Official Freddy Krueger Timeline

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October 1922: Amanda Krueger is born in Westin
Hills hospital in Springwood, Ohio.

July 1940: At the age of 18, Amanda decides to
dedicate her life to God and becomes a
nun. Her Christian name was to be known
as 'Sister Mary Helena'. Her first post
as a nun is at Westin Hills. She is put
in 'The Tower', which was the nickname
for the place where the most terrible and the
most evil of the illegitimately insane were
locked up in 'The Tower' like animals.

December 1941: During the holiday season, just a
few days before Christmas, Amanda
was unintentionally locked in 'The
Tower' when the guards were in a
rush to go home to their families.
The inmates kept her concealed for
a number of days, brutally raping and
beating her. When she was finally
found, she was hardly alive, and

September 1942: After a breech delivery, Fred Charles
Krueger is born. Amanda decides to
keep Freddy (as Amanda called
him), and the convent allows her
to stay on as a nun.

July 1952 - December 1952: Freddy began to display
eccentric and even
sociopath tendencies,
such as playing alone
and hurting small
animals, such as

January 1953: At the age of 11, Freddy becomes a
ward of the state after slicing his
mother's leg with a kitchen knife.

1953 to 1960: Freddy goes from Foster home to
Foster home as he goes through
elementary school. He rapidly becomes
the other children's scapegoat. Two
predominantly horrible bullies where
Walter Lantz and Douglas Parker.

March 1960: At the age of 17, Freddy is sent back
to live with his mother to try and
help the boy. Freddy is already
showing murderous tendencies,
including killing dogs and cats. He
also finds a beat up fedora outside of
a grocery store.

April 1961: Freddy is released from his mother's
care again after he rapes and beats

June 1961: Freddy is sent to live with a drunk old
farmer (Alice Cooper in Nightmare 6) on
the outskirts of Springwood after
dropping out from Springwood High

August 1961: After developing a taste for self-
mutilation with his straight razor,
Freddy murders the farmer, who as it
turned out was abusive. Due to the
fact he was under the age of 18 by
roughly one month, he wasn't tried
for murder.

October 1961: Freddy goes to work as a janitor at
Springwood High. He also meets and
begins to court Loretta Johnson, a
waitress at a nearby diner.

January 1963: Freddy Krueger walks down the aisle with Loretta

January 1963 - June 1966: Freddy lives a double
life at the time,
playing family man with
Loretta and maltreating
and raping prostitutes.

June 1966: Katherine Krueger is born.

July 1966 - July 1967: Freddy tries to reform and
actually succeeds to a
small degree, committing no
really terrible acts during
this time.

July 1967 - September 1971: Freddy begins to
slaughter all the
children of
Springwood. Among
those that lose their
children are several
of Freddy's colleagues
from school that
teased him horribly.
He manages to conceal his
secret from his wife
and daughter by
keeping his
instruments of
destruction hidden and
locked up in the

September 1971: Loretta accidentally uncovers what
is going on in the cellar.
Freddy strangles her to death.
Katherine witnesses the massacre and
tells someone. Katherine is taken
to an adoption home and Freddy
flees the law.

September 1971 - September 1974: Freddy kills at
least 10 more
children, hiding
in his ice cream
truck and at a
local power
plant. It is
that 'The
Slasher', as the
papers dubbed
Freddy, has
killed at least
20 to 30 children.

September 1974: Lt. Donald Thompson collars Freddy
Krueger just as he was about to
murder 5 year old Kevin Marks.
Thompson had an arrest warrant
for Krueger.

October 1974: After sitting in a holding cell for
a month, Freddy goes to trial.
During the trial, it is revealed
that the arrest warrant for Freddy
was not signed in the right place.
Due to this technicality, Freddy is
released. The parents including Lt.
Thompson and his wife, Marge,
Richard Lane and his wife, Walter
Lantz, and Doug Parker, among
others, corner Freddy in his boiler
room and burn him to death. Also
dying around this time was Amanda
Krueger. After hearing about what
happened in the trial, she went
insane hung herself supposedly, but
no body was ever found.

October 1974 - October 1984: 10 years pass by
without anything
happening, all is
quiet and the mob's
children grow into

October 1984: 9, 10 Never Sleep Again

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Freddy raped women? laughing

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i thought freddy raped children too? but man is he one messed up kid, i hope we see a few of his killings in the dream world when hes the dreamaster as well as when hes alive in "elm street:the first murders", but how you said he was killed in the boiler room, in freddy vs jason we see the parents fo springwood setting his house alight...

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