Freddy vs Jason Screw-up

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In this movie I noticed 1 major blooper, Freddy states that he can't attack anyone who doesn't know him. But when he uses Freeburg to put Jason to sleep, Jason ends up in Freddy's world. I don't recall Jason even hearing the name Freddy untill dream world. He never knew about him but still fought him. Can anyone spread light on my situation?

cant help you on that one

I suppose it's because Jason kind of does know him, when Freddy is Jason's Mum.

Reborn Again
It's a psychic thing. Freddy uses Jason to kill, whilst Jason listens to his victims conversions about who the killer may be stalking them. It's never said Jason knows Freddy, but you get the feeling he knows more than he's hinting on...

They don't need to know about Freddy. Watch the NOES movies, none of them knew about Freddy until he haunted their dreams.

They said it's the fear that was powering him. Since being sent to hell in NOES 6, he needed people to fear him again to bring him back to life and then allow him to kill again. So Jason went to Elm Street. Murder + Elm Street = Mr. Krueger, himself.

than again, who would jason fear, really. he'd have to have figured out he was invincable by now, and he knows hes a killing machine...

Well, he was afraid of drowning in FvJ.

yeah but not Freddy

in all of the other F13 movies Jason seems perfectly at home in the water, now all of the sudden he has a terribal fear?

Yeah, well, new director, new ideas. The F13 films were never really consistent and I thought being afraid of water was a nice touch. Plus, with Freddy, you need some kind of fear or passion or something for him to make a creative scenario to kill you in.

or they couldn't see ANY way for freddy to beat jason so they wacked in some horrible shit to make it seem a fair fight

i saw this movie the other day and i must say it was a big let down IMO i thought i looked pretty good from the trailers but i watched and didnt think much of it.

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