62nd Golden Globes - Your Thoughts?

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Pretty Cat
...waste of time

Dr. Strangelove
Hope Jamie Foxx wins best performance in musical or comedy as he was amazing as Ray Charles. Also hope Geoffrey Rush wins best performance in mini series as he played Peter Sellers perfectly.

DeVi| D0do
Natalie Portman for Best Actress? I've gotta see that movie...

A Very Long Engagement cry

Fan of LOTR
What movie does everyone think will win Best Picture in Both categories at the Golden Globes? I know that The critics are going with Sideways but I think they'll Pull a fast one and Go with Eternal Sunshine. And Finding Neverland for the Drama categorie.

Eternal Sunshine or Aviator.

Link to the nominations, please?

Lazy, I am yes

I hope Eternal SUnshine wins, that movie is simply outstanding.

Fan of LOTR
Yes I hope Eternal Sunshine wins. I dont know whats so special about Sideways. Has anyone seen that by the way?

Yeah, Eternal Sunshine was better then The Aviator, even though The Aviator was pretty freaking awesome.

Assassin Q
The Aviator really didn't entertain me , sorry. Finding Neverland almost made me cry as did Enternal Sunshine. Enternal Sunshine I thought was great , so I'll be rooting for it.

Merged. My vote goes to "Eternal Sunshine". It's rather underappreciated, IMO.

Fan of LOTR
has anyone here seen sideways? Sometimes It gets me down that the awards shows are so predictable. I dont see whats so special about wine tasting.

Jackie Malfoy

Easy Answer, Arrested Development.

the office won last year...terrific show..anyone watch it?

i haven't even heard of some of the movies, have they all come out in America?

i have seen the Office , it's genius thumbsup

My hopes:
Best Drama Picture: Kinsey

Actress: Uma

Actor: Neeson or Cheadle

Best Comedy/Musical Picture: Eternal Sunshine

Actress Comedy: Winslet

Actor Comedy: Carrey or Giamatti

Sup Actress: Streep

Sup Actor: Carradine (please god don't give it to Foxx, I have no problem with Ray, but not for Collaterall)

Screenplay: Kaufman

Actor TV/Comedy: Any of
Zach Braff - Scrubs
Tony Shalhoub - Monk
Charlie Sheen - Two and a Half Men

I think Carradine should get the sup actor also.

Uma easily has Best Actress. There isn't much competition.

theres actually a huge competitor.. Uma is the underdog

Hilary Swank for Million Dollar Baby This is one of the most criticaly acclaimed movies of the year and her performance is said to be outstanding.. granted I have not seen the movie yet but based on past winners I think shes got this one won from what Ive heard

Fan of LOTR
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Fan of LOTR

Fan of LOTR
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I think Million Dollar Baby will be a contender for Best Actress and Best Director. I don't think he won last year for mystic river, did he?
Could be his year...

it will be a contender for those and best supporing actor for morgan and best picture

where is The Passion in all this

i thought that had some amazing acting in it

these award shows always leave out important movies


Who watched them?

I watched part of them. A big disappointment

closer was a good movie - but not that good no expression

O yea - i thought Hilary Swank was going to win for sure but

GO UMA!!! thats so cool!!!!

Heh, I was rooting for Uma. Quentin was there with her, I saw.

Robin William's Lifetime Achievement award, that was well-deserved.

i didnt get to watch it - i hate that whole red carpet thing- especially with STAR Jones?? sick

I'm so damn happy Eternal Sunshine won, as did Jim Carey and Kate Winslet, that movie kicked ass, as did those two actors.

yep i thought I was the only one who even liked that movie! smile


Eastwood won for Million dollar baby, when it should have been scorsese for THE AVIATOR, also Jamie FOxx one for Ray which was well deserved.

Sorry to burst your bubble, BF.. those were just my predictions/who I wanted to win sad

didnt see them

I know that Closer won both of the supporting acting Globes

The Golden Globes sucked. The Oscars are going to go so much different.

Clive Owen for Closer, tut tut.

I didnt think that Closer was all that great of a movie

Natalie Portman was great but... still not that great of a movie

Im so happy that Jamie Foxx won for RAY

i hope he wins an oscar for it smile

Closer's going to dud in the Oscars.

mad ugh!

You just said that it wasn't even that great of a movie.

i think its stupid natalie was nominated for it.. julia roberts should be the supporting actress in it.. natalis was the start not her.. i mean the movie started and ended with her adn she had more screen time im sure.. not to mention giving a stronger performance

I agree, but Natalie Portman is a pretty good actress. Julia Roberts does have talent also. Julia Roberts has more experience. I think so at least....

The biggest and best suprise for me was Nip/Tuck winning best TV drama.

I know I really thought LOST would win... because I just see that as being one of the biggest shows out there right now...

maybe next time erm

Glad to see "Sideways" win for Best Comedy Film.

Too bad Virginia Madsen didn't get Best Supporting Actress.

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