Movies With Wrong Actors

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Don't you find that in alot of films the main character just completley did'nt suit the part?

I Can think of a few films.

-Behind Enemy Lines
-Gangs of New York
-LOTR (Frodo)
-Gone in 60 Seconds
-Fast and the Furious
-X-men (Cyclops)
-Pretty much every Steven Segal Movie

alien I would have to the hulk movie for being the worst jennifer connoly and Eric Bana have no on screen chemistry at all. My mom reckons that Hayden (anakin) and natalie portman (padme) have no on screen chemistry but I disagree.

Red Superfly
OK, the problems with Cyclops, Anakin, Padme and so on are down to the way their characters were used.

Had Cyclops been given more screen time along the same lines as Wolverine then we'd see just how good Cyclops could be. James Marsden was a great choice for Cyclops and we got a chance to see what he was capable of in that role at the end of X-Men 2. Shame he wasn't used properly.

Most of your chioces come down to how well they were utilised, and not down to whether or not they were mis-cast.

Blaming "on screen chemistry" on the actors isn't fair when you consider what films they were involved in. Star Wars Episode II isn't renowned for having a great script, and Hulk was a bit of a mess anyway.

Me? I'd say my choice goes to John Conner from Terminator 3 played by Nick Stahl. He not only looked NOTHING like Edward Furlong or John Conner from the "future visions" in Terminator 2, but he didn't look anything like the "saviour" of humanity like the past Johns did. Totally wrong.

I think Hayden was a good choice for young Vader. But I think Jake Lloyd was the worst actor to pick for kid Vader. The kid cannot act, and he looks nothing like Hayden.

Are you talking about the actor or the character?

If you're talking about the actor, I would give top honors to Dumb and Dumberer for those two losers trying to play Carrey and Daniel's parts. I turned it off halfway through the movie.

For now, I would say Kenan Thompson as Fat Albert. I think he was a bad choice to play him. They should have gotten someone older.

Bad Boy
He's not exactly that young now though is he?

hayden's minx
I think Anakin for episode one, would have been better with tom hanks' son. But no good crying over spilt milk.

Gangs Of New York and the LOTR trilogy had great acting.

Mr Parker
I have said this so many times in the batman section but the Keaton and Burton lovers just dont get it,they never will.Michael keaton was so totally wrong for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman.He was by far the worst casting choice in comicbook history because of how physically wrong he was for the role.I mean pudgy gut,receding hairline,half bald,short runt,for tall,muscular,handsome,full set of hair Bruce Wayne? what a total joke!!! Some people just dont get it though no matter how much you spell it out to them that THATS the reason they are redoing and restarting the batman franchise because his casting choice pissed off so many die hard Batman fans because he brought no crediblity to the role because he didnt even come close to fitting the part.Tim Burton only cast him be cause he was friends with him and felt comfortable working with him,he didnt care about making the best casting choice possible.I have spoken to so many batman fans over the years both on the net and in real life who hated the first two films because Keaton was so miscast for the role.With Superman,Richard Donner made the perfect casting choice In Christopher Reeve,he so fitted the role,But Tim Burton screwed the batman movies up big time with his horrible casting choice of keaton.Thank god for Batman Begins and Chrisopher Nolan because unlike Burton and schumacher,they seem to understand the batman movies and care about the fans.Casting Christian Bale was a great choice because not only is he a good actor but he fits the part as well and will bring credibility to the role because of that which Keaton could not.Then there is Halle berry who rivals keaton.sorry but she is ugly looking,not at all attractive like catwoman is suppose to be.Horrible casting choice there as well.Dont even get me started on Chris O'donnel.Not only was he way too old for the role of Robin his acting is horrible. Schumacher topped Burton with his casting choice of Clooney for the role.That guy is not good looking at all for the role of handsome Bruce wayne.the guy looks like Eddie Munster for god sakes!!!! laughing

batman.. george clooney AND arnold schwartzenegger? stop the insanity sick

Movies with the wrong actors (or actors didn't fit the part):

-Hayden as Anakin Skywalker

-Val Kilmer as Batman

-Chris Klein in Rollerball (James Caan owns him!)

-Some guy in the Matrix sequels which I won't name, but some of you know whom I'm talking about.

-The entire cast of Troy (2004)

-Leonardo DeCrap in Gangs of New York

-Mark Wahlberg in Planets of the Apes (horrible remake)

-Edward Norton as Will Graham (You must see Manhunter before Red Dragon to get a good idea of what I'm talking about)

Those are the only ones I can think of right now.

