***S***'s Interviews! (Samurai Guy's Interviews Second Chance Thread))

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The Tired Hiker
This thread is designed to redo Samurai Guy's interviews if you want to.


*Cue entrance music*

1) You joined KMC in early May, and were presented your own Forum, that being the Pad. To what do you contribute your success here on KMC?

Drugs and Alcohol.

2) Give us a little background into the life of a Man, Myth, and Legend.

I was born with a carrot for a weener.

3) I read somewhere that you assisted Moses in the freeing of the slaves of Egypt. What was that experience like? Were all of the miracles/plagues Moses' or your own work, or a team effort?

I don't remember. I was in it for the loose women.

4) You work for the news industry. Please, tell us a little about that.

I don't have to pay for gas.

5) On Christmas Light boxes, it says "For indoor/outdoor use only." Is their some mysterious third option that we are not aware of?


6) You signature is of a skit that was on Saturday Night Live. Please, tell us your reasons for picking such a signature.

I changed it.

7) Sources tell me that you once were in a heated showdown with the Asian Mafia. Yourself versus six of their top personnel. Please, fill us in.

They tried to steal my waffle. They had to die.

8) What compelled you to choose the screen name of Tired Hiker?

Because it's my real name, duh.

9) If you had to summarize yourself in a single word, what would that word be and why?


10) Give us your philosophy for life.

If once you don't succeed, try and try . . . . hey, let's go see a movie!


Clovah blink My sentiments exactly.

i ddin't notice it earlier blink

joins the blink club

Oh my God! laughing Preston, you tickle me in a way that if Suki tickled me in that way I would say, "Oh, yeah. Thats nice. Thats the spot."


The Tired Hiker
stick out tongue

Jedi Priestess
TH=always the innovator

Yeah, Hiker is my inspiration. If I had a KMC hero... it would be Preston.

The Tired Hiker
Awe shucks. happy

I even made a thread about it. stick out tongue

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.