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There is acouple of rate your sigs, well this thread you tell every one why you made that sig, what program, what inspired you, other people can ask you questions and stuff like that

any one intrested?

Company Flow= legendary underground hip hop group.

inspiration= their music

no expression

teddy bear, it look cute huh

I saw this picture on and i thought i'd like it for a sig, so i went and did it using Paint on Microsoft yes
The inspiration was the picture. and the fact that it's xmas.

Rage Against The Machine.... they rule... thats about it.

I'm pretty sure there is a signature forum roll eyes (sarcastic)

yea the girl is cute...shifty stick out tongue

Silver Stardust
My favorite Final Fantasy character is Lenne....and it's been a while (okay, a month and a half) since I last made a FF sig. I have way to much time fooling around with Photoshop....I change my sig about once a week.

she only looks about 6 messed

you should keep this one for a's really cool!

no way! sick

What can I say? I'm a huge fan of Samurai Cinema. Zatoichi is wickedly cool. cool

I had this sig as just a standard image... but I had Suki (samurai girl) animate the glowing effect for the eyes... and Silver Stardust make it use-able. And Kosta added the text.

Wow... four people to make me a sig. Arent I spoiled?

Snapshot from my god-movie. With added text (by clovie) and santa hats (by me)

Yes it is love

mine is Black Sabbath

i usually put my sigs together from pics but this pic was just too funny so i just slapped my name on it and resized it as fast as i could

This is a small amount of photoshopping on a picture frm the webcomic Ctrl-Alt-Del Winter-een-mas is an annual festival from January - February in celebration of Video Games.

I like Spider-Man and Carnage is my favorite villain...speaks for itself.

the pic is just a random thing I found somewhere huh
the text is lyrics from the song Faint flirt1

Naked chick...big grin

*sigh* .... guys stick out tongue

well this one is the great jimi hendrix......wha else needs to be said

i chose this pic because... well i am canadian... and ummm uhhh this was our greatest moment in hockey history... and uhhhh it was canada's contribution to the cold war that was happening... and all that inspired me to get this sig. With the help of Pr who like made the whole sig because i dont have the program that people use to make sigs.

evil face stick out tongue evil face

my sig is basically a tribute to my best it has alot of meaning to it.....bawling

had a lot of different Wolverine Pics and I was bored...

Photoshop CS.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.