Mr Parker
-Val Kilmer as Batman

Whoa wait a was Val Kilmer wrong for Batman other than the fact he was too lazy to dye his hair black? Other than that,I thought he made a great Batman,he just had a bad script to work with because of corny lines and he at least resembled the role.

I agree, although I havn't seen Gangs of New York but I am planing to

Red Superfly
Owah, hang on, I've got another one for ya all.

Ben Affleck as Daredevil. Nobody buys Affleck as an ass kicker.

And yeah, Ahnold as Mr. Freeze? Totally wrong.

Val Kilmer looked wierd as Batman. I dunno, his face was wierd in the suit. And he talks funny. He's a bit Batman-lite.

Sofia Coppolla in Godfather III. Woeful, woeful decision.
George Lazenby as James Bond.

alien I 'm sorry to say this but I thought that Ben Affleck did a pretty good daredevil the thing that let it down for me was the suit.

Those two, especially Jennifer Connoly, were wasted in that awful movie. She is a great actress and her talent is wasted in such mess.

If you mean the remake, the only reason I found any goodness in this movie was Angelina Jolie and Nicholas Cage, good choices but crap movie.

Totally TOTALLY agree with you there, can't even stand the actor in the first place. I am ashamed to own this on dvd.

Agree with you on the Troy thing as well. I had no problem with Eric Bana and Saffron Burrows in the cast, but again they were wasted in what could have been a total classic if it was done to perfection.

Urgh he ruined DareDevil, should have gone with an unknown actor for the role of DareDevil. Made it MUCH darker and violent, taken Farrel out and gave more scenes to Jennifer.

Mr Parker, Val wasn't as dark and mysterious as Keaton. Of course I won't dispute that Val is better than George as Batman. But is Val the best Batman? No, he just wasn't.

Michael keaton as batman sucked.

She might be a good actress, but she used NONE of her talent in this film.

Ben was horrible, he is definitely no Daredevil, it should have definitely been an unknown. Garner was also a bad choice though.

Im agree with Afleck and Garner issue. They could get some better actors for the roles and who looked more the part.

Jennifer connelly is a very good actress, she was the best part in the hulk, althought is one of her worse performances. Plus, she is hot.

Mr Parker
Well Wind I think he was the best Batman.If he had been given a serious script to work with without corny lines,I think there would be no question he was the best batman because the few times he got to say serious lines as batman,he was impressive and I honestly expected to hate batman forever because of kilmer since other than the doors I had never seen a movie before that I thought his acting was any good in but he was a pleasant surprise to me in forever and I was impressed with him especially as bruce wayne because thats when he had the most serious lines.

Mr Parker
Originally posted by kanis
alien I 'm sorry to say this but I thought that Ben Affleck did a pretty good daredevil .

agreed. thumb up

Mr Parker
Urgh he ruined DareDevil, should have gone with an unknown actor for the role of DareDevil.

Thats what keaton did to Batman and thats what they should have done with batman as well. mad



..and you're basing that one what other performances of hers? Mr. Magoo? 13 Going on 30?

Give me a break, it was the script that blew, not so much the acting.

(read the previous posts carefully) Actually I was talking about Jennifer Connelly not Jennifer Garner. wink

how can people argue about michael keaton as batman. he was great. Val Kilmer was... good. but george clooney. no. The last two batman films were actually appaling. Batman forever was watchable but batman and robin was really crap! I had actually lost faith in uma thurman as an actress until a certain film amazed me (kill bill 1&2). If they ever make another film thats up to date about batman (BBegins looks great by the way) i want it to go back to the Keaton/Burton style. Batman was not for kids as batman and robin was undoubtedly made for.

Well some times the script has something to do with the acting level. . . the last batman movie script was horrible

Everything and everyone involved in that production was horrible.

i agree

Personally, I think that the whole cast of Troy was pretty bad, Orlando is obviously hot, like Paris, but he didnt do the whole pathetic thing well.
Agamemnon was wrong, Achilles was wrong.
On the other hand, I think that Sean Bean was perfect for Odysseus yes

I thought Elijah Wood- played a great Frodo..

but I thought Josh Hartnet was didnt suit Blackhawk Down - as the lead

Mr Parker
The last two batman films were actually appaling. but batman and robin was really crap!

The first two Batman films were even more appalling than Batman Forever "the only halfway decent one of the bunch." Yes Batman and Robin was crap but so were the first two as well.

ALL actors cast in ALL 'Batman' films were horribly miscast.
KEATON???uh...since when is Bruce Wayne BALD, SHORT, PLUCKS HIS EYEBROWS, SKINNEY AS A STICK?Since when does Batman's cowl wobbled with every step he took and his face disapeared inside it?

KILMER??!!The only thing worse than his butt-ugly face was his 'portrayal' of teh character.

