have you ever been in love?

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...so have you, tell me about it.

i am curently in love, and ive been dating her for a year. sigh, i love those italian girls...

yup, 2 years.

*wishes she were in love*

Beyond Image
i just voted. lord knows as me and her.

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whats the longest relationship anyone here has had?

Lol, 2 weeks...i cant really commit. Then again i'm only 14...smile

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just wait till you're 24!.... then it gets worse!

lol, tell us about ur italian lover... wink

my longest relationship so far was 3 months....

Jackie Malfoy
I am still in love.I have a boyfriend that been dating me since fifth grade.And no one can ever take his place!JM

Yeah mrs Hand

i love my hands. they are sexy no expression

Teen Titan#1FAN
About 2 Months love

am still in love...

Silver Stardust
Am right now....

*sighs happily*

you need more options. no expression yes, ive been in love, but am not surrently, and ive not been in love more than once. i also dont love my hand or my computer. and i cant ceck the other options because they all pretty much mean "no".

Yes and both times it sucks sad

Mrs hand has been my love scence I was like 9

oh yea ive been in love.....was in almost all my classes sat next to me, so beautiful, name was grace, she was italian, but now i dont see her much...no classes

big gay kirk
I've been in love four times... and I'm still in love with all four... I never see any of them anymore... I know that when I fall in love, the relationship is doomed....

am i gonna get a (online)big brother in law eek!

My longest relationship so far has been 8 months

My relationship on here will be 2 months on January 9th.

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"lol, tell us about ur italian lover... "

shes beautiful lol. but ya know those italian girls... theyve got boiling blood, sometimes need to be put in their place sometimes lol


I was in love with a girl,
she was my whole world,
then she told me it was sympathy.
I so much wanted to die,
I so wanted to cry,
To lay down and go out easily,
But worth naught she was,
I say this because,
Much more than her are out there.
I look only for one lady,
To heal this heart malady,
And I will find her I swear.

I'm in lovewink

"love " or the concept of love is so often confused, and is depressingly abused. I have loved, and hope to never love again if it is not the final love. A broken heart is worse than when i broke my left arm totally in half, then tried to pick it up off the ground. that pain i would rather repeat for eternity than to love and lose again.

im so love sick right now embarrasment

Me too messed

I used to love someone on here....I still do, but now just as a really good friend happy

i have so many good friends on here

only afew outside of kmc though *sigh*

I have no friends on KMC... sad

im in love i wish i could have bin since i was little check under sig chel babe i love u and this is 4 u!!!!

haha omg mike...i love you too

yes, and its generally bullsh*t. It made me sick like hell :s. It turns your world upside down.

Mostly. I have searched( yes, SEARCHED) for the right one since i was 13. that is 9 years of my life i feel i wasted. not on not gettin some or all that mess, but simply because searching for love never gets you anywhere. it will find YOU. Now I just await the day ill meet here, know her, greet her, and show her. I am a man. Not any man, a gentle and decent man. I can hardly wait to find the One for me. I pray you all out there are finding yours. smokin'

i currently love my dog, and i think he loves me love cry stick out tongue

At least he's not being an a$$hole stick out tongue
laughing out loud

yeah, im in love right now... love

that feeling is soo sad sad may not think about it, else it gets worse no

*hugs* Lianslo

yes, one and it left me with one thing to say


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