Stupid Pics of D

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Ok I got two new pics so why not post em these will me my last pics for a long long time till i can get some decent size on me. well here is the first pic it is of me sqautting i was made the kid didnt get the weight in the but its alright i think it was something like 380 though. then the second pic is just the most muscular pose stick out tongue

o and im squatting down in the pic im not standing

second pic is coming hold up

whoa mama run D before Tex get's wind eek


and the other one

dat a buff ken doll there no expression

HAHA U said that already laughing out loud


laughing out loud

Love the sig by the way burly man thumb up


hahaha tex!

damn D those people in the second pic behind u must have been like dammn lol

OO They were freshmen because the kids infront of me were the only sophmores that lift for football besides me cause like we dont have a spring sport. but yea lots of freshmen and its fun to do a set with like 20 eyes on u laughing out loud

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Holy shit dude... You're honestly starting to look like the guy in your sig...

O god no dude im 180 pounds with a body fat percentage of like 11 percent. the guy in my sig is more like 265 pounds bodyfat of 6 that is a huge difference that is like saying a Voltz wagon beetle as big as a hummer stick out tongue

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This is a weird thread I know but I was just thinking about this... There's a big difference between being really strong and being resiliant or tough or whatever you want to call it. Like I'm not overly strong but I'm really resiliant like hot or cold temperatures don't bother me... And I can go literally anywhere with no shoes on cos my feet are literally like rawhide, same with my hands when I've been doing work recently

Like a guy who goes to the gym every day might be really strong, but on the other hand, if you handed him a horse and an axe and told him to go hike over the Rockies without carrying food or anything with him, he most likely wouldn't be able to do it

I do a lot of archery, kayaking, canoeing, outdoor type sports and like I've said before I look like a twig but I'm actually pretty tough not to brag or anything wink

So what do other people think? Is there a difference between "tough" and "strong"?

tough and streanght are two sperate things. Toguh is bareing pain streangth is just lifting weights doing things heavier more reps heavier weight etc. U really cant catorgorize the two in the same thread. I mean ok like maybe u can like a guy with lots of muscle can take punches better because they have hard muscels to absorb the blow which makes them tougher. but theonly way someone can be tough is like u said bare weather differences walk on ne thing fight alot with out stopping or letting it bother u.

that is my take on it.

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shit I meant to do that as a thread... Interesting response though...

Nice pictures man.

What Up LF thumb up


God deniro! Your stronger than an adult and your only 16 years old. If you keep working out your arms will be freakin huge by the time your an adult.

Man.... these ARE really stupid pics of D!!!. Nah... Just playn. cool

f*ck !!!! only 16?

I already called it stupid stick out tongue

But ne way LF12 i got a pretty decent idea of what I want to be by the time im a senior hopefully around 210 pounds with a bodyfat of like 10 or under. but ne way
LF up there is a very strong also

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