Have You ever met SOmeone Famous???

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I love hearing storys of when someone mets someone famous...
Have you ever met someone famous?
If not who would you want to meet and why?
I HAve..
i MET Aubrey Graham(jimmy) AND Jake Epstien(craig) form degrassi...
they were so cool..
I waz so excited to see them i started crying and they came and hugged me....... i felt so special... i will never forget it!!!
XoX ~aLYSSA*** big grin

I havent met like any celebs...well i did meant Doug Gilmore! i gave him a hug!

i met the drummer of portiko .... and i saw jamie kennedy in a store once

nope, hadn't met anyone, :cries: not yet anyway :rollseyes:


Beyond Image
every time i look into the mirror i see someone famous.

I met once Zinedine Zidane and Bodo Illgner. I think those are the only ones I have met.

Elijah's Girl
I met Andy Serkis when he was signing copies of his Gollum book (and other things). The security guards told us not to ask him to pose, because he would and we'd be there all day. When he was signing my CD cover, he saw my friend taking a picture and he grabbed my arm! It was so crazy! I'll include the signed CD cover and a picture of the girls in front of me giving him a present, but not the picture with me, of course, because I'm a paranoid freak. ^_^



Jackie Malfoy
No but I want too!JM

alien I met the two comedians from bremner bird and fortune while I was working at the stadium of light and a served one of them a pint of guiness.


I met one rapper of cypress hill last summer in Innsbruck (Austria---) not australia!!!!!)

Yes, I have met famous people before.

i met DRU HILL once a long time ago. does that count?
You know with Sisqo etc.

Piggle Humsy
I have... but rather than post it all again.. it's on the 1st page of this thread.. if you wanna know go see.. Here big grin

thumb up

But I would love to meet Shia Labeouf, Ryan Gosling, Eminem, Will Ferrel, Jerry O'connell.. and loads more... although some people like Jake Gyllenhaal I don't think I would have the guts to meet.. too gorgeous! roll eyes (sarcastic)

Piggle one eye

Kiu Dun
I've met Enimem. He's a nice guy.

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