the slytherin Gryffindor pack(Harry Potter)

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ok, please tell me if I should continue this or not, this is just chapter one.I hope you like it.It might not be extremely funny now, but it is supposed to be Humor/ Romance and also I shall warn you it is R for language.Ok, enjoy!

The Slytherin-Gryffindor pack
chapter one.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Author's not: Elli happens to be my name,just as Tom, florence and jesse are actually people I know.

warning: this chapter contains mild language and violence.

Elli walked down the line of compartments in the train, looking for the one that contained her three best friends, Florence, Tom, and Jesse. She peered into compartment after compartment and finally spotted them in the last one on the left.She slid the door open and sat down.

"Hey Lex, what took you?" Florence says smiling.Elli rolls her eyes,

"Don't call me Lex, will you Flo?" she said.She turns and smiled to see Tom and Jesse arguing about something.

"No way!The Simpsons is a great show!" tom yelled.Jesse rolls her eyes,

"Yeah, If you like a cartoon family with a drunk dad and a troublemaker son and a smart ass girl!not to mention the cenile old coot grandpa!" Jesse replies hotly.She looks up and smiles,

"Hey Elli." she said happily.tom turns,

"Hey Elli." he said coolly.Eli smiles,

"hey guys.I see nothing changed since we left for summer?"Elli says laughnig.She sits down and takes out her journal,

"Sow, how was your summer Tom?Was it Hell in a bottle?" Elli asks smiling.

"No, not so much Hel in a bottle...more like Hell in a can." he says jokingly.The compartment door opens and a few people walk in.

"What's up Elli?Say, do you have room for three more in here?Everywhere else is full to the max." Ron says walking in.

"We always have room for friends." Jesse says, scooting over and pushing tom to the other side so Ron can sit by her.Ron smiles,

thanks Jess." he says and sits down waving to Tom.Tom glares, he was never fond of The Weasleys. Elli wasn't either to tell the truth, except she did find fred and George hilarious.She hung out with them sometimes.And Ginny wasn't a bad friend either.In fact, Percy and Ron were the only Weasleys she didn't like...anyway.Harry and Hermione walk in after them.Hermione takes a seat between Ron and Tom.Jesse glares at her but Hermione doesn't catch it.Harry takes a seat between Florence and Elli.

"So how was your summer Ron." Jesse asks, batting her eyelashes.Harry rolls his eyes and whispers to Elli,

"I think Jesse fancies Ron." he says.Elli laughs and whispers back,

"nah, ya think?" she says sarcastically and rolls her eys when Ron goes off about qudditch.

"You know I'm going to take our team to a victory in quidditch." tom butts in.He's the Slytherin captain. Him being in 6th year and a good friend of the malfoy family didn't exactly hinder him, if you know what I mean.

"That's nice Tom.Good for you." ron says and keeps talking to Jesse.Tom shoots him a dark glance that he does't catch.

"Potter's got his work cut out for him if he wants to beat us this year." Tom says, looking over at Harry with a smirk.Harry smiles a fake smile,

"Don't worry Tommy, we won't kick your guys' ass too badly.We'll let you go with your dignity." Harry says and laughs.Tom clenches his fists,

"You little-" he says and jumps at harry, trying to strangle him.

"Tom!Tom!stop that now!" Elli says pulling him off of Harry who's being suffocated by Tom.

"You can't kill Potter!What kind of inter-house unity would that show?You're such a Malfoy." Elli adds.Tom brushes his clothes off,

"So what?I don't give a damn about inter-house unity.I just ant to egt rid of Hairy Pothead here." He says nodding in Harry's direction.Harry glares.

"Takes one to know one." Harry says.t takes Ron and Elli to hold Tom back from smashing Harry's head in.

"Quit it you two or I'm telling Snape and Mcgonagall!"Elli yells.All goes quiet.

