Best Disney Hunk!

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Well, I am fanatically devoted to animated movies. So please let me know who your favorite Disney hunk is and why?

As for myself, I am hopelessly in love with Aladdin, been in love with him for how long I don't know, ever since the first time I saw Aladdin in the theatre I believe, when I was only eight. He is just so devilishly handsome and sexy. His hair, his eyes, his lips, his smile, I wish he would take me in his arms and................. excuse me, I need a shower.

Anyway, I shall be extremely glad to hear the opinion of all you Disney fans out there!

i always liked Eric from the Little Mermaid...hes a hunk wink


The Beast is HOT!!!!

Jackie Malfoy
I guess I would hve to say Aladin too!JM

Tarzan is nice! And that boy from Treasure Planet - if he was a bit older - 19 or something!!

some of my friends say john smith..but i also say aladdin

but cocoum is good looking too

John Smith and Eric are very handsome and hunky too. But Aladdin just makes me go weak at my knees.

John Smith and the beast as a human

I always liked Prince Philip, I think it's the way he talks to his horse, he should have been given more lines! Did anybody else really like Robin Hood, despite the fact that he's a fox?

Peter Pan would of been nice if he'd ever decided to GROW UP DAMMIT! roll eyes (sarcastic)

Thank you all very much for your views. I am glad to know that there are many other Disney fans out there like me.

I shall always continue to worship Aladdin. I so wish I were Princess Jasmine! She is soooooooo lucky! And she even gets to kiss him so passionately sad

Prince Phillip! Or maybe Prince Eric, both are good. And both use to be my "boyfriends" when I was little.

Ah... the good old days...

what about real disney boys??

Completelty agree! I think Prince Philip was my fav when I was a kid! And Robin Hood is good looking, even if he's a cartoon fox!

Eric was always a good one too!

The dude of the little mermaid...big grin

John Smith looks very similar to the Captain in Hunchbank of Notre Damn doesn't he?

noooohooo he looks like the beast *transformed*

blink this thread is scary....

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