CLOONEY- Okay...I admit the guy is a looker but geez...Batman does not walk around shaking his head or wear idiotic metal suits and decorate his batcave and batmobile with flasy neon lights!

All the concepts of the batman movies sucked, well, almost all the concepts. Burton and Schumacher were wrong in their interpretations of the character, for that reason, all the movies were wrong for one or another reason. I really hope that chris nolan give a true portrayal of the character in batman begins.

He will, don't worry. cool

Of course Nolan will, he is a fantastic director.

I agree

And Bale is hot to boot!

I don't know about that, (I'm a guy) but the costume looks great.

heres my take. The first two batman movies were great! Keaton was pretty good he didn't ruin it or anything but he was not the best pick for batman. I though Kilmer was the best cast Batman because his dimeanor through the movie and the way he made bruce wayne approach things very cooly and in control just like the comics. One scene that stands out in my mind is when he is trying to reason with Enigma and his invention. Watch the acting in that scene. HE IS BATMAN. But sadly the movie itself was lacking and the other performances like Carrey and Tommy were just enough to make me vomit. Since when was it Ace Ventura Riddle Detective? Jim Carrey didn't try to play enigma, he played himself with a question mark on his chest.
But the first two movies I LOVED. I think Kilmer was better than Keaton, Keaton was more quirky acting than dark in my opinion, but the movies Keaton was in were better.
And as for those that knock the first two batmans for not being purist enough read the script for Batman 5 and tell me if its that much more purist. (Its good but its for sure got its poetic liscence like 1 and 2)


Mr Parker
If he kills people in Batman 5 and in such cowardly fashion like he did in the first two films,it will suck every bit as bad as the first two films did.That was the even bigger sin in those burton movies than the casting of Keaton was him killing people especially his arch enemy the joker.That betrayed the whole batman mythos.Nolan better not make the same mistake Burton did.He didnt with the cadting choice of Bale so I hope he gets the most important thing right and doesnt have bats kill people as well.That turned off many batman fans. mad

Dr. Strangelove
I would say Winona Ryder in Alien Resurrection and Denise Richards playing a nuclear weapons expert in The World Is Not Enough.eek

Michael Keton was a piece of crap when it came to the batman flicks

I like it when He kills people and I think the attack bats would be sweet

Jackie Malfoy
There is alot of them taht are bad actors and ruin the movie.But because I am tired I can't think of any right now.I will get back to you later after school!JM

One of the biggest flaws in LOTR was the choice of Elijah Wood playing Frodo. That almost ruined the movie, especially in ROTK. Every time he came there with his bad acting I just couldn't enjoy the movie as much as in the scenes without him.

wesley snipes dosent suit the part of blade at all they would have been better using someone like sly stallone or dolph lundgren who is a great actor but very underated

But neither of them are black.

i doubt he had to be black but just say he did they could have found someone better than wesley about ll cool j or ving rhames from pulp fiction or even denzel washington

he had to be black, or else they would have strayed too much away from the comics. Think if they had made Spider-man black, the fans wouldn't allow it.

Red Superfly
You cannot be serious.

Wesley Snipes IS Blade.

You clearly haven't read a comic or know anything about the character whatsoever. Wesley Snipes as Blade would be easily one of the BEST casting choices in modern film-making. The films may not be OScar nominees but casting Snipes as Blade was the best piece of accurate casting in a long while. He became that character. His style of martial arts fighting was more suited to the character too.

Sly Stallone? Dolph Lungren? Idiot.

Sure they made Kingpin black, but that was because Clark Duncan played Kingpins character so well. Wesley Snipes was accurate in every way to Blade.

This has to be the dumbest reply to ANY internet post, ever.

I agree with those saying Elijah Wood was rubbish as Frodo. He only talked in ssssllllooooowwwww mmmmooootttttiiiiooooonnnnn. From reading the book, my impression was that Frodo was solid, tough wee hobbit. Wood made him into a drip.

A pity because everyone else in the film was excellent.

Red Superfly
I must admit that Frodo did seem a bit of a drip.

yours is a stupid reply not mine.wesley snipes is not perfectly cast as blade you idiot.
1.he is a terrible actor
2.he is not a believable tough guy in real life wesley snipes is a pussy which is a common fact.
maybe you have a crush on him or something cause if not you must retatreded

All of that is your opinions khan, u can't state that as facts. And there is no reason to go around calling other members for idiots.

Red Superfly
Oh wow, I was wrong. Sorry Khan.

