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Ten years after she tumbled through the lookinglass and into Wonderland, Alice now resides inside a mental asylum. Her parents killed in a tragic fire, the young girl has grown up to become a disturbed young woman. After failing to convince people that her visit to Wonderland was indeed real, Alice is given a second chance to return to this strange realm...but it's not the same Wonderland. The Jabberwock, the Mad Hatter, the Chesire Cat...indeed all the denizens of Wonderland have been subjugated by the mad Queen of Hearts, and the realm is now a twisted, disturbing echo of its formerself. Now that both Wonderland and Alice are haunted by darkness, will either of them survive ?

A sequel to the classic 'Alice in Wonderland'

It's meant to star Eliza Dusku as Alice.

It sounds very, very dark and unlike the happy, cheerful film before it.

But it does actually sound really interesting.

I know of one Big time fan of Ms. Dushku's that would nearly kill to see this updated version.

He'd be so excited, he'd literally make a wrong turn on the way home from the theatre just to see it again.

Is it you? stick out tongue

isnt there a game called Alice, and its kinda dark n stuff

[email protected] usually makes interesting posts; I usually make an effort to see what she has to say, otherwise I wouldn't even have read the thread and missed out on all the fun. Let's just say I read the post all the way down to....well, we know where that stopped.

Cory, thanks for looking out for me (and finding a creative way to do it)! I'm planning my 1st annual Down With Dushku rally when this movie opens. I'm inviting chilled_monkey as my guest of honor.

Jackie Malfoy
It sounds very interesting but it sure is not Alce in wonderland the cartoon part two,It sounds like the first movie they ever made of Alice in Wonderland.
I bet it is going to be rated pg-13 for scary moments!JM

actually the description at the beginning here sounds almost quote-ish from the alice game book.

the game is pretty cool, very linear tho, and has a very odd outlook into the looking-glass world

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