if there were a remake...

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if there were a remake of...
the wizard of oz
who do you think they would cast for each role.
i wouldnt mind doing a new one of these each week or somethihng. let me know if you like the idea.

Tin man : Stenven Segal
Dorthy: Jenifer Garner
Lion: Jim Carrey
Scarecrow: Adam Sandler

^^ That's the crappiest cast I've ever seen.

well arent we a killjoy

Dear god i hope that a remake is never even considered! It would probably be turned into some special effects fest. Eugh...

Kate xx

Evil Witch of the West - Glenn Close (she is great)
The Good Witch - Liv Tyler or Natalie Portman
Dorothy - Emma Watson (the one from Harry Potter)
The Wizard - Ian Mckellen
Scarecrow - Johhny Depp
Tin Man - Sean Connery
Cowardly Lion - Danny DeVito

Munchkins - All the out of work Hobbits from LOTR's

dorethy : milla jovovcih
lion : jim carrey

cant think

Yeah but it be as funny as hell

lol! I'll play along with the idea of a spoof:

Tin Man: Ashton Kutcher
Dorothy: Jenna Jameson
ScareCrow: Tim Robberts
Cowardly Lion: MATT DAMON
The witch: Oprah
Toto: The Rock
The Wizard of Oz: Michael Moore

Shaolin Monk

Lord Soth
This is cast that Hollywood WOULD pick, due to their selling out to stars instead of dynamic actors

Dorothy: Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff, Dakota Fanning even
Tin Man: Ben Stiller
Scarecrow: Jim Carrey
Lion: Owen Wilson
Glinda: Nicole Kidman
Wicked Witch: Andy Dick, since I've apparently made this a comedy
Wizard: Tom Crusie
Toto: a mutt

My cast-
Dorothy: some unknown girl
Tin Man: Steve Carell
Scarecrow: Cillian Murphy
Lion: Simon Pegg
Glinda: Liv Tyler works
Wicked Witch: I like Glenn Close
Wizard: Steve Martin
Toto: a mutt

i think definantly natalie portman or jennifer garner for dorthy but jen could be too old.. maybe dakota fanning if they waited a while

There was talk years ago about a remake with Drew Barrymore in the role of Dorothy, I guess that didn't work out. Was going to be a lot darker apparently.

Also, she was up for remake of Barbarella. Humm.

Dorothy - Thora Birch
Scarecrow - Owen Wilson (normally, I don't enjoy him, but I think he'd be great in this role)
Lion - Chris Rock
Tin Man - Jim Carey
Witch - Glenn Close
Wizard - Alan Rickman

director Tim Burton

I can't think of the rest of the cast but for Dorothy it would be Lana from Smalleville - she has that perfect sweeter then sweet innocent naive doe eyed and absolutely sickening vibe that alot of people like and might work if it was a sugary sweet remake.

Plus - she's used to the eye drops so crying and looking glassy eyed wouldn't be difficult!

Songseeker - Alan Rickman is awesome smile but possibly too dark for such a flighty role as the Wizard? Everytime I think of him I remember that one film where he was able to take the physical pain out of others and into himself messed

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