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Anybody planning on seeing this next week? I've been seeing ads for it on tv all week. I never saw Punch Drunk Love, but I'm anxious to see this one. A little different for Sandler, but it looks cool. What do you think?

It looks horrible. But you want to see Punch Drunk Love, it's easily the greatest Sandler movie by far.

i sort of think it looks good

btw -- Punch Drunk Love was a little different for a Sandler film... but it was good

This looks like Adam Sandler's worse movie. I don't plan on ever seeing it.

Punch Drunk Love was that good? Never knew that. I don't think Spanglish is going to be horrible, just a different avenue for him. Anyway, Paz Vega is easy on the eyes and Leachman looks pretty funny.

My sister and her friend went to go see this movie, they said it was good. But i've seen a few bad reviews for it, so i'm not to sure

I dunno.. I watched the coming attractions, and it just looked... it gave off a desperation aura like.. "we dont know what to write about anymore"... all I could do after it was over was *lip cringe*...

yea. . . we do seem to be running out of orginal movie ideas

Is not even a word! Damn that unfunny clown of Sandler! He sucks!

i actually heard some good reviews for it. It does look like a good movie like it was well done but just isnt the type of story most people (sandler fans especially) would enjoy

Well its used enough in spanish classes . . .

I heard it just that it sounds dumb. No biggie.....

Spanglish was actually pretty good. Not a typical Sandler movie in any way. In fact, he wasn't even funny in it.

PDL was ****ing awesome, easily the best Sandler movie.

Spanglish is not a word. But the movie which i thought was quite good is about a Mexican mother and daughter who try to keep their heritage and not become "white". So the title refers to this. Spanish + English= Spanglish.

Sandler wasn't even the main character.

i saw it last night with my girlfriend. it was ok, i mean, nothing special or anything. it did have a few funny parts however, Adam sandlers wife (i can't think of the actresses name) was really annoying. It seemed like one of those movies where you don't figure out where it is going until two thirds of the way through and it was a little too long for that kind of movie. But, again, it was alright. definitly a rental.

Andrew McLeod
I like it. I need to buy it. It's one of those movies that you have to be able to sit down and enjoy every day problems. You have to not mind a dose of reality in a world of fantasy. I liked it a lot. I found it touching, funny, and realistic. The comedy wasn't it's main aspect though, it was just something that kept the drama from being too heavy. It's on my list of must-buys.

I thought Tea Leoni was great. There is no major plot in this movie like some crime movie. As I said before, its all about not losing your hertiage. It was fantastic.

Jackie Malfoy
I have my doubts on seeing this movie.So no I do not think I will rent it or buy it.JM

What doubts?

Afro Cheese
It wasn't a comedy at all. I thought it was pretty good.. and I usually don't like those types of movies.

I thought it was good too, Adam sandler was great in his role.

crickey, I have to agree with you on that one-- I think that he did really well-- good to see him act serious

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