumb is that?

of curse you are going to see an OTHER world, different layers of reality alternate universe.......using dope. don't need to start a religion on it

It seems like there is a pretty serious anti-drug message to the whole thing also. What about that?

What the f**k?...

ha, you people are making a religion based on a wet dream by the andy and larry (ahem...linda)

oh disaster
That's pathetic.

1) They are telling you to stop using drugs!
2)Its not freaken only based on the movies. If you read more into it, a famous fortune teller like 400 years ago, said that there was another world opposite of this, which used us as some kind of drain, and that The One shall come soon and free us all of this pathetic world.

you enjoy that...okay...

Jackie Malfoy
I reather follow the jedi religon being that I am more into star wars then The Matrix!Cool avator btw!JM

I'd rather just stick with Christianity thank you


Wht ever ..!!!

dont you think the world would be a much better place without religion? What the f**k?...

come on why the feck would you call it matrixism??? thats just lame
philosophising is good but don't bring it over the burn people

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