THAT was the single most retarded most I have read on an internet forum. roll eyes (sarcastic)

"maybe you have a crush on him or something cause if not you must retatreded" - Did you even read how funny this is?

elijah wood sucked in lord of the rings but he is worse cast in ash wednesday where he plays a gangster.elijah wood as a gangster how stupid does that sound
heres another one robert deniro in mad dog and glory he is a good actor but he is not believable as a wimpy cop that wets himself every ti me he gets a gun pulled on him

Lord Soth
Well, us ppl who like/love the Burton Batmans care more about character than physical appearance. That's why Clooney and Kilmer were terrible, they couldn't do the character at all

Other then those two, I'd say:
- Hayden Christensen and Jake Lloyd as Anakin Skywalker
-Brad Dourif as Wormtongue
-Leo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson
-The kids of Harry Potter (all of them)

I thought he was good as Jack Dawson? Who else would be a better part? Garth from Waynes World?

Well, for us people who hated keaton as batman we care about phisichal apparence so much as performance. One thing without another is a mistake.

By the way, i liked elijah wood as frodo. And wesley snipes is perfect as blade. Stallone or dolph lundgren as blade? Dolph lundgren a great actor? those are some of the funniest things that i have read in a forum ever.

George Clooney in Batman
And Keaton was good as batman compared to anyone else who ever played him (except for the guy in dead end maybe)
Oh and The kid in Star Wars **** I hated that kid.

Oh yes and Nicholas Cage in just every movie he has ever been in.

Dolph Lundgren or Stallone as Blade, they aren't really black are they?

Most of Nick Cage's works are written specifically with him in mind. Actors being miscast are usually more opinion than anything.

Matchstick Men was ****ing genious.

The Queen of the Damned was a major culprit for bad casting.

kate beckinsale in "the aviator" wasn't a very good choice to play ava gardner.

i think the one who plays the green goblins son in the spiderman movies (i cant remember his name) would have been pretty good for anakin. he has the innocent evil escence in his acting. Unlike the spoilt teenager acting that hayden christiansen put across.

I dunno know but Kate never seems to fit in any role for the movies. She is not a bad actress, but she doesn't fit certain roles.

i've got to say, ben affleck as daredevil - sucks !
entire main casts of batman from keaton to clooney, r u with me ?

who's he next james bond ? Clive owen, or someone else ?

Now you see, thats what I agree with!

Well he so didnt suit an explorer. (National Treasure). Although Sean Bean really suited the bad guy as he always does. Thinking about it, he always starts off a good guy and ends up a bad guy.

James Bond 007 Goldeneye (I think).
National Treasure
there are more but i cant remember the name.

He was a good guy in those Listerine commercials, fighting plaque and the gingivitis.

Mr Parker
I still think Pierce Brosnan was so wrong for the role of James Bond and the worst ever.He is not at all a good actor and is always playing himself in all his movies.

Can't really play yourself if all you play is James Bond. Then there's no such thing as typecasting in Mr. Brosnan's world. I've never known James Bond to be a very eccentric character to begin with, anyway?

Di Caprio might not have been stellar in gangs, but I thought the worse choice was Diaz for that film. Daniel Day Lewis was pure genius, in my opinion.

Nick Cage in Gone In 60 Seconds. I love that movie but hes so not an underground gangster. They should have made the main character Ving Rhames

Scwarzenegger was totally wasted as Mr.Freeze in Batman & Robin!

How about Edward Norton in fight club? Although he plays the part well I still wouldn't have chosen that guy. And why Heath Ledger in thingy whats it called....Ned Kelly. That film wasnt very good really.

Norton was unbelievable in Fight Club and every other film he has graced with his presence.

As for the terrible actors.

Ben Affleck as Daredevil: When I first saw this flick I thought, "My, this has got to be the most atrocious casting I have ever and will ever see." Then I thought about it and realized, Matt Murdoch is a blind man. Most blind persons have a blank unanimated face, revealing no emotions. Affleck was absolutely brilliant. He showed nothing, because there was nothing to give. It was genius. If only the hair was red, sigh.

Next Halle Berry as Storm
Dear god why oh why oh why oh why oh why? I realize she most likely has a contract through the studio. But the atrocities that she committed in that movie were mind numbing, gut wrenching, russian-roulette-playing-wish-I-lost-and-got-the-bullet-in-the-head-so-I-could-die-knowing-I'd-never-have-to-watch-her-inane-portrayl-of-a-much-beloved-comic-book-heroine-ever-again.

That is all for now...

Dont get me wrong, Edward Norton is one of my favourite actors but I think he was better in films like American History X or Primal Fear. And I thought Norton was good in fight club but I think there could have been someone better.

yeah I know exactly what you mean.. he's just not "that" actor

Exactly although alot of people say hes good in fight club.

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