Fat Albert

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im not much of a fan of the slapstick comedy or of the origanly show but i think that the movie will be qite interesting to see how they play it out, i see alot of celebs in this one

Have a feeling this one isn't going to do well....but I'm probably wrong.

i agree the movie could go either way

It will probably do well, dollar-wise.
...and it will probably be pitiful, respectibility-wise.

Shaolin Monk
yup...people who grew up following Fat Albert will most likely storm to see it, but leave unhappy

big grin

Yeah, it has all the potential of "Good Burger" roll eyes (sarcastic) laughing

The real comedy in all this will be watching how Joel Zwick dodges the racial stereotypes of the television cartoon, and how they carry over to a movie.

ha ha nice Happy Dance

I'm actually quite interested in this movie. Won't say anything else till I see it...


Looks pretty lame, IMO. erm

"hey hey hey, im fat albert"

It looks so bad, but so good

That is an excellent point in general. If you're going to make the movie based on the television cartoon, then make it based on the television cartoon.
Don't create a whole new environment just using the same characters!

That's what they do for many cartoons which are made into movies (i.e. have the same characters, but they play out-of-character mostly and usually end up going on some stupid trek which had nothing to do with the original television series).

Jackie Malfoy
I can't believe they are puting out on Christmas.Who is going to see a movie on Christmas?I never liked the old cartoon of fat albert so I think I will skip this one.JM
Beside that it is a seventy show.JM

I'm sure next Christmas there will be a movie version of the Imagination Land from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood as well as a full-length Pigs in Space.

Jews? Agnostics? Athiests? confused

Lots of people go to the theatre on Christmas day, as they do on Thanksgiving, etc. It's one of the few times you can get the family together to do something fun.

That's right. I only see my brother about three times a year and two of the times are Thanksgiving day and Christmas day, and we always (always) go to the movies that night.

This past Thanksgiving we saw Alexander, and were pretty disappointed.
This coming Christmas if he drags me to see Fat Albert well, then, let's just say I might be an only child after that.

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