The Box

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The Box : Introduction

The reason for makeing this not simple. I was thinking about this since
october,about the world i live in ,the way things are and the big qustion....who is he. I guess u can say im cazy. the turth is i am. Inever had anything big to say until now. The matrix did something to me for the greater good. From books to the philosophy to the bible. So here it is

(no need for repiles)


What if we were told things that put us in our place,that place is the box.
Some people live,love,and would protect it from people that would become leaders that would decide to leave that box. Yes their would be
others that will follow theose who followers will come to understand they
will be leaders. What is the box?(an enclosed group of seats.) But what
is it really? We are olny told by others who were told by others etc. But
who was the one that told the first to pass this? Was this done by our founder of the christian religion? We all have questions. But how will we
ever get answers. What if we open our eyes to something was a illusion.
Is that thinking outside the box? Thank about this......what if our creator
put us here to test us to see if we would follow the bible code. Some of
us did and some of us didnt. For years we keep hearing the of the end
of the world is coming. How would they know unless they were one of
the out-of-the-box people and he or she didnt like what they saw.
People who live outside the box are mostly free-spirit person. Not all, but
some. And do free-ones have the rigth to cross borders or boundaries.
Think about this (i know you have before) Have u ever woner that the
food you eat, the water you drink,the air you breath, the sky you look
at wasnt real. What if we were somewhere sleeping (not a pod) and
haveing these dreams.Where you can do just about anything you want.
What if thats real? To know these things we must give up something. Its
the question that drives us, but never get an answer.
If thers is an answer. You'll know where to find it.

The following books.
1.The nature of reality.
2. The matrix and philosophy.
3. Simulacra and Simulation.
4. Takeing the red pill.

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