Our internet lives

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We sure spend a lot of time on the internet...and I was thinking today about how I know all these people through KMC and such...and it all makes sense to you guys, but others think it weird and abnormal. So...now that I've shared my random thoughts with you, answer me this: Are you a totally different person online then you are in real life?

nope, i am what you read...

only worse...

somtimes i cant type what i want to say, because it wont come off right without an accent, or a look

yes. i do not diss people excessivley, as i do on KMC.

but everything else, im the same person thumb up

I'm generally the same person as well...prolly a little more forward then I am in real life...but what you read, is basically me! smile

it depends on what personality you are refering to big grin

lol - I think that if everybody on here is the same as they are in real life...then we have a lot of pimps and hoes running around embarrasment

Beyond Image
i m me. that's it. i could prolly be your friend or be similiar to a friend of yours.

Hey beyond...wanna be my friend? smile

The same in some ways and different in others.

I'm pretty much the same... just not as shy as I am in real life

Jackie Malfoy
No I am not.What you are reading is the true me.Which might be frighten to some of you but I am a very nice person online or offline!JM

i'm the same, just that i'm quieter online stick out tongue

Silver Stardust
I'm a LOT more shy in real life...

...and people tell me that I'm really nice. That's also something that I'm not in real life confused laughing out loud

i'm always on the net thats y i'm on 108 forums!

I'm a little shyer (sp?) in real life then I am online. And sometimes I can't really say what I want to say because my spelling skills are so bad

Im a little nicer on here than I am in real life. I'm sorry everyone, I'm a really mean person erm

But otherwise, your just talking to regular good ol' Me smile

No, I am this way in real life too.

i'm the same. acting like ten year old child bag

My friends think I'm a complete freak for having "friends" on the internet. It's something they judge without trying to understand.

I've always got the same type of personality in real life and online. I make too many jokes...most of them being not funny. I like to jab at people with my comments. But the thing I like most is an interesting debate. I like the GDF because it's a place where unbiased opinions meet biased opinions to help point out the obviously flaws in being biased.

Also because it's fairly educational.

I am more quiet and shy in real life.

Silver Stardust
Yeah, same here...

Im even rudder and more loudmouthed in real life

I'm much louder and perky in real life laughing out loud

I set things on fire waaay more in real life. And Im shorter.

Just for a notice If you ever want to punch me Just remember Im even worse in real life.

ive got ADHD that y i'm TOO many forums

Yeah, very different. But I rather visit KMC when I'm in a good mood. People shouldn't put up with my problems...which I keep them off the boards.


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