"Much better." Elli says.The train ride is quiet for the rest of the time.

~~~~~~~end of chapter 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This sounds more like a chapter 5. Re-introduce the original characters, first.

will it make it easier if i do a little backround thing for you? ok here is some info bout the characters....

Elli: A 14 year old girl with red hair, sweet but easily upset and angered.She used to live in the U.S but moved to England in hopes of escaping a bad memory

Elli's bad memory: One day Elli was walking down the street when she saw her friend Carmen walking into a store.She waved and Carmen came bounding across the street, without looking.Carmen got hit and Elli was in the hospital with her the night she died.

She has some issues with herself and sometimes feels bad about what happened.She has a thing for Tom... ::shh, secret!::

Tom: um... I don't know.Ask him he is a real person.. let's just say that he is 17 and that he is nice but chose to ask for Slythrerin in hopes that he could do a bit of..misbehavin'.He is a friend to the Malfoys, not so much a slimeball thoguh as them ^_^ he has no bad memory, only good ones of his great family..... I dunno.

Florence: 13 years old, almost as old as Elli, in the same yesar.Brown hair very pretty.She likes Draco mlafoy.Her family is from France, she moved from there to U.S when she was young, then to England to follow Elli.And becausse she thought England would be cool.She is really nice but can be ditsy and flrtatious.No bad memories here neither.well, one but I can't say that.Oh and she hates her gram.

Jesse: has quite a thing for Ron, same age as Elli.Really nice, loves that she's in Gryffindor.Brown hair, moved from U/S with Elli and Florence, does not appreciate Hermione and Ron's closeness.Has a thing for someone else as well....oooh.

and Bianca is h just a character I made up to be in the story as Tom's crush. LOL ^_^ oh wait, you haven't heard aboput her yet!oops!

so here I will post another chapter and so maybe you can follow along better now.

the Slytherin- Gryffindor pack chapter 2

When they get to the school they sit at thier respective tables.Tom and Elli at Slytherin the whole other lot at Gryffindor.When they get to the Slythering table Elli and Tom are greeted by Draco and Blaise,

"Hey Tom, what's new.Hello Elli.I hear yoy picked a fight with Potty about quidditch.Good job." Draco says turning to Tom.Tom smirks and Elli just rolls her eyes as the conversation continues.Blaise jumps in,

"I bet you kicked his ASS." Blaise says.Tom looks at his fingernails and smiles,

"Yeah." he says.He recieves high fives from Draco and Blaise.Elli decides that this is no fun and goes to sit by Pansy,

"Hey Pansy." she says and sits down.Pansy smiles,

"Hi Elli." she says.Another girl comes to sit by them,

"What's up Kat?" Elli says as the brunette girl sits down.Her blue eyes flash dangerously as she looks around,

"they're having- a meeting.Next week.You probably know right Pansy?" Kat says and peers over at Pansy from behind her book.

"Yeah, I know.I'm in ti remember?" Pansy says hissing.Bianca White comes and sits across from them,

"Meeting next Thursday Pansy." she says.Pansy hits her on the head,

"Jeez Bianca why don't you just yel' hey I'm a deatheater' so everyone can hear!" Pansy says and looks around.Apparently nobody heard.elli smiles at Draco and Tom as they wedge between elli and Bianca.

"What's new Bianca?" Tom asks.Bianca glares,

"nunya Tom." she says and scoots away from him.Draco laughs,

"REJECTED" Bliase says and laughs.Tom throws a roll at him.

"Shutup Zabini." Tom says hotly.He turns to Bee,

"C'mon Bianca, you know you love me." he says arrogantly.Shesmiles fakely,

"You're right." she says sarcastically.Tom opens his motuh to reply but when he does he gets potatoes shoved in his motuh by Elli,

"shutup and eat your dinner Tom." she says and laughs.Tom swolows the potatoes and starts to speak agin,

"You shouldn't do-" but Elli shoves more potatoes in his mouth,

"I said EAT YOUR DINNER AND STOP BOTHERING HER DAMMIT." Elli says.Tom puts his hands in the air,

"ok, ok.Sorry." he says and takes a sip of pumpkin juice.Elli smiles,

"good." she says.Bianca smiles gratefully at her.The rest of the meal passes in slience except for the moment when Tom starts talking to Bianca and is stopped by mouthfulls of apple crumble and spoonfuls of choclate pudding.Tom glares at ell and starts to talk,

"You're suth a bith erri I'm gorna krill you." he says.She covers his motuh,

"No talking with your mouth full." elli says and laughs.They walk out the doors with elli kicking tom everyy time he talks to Bianca and Blaise laughing so hard he turns purple.By the time they get to the common rooms Blaise is violet and tom's shins are sore and imprinted with shoe marks from elli's converse.

"Ok Bianca you run up the stairs really fast and I'll hold Tom back." Elli says.Bee runs like she's in the 100 mm dash.Tom pouts,

"You're ruining my chances with Bianca, you knw that?" he says.Elli laughs,

"You're ruining your own chances with Bianca, point and case, you don't even HAVE chances with Bianca." she says.Tom stomps his feet like a five year old,

"I wuld if you wopuld let me talk to her!" he says.Elli rolls her eyes,

"goos NIGHT Tom." she says and walks up the stairs.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end of chapter 2~~~~~~~~~~~~

so did you follow along a bit more now?I hope so, I like writing and wish people would like my writing too! please tell me your thoughts.

only one person has read it, so I might discontinue this one and write a different one instead, with a title to catch people's eyes.

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